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Mere Sai 2nd May 2022 Keshav and Tejasvi asleep. Someone knocks their door. Keshav opens it, his neighbour says I am just reminding you to fill wayers, there ks one common tap and long line. Keshav sees Tejasvi is alseep and goes to fill water.

Sai says God always gives opportunity to choose the right path, Kids say yes we will wake up early daily and use it for our good. Sai says very good.Tatya asks Sai does he need anything. Sai says I found what I was looking for.Sadanand passing by ranting, this village is becoming dirty day by day. Sai asks him what is wrong.

Sadanand says I don’t have time to clean roads but no one takes intiative. Sai asks but why so worried. Sadanand says my brother Alok, called mea person with pride and I keep pointing out others mistakes because I earn money.Sadanand says to Sai, I don’t think I am full of pride, then why did my brother blame me.

Keshav does pooja. Keshav says Sai you are far away from me accept my prayers. Tejasvi asks where are you going so early, Keshav says to look for job, you also wake up and get water, we have only one tap and there is a long line so be quick, Tejasvi says but Lele said. Keshav says we are not here to fight, save your energy to fill water. Tejasvi says I can’t do a this. Keshav says we decided this right, Tejasvi says I wanted to sleep, I was better in Shirdi, Keshav says let’s go then.Tejasvi ignores the question. Keshav leaves.

Sadanand says to Sai, is it possible that we may not see faults in us, Sai says yes its difficult to accept your own faults. Sadanand says you know everything, I want to be an ideal man, go through all hurdles help me. Sai gives him a mirror and says whenever you will see in this, you will find your faults and you soon will turn into an ideal man. Sadanand happy leaves.Tatya asks Sai is this true. Sai says only one who is ready to see faults will see it. Sadanand will see what he wants to.

Tejasvi goes downstairs to fill water all decked up. She goes and stands in front of line. Women start discussing who is she, she si dressed so much and cut line too. They scold Tejasvi for cutting line. Tejasvi is asked to go join line, and mock her. Tejasvi gets angry and starts arguing with them. An old woman walks to her and talks sweetly and says you will be treated very nicely if you are guest but no one will like if you cut yhe line, so come join us. Tejasvi goes joins line and thinks once Keshav gets a good job, will force him to leave this place.

Sadanand decides to test the mirror on a fruit vendors who sells fruits at expensive price. Sadanand sees the mirror works. Sai sees Sadanand happy and smiles. Sadanand sees two men and tests mirror on them as well, and thinks whatever I thought was true, which means I know very well about others, now will go home and see what faults I have

Keshav meets his friend for job, His friend says let’s have tea, Keshav says I am fine, His friend says everything happens with money. Keshav says I am happy to have you as friend, because I heard you don’t get work here easily, and by Sai’s blessings you are with me, Sai is my guru, God and friend and he asked me to go Mumbai and I won’t ldisappoint you,

will work hard and fulfill Tejasvi and Prahlad’s future. Keshav sees his friend is worried and asks what’s wrong. His friend says your job is passed to someone else. Keshav says you promised, what will I do now. His friends say this is Mumbai, and everyone is trying to fix their relatives but don’t loose hope you soon will get job.
Keshav thinks, if Sai has sent me here, he must have thought something for me but what will I tell Tejasvi.

Sadanand sees his father and brother and says I always doubt that Baba loves my brother more than me, let me test. Sai sees Sadanand testing. Sadanand sees in mirror, that he is stuck with his younger son because he earns more but he loves Alok more and has transferred all property in name of Alok. Sadanand shocked. Sadanand says I never thought my father will be so bad. Sai sees Sadanand and says you are doing as I thought you would.

Tejasvi goes to fill bucket, water runs out. Tejasvi gets angry and goes to Lele. Lele says to Tejasvi, I already warned water has timing, Tejasvi says you are owner and you take rent from us so it’s your responsibility to give water.

Lele says I came to inform you, and my responsibility is finish, I am owner here not your servant and this is Mumbai not your Shirdi, if you can’t handle leave. A woman calls Tejasvi illiterate, Tejasvi shouts and says my husband is Barister from London. Lele mocks her and days go to London then, all laugh at Tejasvi. Tejasvi in tears hits her head to wall, and then goes to her room.

Keshav’s mother performs Pooja, she prays to God and thinks what must have my Bal Krishna eaten.
Prahlad asks Tejasvi when will she cook, he is hungry. Prahlad says don’t cry, I don’t want food. Tejasvi hugs Prahlad and starts crying.

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Mere Sai 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says Sadanand you took this mirror to fix problems in you, you still have time.

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