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Mere Sai 7th October 2022 Kartik walks to Dhaniram. Dhaniram scolds him for interrupting him when he works or else he will face loss. Kartik says how can you face loss, you mix gold with bronze for profit, anyways I am here with business proposal and there will be definitely profit this time.

Kartik shares his plan to buy clothes from Surat and sell here and he needs 1000₹. Dhaniram scolds him and says I have no money for you, and stop this business nonsense get a job you will have fixed salary and you won’t my money I have saved it for my future. Kartik gets angry and says you just keep thinking about future and still you aren’t happy.

Dhaniram says I won’t give you money thats it. Kartik gets angry and leaves. Savitri says to Dhaniram, he tries to come to you with full proof plan why do you break his dreams. Dhaniram says to her if you trust him, you give him money.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai cooking. Kids smell it and says Sai is making khichdi lets go. Kids rush to Sai and say they want to eat khichdi. Slowly everyone gathers smelling Khichdi.

Savitri says its difficult to run the house in money you give how will I give him and I need more money, to run this house and also I had made a mannat to give Sai 5kg laddu. Dhaniram says Sai doesn’t know about this mannat and so give him just 1/2kg and Sai anyways doesn’t accept gifts and here some money go buy some sweets and give to Sai and let me tell you this will help us in our future and then you will understand my behaviour.

Kulkarni visits Bapu Saheb and walks in chanting Sai’s name and greets Bapu Saheb. Bapu Saheb asks have we met, Kulkarni says no we haven’t but thanks to Sai, I feel like I know you since ages and where is she I came to meet her. Bapu Saheb asks who. Kulkarni says your mother. Meera says she is no more.

Kulkarni starts crying and says I can’t believe it, Sai please bless her soul. Kulkarni says I am sorry to hurt you. Meera asks how did you know her. Kulkarni says we met in a swamiji’s camp, I had lost my mother long back but your mother gave me that motherly feeling. Santa Banta whisper Kulkarni is such a good actor.

Bapu Saheb says to Kulkarni my mother was very lovable and kind.

Sai serves everyone Khichdi. Savitri walks in and greets Sai. Sai says come join everyone and have khichdi.

Kulkarni says to Bapu Saheb, I am here to help you fulfill your mothers dream, you already must have started. Bapu Saheb asks what dream. Kulkarni says she said she told you about her dream may be she missed it, she wanted to build a ashrama for poor, homeless and I also have kept a land in Shirdi with Sai’s blessings.

Meera says why would Aai not tell us this. Kulkarni says don’t you trust me. Meera says I am just upset she didn’t tell us or else we would do this when she was alive. Bapu Saheb says I will fulfill my mother’s dream. Kulkarni says oh my God Bapu Saheb I saw your mothers reflection in that stone.

(Santa Banta gathered all information about Bapu Saheb and tell Kulkarni so that he can use it against Sai)Kulkarni says how is this possible, that your mother is in this stone, may be this is my imagination. Bapu Saheb its not imagination but Sai gave me this and mother guides me through this stone. Meera asks Kulkarni how did my mother in law looked.

Chetan says Sai this is nice and sweet would make it perfect. Sai says Savitri got us sweets because Dhaniram is fine and that too 5kg. Savitri says sorry Sai I could bring just 1/2kg. Sai says I know hide some in bag. Savitri says no I haven’t and shows bag and shocked to see more sweets. Sai distributes sweets in kids and others.

Everyone leaves. Savitri tells Sai about Dhaniram’s behaviour. Sai says its because Dhaniram keeps worrying about future and don’t worry I will talk to Kartik as well.

Kulkarni remembers seeing Bapu Saheb’s mother’s picture and describes Bapu Sahebs mother. Meera thinks did he really meet mother in law.
Bapu Saheb says to Kulkarni, I will pay you, you start Ashram’s work. Kulkarni says thanks to Sai. Kulkarni says also please don’t discuss about this ashram with anyone, we will call Sai for inauguration and surprise him. Bapu Saheb says sure. Kulkarni chants Sai’s name and leaves.

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Mere Sai 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Stone slips of Meera’s hand and breaks. Bapu Saheb says Meera here I got you your favourite sweets and lets show it to Aai and then have it.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2022
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