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Mere Sai 3rd November 2021 Prahalad reaches home. The living room is empty. He decides to go to his room quietly when Tejasvini calls out to him. She asks him where he was till now. Prahalad remains silent. She asks him if he was roaming with the poor kids again.

Sarkar calls it impossible. Kids are made to work so hard in the factory that they are left with no energy to do anything else. He must be roaming around on his own. Prahalad lies to his mother. Sarkar tells him to go to his room. Tejasvini notices him limping a little while walking. He seems tired too. I must find out what is going on.

Sai looks at the brick and the flute. Nanasaheb finds the combination strange and asks Sai about it. Sai says I have to lessen someone’s pain and exhaustion. You will be pained when an innocent is abused for selfish gains. Nanasaheb says I don’t know who these are for but you are right. I am leaving now.

I came to say goodbye to you only. Sai asks him where he is off to. Nanasaheb says I am going to Padmalaya. I had been intending to go there since some time now. Sai asks him to convey a message to Govind Rao. Nanasaheb agrees. Sai gives him the message (in mute). Nanasaheb takes His leave. Sai says everything is in your hands now, Govind Rao. He hears Prahalad wincing in pain.

Prahalad wonders what he should do. I cannot tell anyone about my wound at home. They will be angry. I cannot tell Sai either or He might tell Baba. There is no one who can help me now.

Prabhuji karo sahay plays as Sai warms the brick over dhuni. Prahalad cries for help. Help me, Sai. Sai appears in front of Prahalad. Sai keeps a cloth over the brick and then rubs the cloth over Prahalad’s wound. Are you feeling better now? Prahalad nods.

Sarkar wakes up and hears Prahalad saying that the pain is going away slowly. Sarkar wonders who is talking at this moment. He goes to check. He hears Prahalad’s voice again. Who is he talking to at this hour?

Sai applies the cloth on Prahalad’s wound again and smiles as Prahalad closes his eyes to rest. Sarkar comes in and notices Prahalad sleeping. Was I imagining things? No, I am right. It was coming from Prahalad’s room only but he is fast asleep. People lose their ability to hear things with age but I am hearing extra here. I must find a medicine for myself. Sai opens His eyes in Dwarkamai. He keeps the brick aside and pick up the flute.

Baji complains of body ache to Baizama. She is puzzled as to what could be the reason behind it.

Bela also complains of head ache to her father. He tells her to have saburi. I will give you udi. Chetan also looks exhausted. Sai plays flute. Kids relax and fall asleep within seconds. Baji praises the music. Baizama is unable to hear anything. What music? I cannot hear anything. Baji says I can hear it and it is very sweet. I am feeling sleepy now. He closes his eyes. Baizama is puzzled. Bela’s father is equally surprised to see Bela sleeping with a smile on her face.

Sai prays to Ram ji. It has started to affect their health. They are made to work so hard that even the kadha is not able to help them. They need to be freed soon.

Next morning, Baizama is in Dwarkamai. Sai returns with empty pots of kadha and notices her. Why are you worried? She shares that Baji had body ache yesterday so I agreed to bring udi today. Sai asks her if this is the only thing that’s worrying her. Is there anything else too? Baizama says you know everything yet you ask. She tells Sai that Baji comes home looking extremely tired since past few days.

I met Champa and Jhipri near the well today. They had similar concerns for their kids. I can understand their concern as their kids are working in the factory. I am worried that Baji might be going there stealthily too. Has he started lying to us? Has he started hiding things from us? Sai spreads a mattress on the floor. Baizama says you may not say it but your eyes speak. I will ask Baji right away.

Sai tells her not to do anything in haste that she will regret in future. Shraddha aur Saburi! Kids are going through pain because of their childishness. They will realize their mistake at the right time and will handle themselves. She asks Him when that time will come. Sai says very soon. This is the time to experience and find out what’s right and wrong. They will understand everything else once they pass this phase.

Kids continue to work hard in the factory. Prasad praises them on their efforts. He asks about Bela and Chetan.


Mere Sai 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says villagers have started to open their eyes from their long sleep finally. They will have to bear the pain of facing the sun again. Prasad tells Bela and Chetan’s parents that he wont give anyone leave even if they are ill. That’s not how factory works. He tells them to send the kids within half day or they will have to bear the consequences.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2021
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