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Mere Sai 3rd October 2022 Sai sees Bapu Saheb standing outside temple and says if you think God has taken your mother away, you should go inside and ask for her and would your mothr like it seeing you dont believe in God when she had so much faith.

Bapu Saheb turns around and sees no one and sees aarti thali in his hand and says how did it happen.Bapu Saheb remembers asking her mother not to fast, his mother tells him fasting is like thanking God.Bapu Saheb thinks who was that, could it be Sai.

Bapu Saheb walk inside and pray to God to give him his mother back, I will be your devotee all life give me my mother back. Bapu Saheb feel Sai’s presence.
Beggars ask Bapu Saheb for money, he hands them money and says pray for my mother. Meera says dont spend like this we have long way to go.

A beggar more asks Bapu Saheb for money in name of his mother, Bapu Saheb gives him ring.Nana Saheb stops Bapu Saheb from giving gold. Bapu Saheb says no worries I am doing it for my peace. Santa Banta see that and decide to fool Bapu Saheb as beggar and take money.

Nana Saheb catches Santa Banta red handed, scolds them and asks them to leave.
Nana Saheb explains Bapu Saheb to check once before donating or else people wll fool him. Chandu comes running looking for Sai says Kanti’s mother is bit by snake.

Sai says to Kanti’s mother, you have to fight for your son he is just little kid without you ge wont be able to live. Poison comes out of Kanti’s mothers hand. Kanti very happy. Nana Saheb, Meera and Nana Saheb see that. Kanti thanks Sai.

Sai says Kanti a mother is never away from her son, may she not be physically available but her blessings are always with you. Bapu Saheb likes what Sai said, he tries to get to Sai but before he reaches Sai, Sai leaves.

Nana Saheb says lets go Bapu Saheb. Bapu Saheb walks inside Shirdi. Sai keeps a plant in Dwarka Mai which has dried leaves. Bapu Saheb walks in. Sai smiles.
Sai calls Bapu Saheb Butiya.

Bapu Saheb says my mother use to call me by this name. Meera says Sai, he keeps blaming himself for his mothers death please help him. Sai says first go that small rose sapling and put it in this soil so that I can get flowers in the evening. Meera says how is that possible, it will take time.

Sai says even Bapu Saheb needs time, he was very close to his mother. Sai says to Bapu Saheb this is natural, take your time. Bapu Saheb says people ask me to forget what happened but how can I she is my mother, only you understood my feelings and my aai died because she used to fast for me.

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Mere Sai 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says to Bapu Saheb, keep this stone in your temple and it will remind you of your mother.Bapu Saheb gets upset and leaves

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Telecast Date:4th October 2022
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