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Mere Sai 7th September 2021 Sakku Bai asks Tejasvi why things dint go as per her plan. No one said a word against her except the 3 of us. Even your husband dint support you. Shashikant suggests going home. I don’t think she is capable of doing anything. Tejasvi fumes. Be quiet! Don’t talk to me like this or I will ruin you in 2 days! Don’t forget who you are and who I am! Who are you to give me advice? Your words dint influence anyone. I am responsible for all that has gone wrong with Jhipri till date. I am the one who sent Gangadas to Jhipri and I am instigating villagers against her. I have been successful to a limit also. How dare you two challenge me by saying that I wont be able to do anything? Sakku Bai denies. You are mistaken. I meant that everything went to waste. Villagers aren’t willing to throw her out of village even now. Tejasvi says I still have an ace card.

Tejasvi tells Sarkar everything. Banta says this is too much. Everyone knows that you decide everything for Shirdi. How can villagers give your right to Fakir then? Sarkar says His words wont matter. Tejasvi tells him otherwise. What’s the point of your power if you cannot throw a woman out of town? Do something before your son spends all your hard earned money on that woman! Sarkar says she will be out of this village by tomorrow. This is my challenge!

Sai keeps silver coins in a bag. Nansaheb asks Him about it. Sai says the shine can guide many people. How was Bombay? Nanasaheb says everything happened smoothly. I met someone who does not believe in Guru. He questioned my beliefs and tried to prove to me that I am wrong and he is right. I fail to understand why people are against the concept of Guru’s. They only take us to the right path. Sai says we cannot do anything and we shouldn’t do anything. Everyone lives life differently. It is right too. Everyone has a right to live their life the way they want to. Nanasaheb agrees. Which good virtues help us find a Guru? Sai says it is about intentions. Any intention of finding something or losing something, of pain, of being afraid is what makes us yearn for a Guru. What has happened to your acquaintance? Nanasaheb shakes his head. Sai tells him that He has to take Jhipri to her house. Do you remember what I had said to you? Nanasaheb nods and takes His leave. He looks at the bag and smiles.

Dabholkar ji is sleeping. A scorpion crawls on his hand. He wakes up and is shocked to see the scorpion. He wakes up with a start. Vaishnav comes running and asks him what happened. Looks like you saw the same dream again. Dabholkar ji nods. I wonder when I will get freedom from this. I am not afraid of anything but scorpion. I have been seeing the same dream since 3 years. Don’t know what it means. Vaishnav tells him what Nanasaheb had told him. Maybe a Guru will be able to help you. Dabholkar ji tells him against it. Gurus are only bookish things now. Such good Guru’s don’t exist in Kalyug.

A constable gives an envelope to Nanasaheb and leaves.

Vaishnav asks Dabholkar ji when this fear will go away then. Dabholkar ji says it started with a dream and will end with a dream only. Vaishnav gives in. It is time for us to leave. The cart is here. Dabholkar ji agrees. Do we have to stay in the village where we are going for inspection? Vaishnav says maybe. It might take some time. Dabholkar ji tells him to make sure that they stay at a clean and hygienic place. Vaishnav agrees. Dabholkar ji is still curious as to why his fear continues to increase with time.

Jhipri asks Sai why He has come to drop them home. I am not a small kid who you must drop home. She is shocked to see the villagers standing there with folded hands. Why are you all standing like this? What happened? Sarkar steps forward. They don’t have courage to say no to this Fakir or go against Him which is why they are standing like this. They are silently begging you to leave this village on your own. Jhipri and Latika are stunned. Sarkar and Banta smirk. Sarkar says I told them that you are dangerous for this society. You are trying to break the societal norms and are revolting against it. I will ban them from working in Shirdi if you wont leave now. I am the Mukhiya of this township. I decide the future of this township. Kaki says we melted for you when Sai made us understand your point. We are helpless now. We feel bad for you but it isn’t logical to burn our own house to light someone else’s house. Another guy rues that their family will die if they wont work. Another lady requests Jhipri to leave the township willingly. We cannot disrespect Sai but will be doomed otherwise. Sai tells Jhipri He has told everyone His point of view. She has to decide now. Jhipri is in a dilemma. Kaki asks Jhipri about her decision. Jhipri agrees to leave if they all feel that she can bring them down. I don’t want to be responsible for that. I will leave right away. Jhipri tells Sai she has learnt it from Him only. We must change our path if our actions affect people. I am doing that only. She goes to bring her stuff.

Sarkar tells everyone that this will be best for everyone. Sai says only Maalik decides who will go where and when. Jhipri wont be able to stay here if that’s what Maalik wants. You wont be able to do anything though if Maalik wants her to stay here. You can use the helplessness of these villagers for your good but not Maalik. Sarkar retorts that this right has been given to him by His Maalik. Jhipri will leave this place at any cost. This is my wish and my wish is the law and rule in Shirdi. Hari Om! Sai smiles.


Mere Sai 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai has brought charkha. Women should also work. They will become independent this way. Women like the idea whereas Bheeva wonders how the house will run smoothly without the support of a woman.

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