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Mere Sai 4th January 2022 Kids are playing with toys. They have organized the wedding of their dolls. Sai joins them. Sai meets the bride and encourages kids to think of their traits. The boys tell great qualities of the groom while the girls tell about the bride. She used to go school but hasn’t gone to school since her wedding has been fixed.

She can do all household chores. She is only 12 years old. Sai reasons that this isn’t a marriageable age. Latika gives an example of an acquaintance who got married really early. Sai says I know it is a tradition but it isn’t right. Did you guys enjoy working at the factory? Kids deny. We used to get tired easily.

We couldn’t study thereafter. You were also right that we weren’t meant to work at that age. Sai explains that kids are too young to handle a family. This is their age to study. Groom is well grown but the bride is still a minor. Help her become educated. She already has so many qualities. She will get better alliances once she grows up a little more.

Latika asks Sai if the wedding wont happen now. Sai says it can but we should give the bride more time to study and grow. We can make our own rules in a game. They agree. Sai says I really hope that elders should understand this concept just as easily as they could. They are about to sit when a little girl says a poem.

A person comes to Dwarkamai to meet Sai. Tatya recognizes him as Ramakant Kaka. You are Madhav Kaka’s younger brother. Ramakant nods. Where is Sai? Tatya says He will be back soon. Have a seat. Ramakant checks the time and agrees to wait. He sits in a corner. Keshav says you live in a city. Did you come here just to meet Sai or do you have another work as well? Ramakant says it is both. Priority is to meet Sai. He wonders where Sai must be.

Sai and the kids follow the voice and find the girl. She becomes quiet as she notices them. Sai asks her to complete the poem. Don’t be afraid. It is a beautiful poem and we are eager to hear it all. Kids nod and request her as well. She resumes the poem. It is about girls getting education, living freely and fulfilling their dreams. Everyone claps as she ends the poem.

Sai praises the poem. The last few lines explain the true meaning of education. Someone asks her from where she has learnt it. The girls shares that she has written it on her own. I have learnt it from my Guru. Chetan asks her about her Guru. She takes Sarojini Naidu’s name. Everyone is confused.

The girl shares that she is a great orator, social worker and poet. She has inspired me to write. Ragini asks her how she is able to write poems. The girl shares that is happens when we become one with nature. Her name is Gayatri. They ask her if she stays here. She says yes and no. My Baba stays here. I used to stay with my Ajji in city but now we will live here. Sai asks them to befriend these kids.

They are your friends from now. Bala invites her to play with them. Damu comes there looking for his sister. He asks his sister to come. Ajji is calling you. Gayatri agrees to join them next time. I will get admitted in the school soon. Sai says it is okay. Promise me that you will never stop writing poems. She nods. She asks Him who He is. All kids say Sai in unison.

Ramakant is restless. You said that Sai will be here by now but He isn’t here by now. Chandu says He used to come here every time but it is never clear when He does something and for what reason. Tatya asks him to share his concern. We might be able to help. Ramakant shares that he came to offer a gift to Sai. I want to offer Him Rs. 2 so He will bless me in my new endeavour. My new partner is very punctual.

He might break the alliance if I don’t reach Khandoba temple on time. Tatya smiles. Sai’s blessings are all over this place. He sits on that seat. Keep the money there and say your wish. You can go to meet your partner then. Ramakant says it seems right but seeing something with own eyes is different. They assure him that his wish will surely reach Sai. You just have to believe. Ramakant nods. I have no other option. He keeps the coin on Sai’s seat and says a small prayer.

Bala asks Sai how Gayatri can write such a beautiful poem at this age. Sai says God has given different talents to everyone. Chetan rues that he has none but Sai points out everyone’s talents one by one. They stop near the well. Sai says you all have talent yet there is one difference between you and Gayatri.

she understood it when she was still a kid and she works hard to become better in it every day. I believe that you should do it too. Ragini promises on everyone’s behalf that they will do it. Latika adds that it might be difficult for them but they will certainly try. Sai smiles. Ram ji Bhala Karein! He sends them home.

Ajji complains to Gayatri’s mother that she has given up on Gayatri. I have given up on her. her DIL reasons that she is a kid. How can I be so strict with her when she has come to me after so long? Her MIL complains that she is busy helping the society while kids her age know how to do all the chores well at this age. This is the only reason I poke her. she will have to make roti’s there instead of poems.

Ajji chases her. Gayatri rushes her to her mother for safety. She pulls Gayatri’s ears. You are coming to me now. You went outside instead of spending time with me. Do you know how much I missed you? Gayatri reasons that she only sent her there to look after Ajji. I am back here now and I will trouble you a lot. You must also cook my favourite food for me now. Her Ajji asks her to learn to cook too.

Will you feed him poems instead of cooking dinner for him? Gayatri begins to speak of Sarojini Naidu’s ideals but her MIL cuts her off. Gayatri’s mother (Uma) tells her MIL to let it be. This is her age. The argument continues. Uma convinces Gayatri to help her in cooking if she wants to eat her favourite dish. Gayatri readily agrees. Ajji tells Gayatri to make roti’s from today.

Gayatri reasons that she will go to school in the afternoon. Her Ajji tells her to stay at home. You have studied enough in city. The real school for a girl is home. Don’t even think about it. Ajji goes. Uma tells Gayatri not to pay heed to it. Your Baba has gone to school for your admission. Gayatri is thrilled. Ajji asks them why they are happy. Gayatri lies that Aayi has told her that she will learn to make roti soon. Ajji looks relived. Gayatri hugs Uma.


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