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Mere Sai 6th October 2022 Baizmaa tells Sai, all are waiting to see your house. Sai says all are excited about future, but some are uoset about future Dhaniram in bed coughing and bed ridden. His son Kartik walks in with doctor. He says why did you bring one you know Kulkarni is expensive. Kartik says I got from near by village.

Doctor says don’t worry I will treat you, Dhaniram says how much will you charge. Doctor says 1₹. Dhaniram asks will medicine work. Dhaniram says okau then give medicine and I will give medicine later. Doctor gets upset and says what nonsense is this and leaves saying you wasted my time and I left a patient for you give me 50paise. Dhaniram denies and insults doctor and asks him to leave. Doctor gets angry and leaves.

Sai says someone is worried about past. Bapu Saheb walks in. Sai says why spoil present thinking about future and past, live in present and leave the rest to God. Sai asks Bapu Saheb, did he find his mother. Bapu Saheb walks to Sai and apologies. Meera says he is ashamed for what he said please forgive him.

Kartik scolds Dhaniram and says why do you behave this way, we have enough. Dhaniram says when bad times come this money will be helpful, and our business is also reducing. Kartik says what will we do when this illness will become critical.

Savitri walks in and says don’t worry with Sai’s blessings everything will be fine, have this Sai gave.
Dhaniram about to eat excitedly stops and asks did you pay for this. Savitri says did Sai ever take money. Dhaniram says I have heard he is building big house, so did you give any donation. Dhaniram eats the fruit and says I feel so much better.

Kartik asks Savitri where is her jewellery. Dhaniram says I asked her to keep in cupboard safe as there is theft. Kartik says enough of this. Dhaniram says will you pay if there is theft. Kartik gets angry and leaves.

Sai wipes Bapu Saheb’s tears and says I didn’t feel bad why apologies then, its good to be doubtful its first step towards success and tell me what you want to say. Bapu Saheb says I want to….Sai says when you have decided to stay here who am I to stop, Shirdi is yours like ours.

Baizmaa says to Bapu Saheb you are like son to me, and like me many other mothers will make sure we will take care of you and you won’t miss your mother. Bapu Saheb says to her, thankyou Aai and thankyou Sai. Nana Saheb says Sai you give so much love I don’t feel like going but I have to reach Nashik for important work, I will be back soon. Sai says you will have to, there is important work waiting for you, you soon will know.

Santa Banta disguised as beggars walk in Kulkarni Vada after fooling Bapu Saheb. Kulkarni sees them and asks what is this nonsense. They tell him they were spying on Bapu Saheb disguised. Kulkarni asks and this money. They tell him they got it because of begging, we learnt from you to use every opportunity and tell him Bapu Saheb is donating money of he sees beggars, you can try too. Kulkarni scolds them and leaves in anger.

Kulkarni sees Bapu Saheb donating money to poor. Meera asks Bapu Saheb to keep something for himself. Bapu Saheb says we have lot of money Meera and today I got my mother back, there would be no bad luck now. Meera says when we are with Sai we are with peace. Bapu Saheb says I feel like serving Sai all my life and give my whole wealth to Sai. Kulkarni sees that and says Sai will use Bapu Saheb for his luxurious house but I won’t let Sai success and soon Bapu Saheb will be seen running away when I will play my next move.

Bapu Saheb dreams of someone stealing his stone and wakes up scared. Bapu Saheb tells Meera about it. Meera says all will be fine. Bapu Saheb picks the stone and says I can’t lose Aai again and sleeps holding the stone.

Santa Banta give Kulkarni a paper they meet Sai on their way. Sai says to Kulkarni, yesterday you tried splashing dirt I am requesting again don’t try to ruin everyone’s life. Kulkarni says don’t ever advise me, shameless keep coming in front of me and leaves.
Bapu Saheb and Meera see Sai.

Sai asks Bapu Saheb where is he going, Bapu Saheb says my mother liked going to temple and so I am taking this stone and leaves. Meera says Sai I want to talk to you and tells how Bapu Saheb behaved with stone. Sai says his pain is turned into fear now. Meera says he keeps worrying about losing the stone. Sai says I have given that stone for him to realise something, and when that will happen, Bapu Saheb will also understand, till then you be aware because be is very sensitive now and make sure that no one takes advantage of him.

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Mere Sai 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni tells Bapu Saheb that it was his mother’s dream to build ashram for poor.Savitri tells Sai that there is tension between Kartik and Dhaniram because of Dhaniram’s behaviour. Sai says don’t worry I will talk to Kartik.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
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