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Mere Sai 29th August 2022 Suraj says this is my fathers poem how do you know Sai. Sai says but you have forgotten the meaning behind this poem Suraj, question isn’t how I know this but when will you apply this in your life.

Suraj says my father died following this non voilence principles. Sai says he is a hero, your mother and son know him as a man of his principles and he chose to die for his principles and he will be alive in his principles and your mother and Vishal will keep him alive and the sad part is his own son has forgotten him.

Suraj says Sai, I won’t quit this Sai, I can’t see injustice, Sai says even I can’t tolerate injustice and so I am here,I am going to mill with them you can kill me and stop everyone here, Sai signs workers to go back to mill, they leave. Suraj doesn’t stop them. Sai leaves.

Vishal in his house thinking about Sai’s words, his mother lights diya. Vishal tells her what Sai told him, but is scared of Suraj and asks her to help him. She walks away.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, Vishal walks to him. Sai says Vishal will you do me a favor, will you visit every house in Shirdi and wherever you see empty bowls outside house pour one spoon, also you have less time and make sure no one sees you.

Vishal says but I want to talk to you. Sai says you have very less time go now and make sure no one sees you. Sai pours water in pot and turns it into a timer and Vishal leaves.

Vishal checks every house and pours one spoon in empty bowls outsdie the houses. Vishal comes back to Sai and hands empty bowl. Sai says you will do this every night. Vishal says but I want to discuss my problem. Sai says first you help me then I will talk to you.
Chandu walks out and sees Khichdi outside his house and smiles and thanks Sai.

Next night Vishal visits Sai. Sai gives him bowl and asks him to make sure no one sees him, Sai starts timer again. Chandu tries to catch him to thank him but Vishal runs away.
Vishal hands empty bowl to Sai. Sai checks timer and smiles. Vishal says Sai I want to talk to you, Sai says come tomorrow night again.

Chandu and villagers discuss they thought Sai is behind this but there is someone else and tonight we will hide and wait for him and thank him.

Vishal with covered face pouring khichdi, he escapes all mill workers one by one. They decide to go Dwarka Mai and check. Vishal reaches Dwarka Mai. Sai checks timer. Vishal gives him bowl and tells him how he escaped villagers and asks Sai reason behind it.

Chandu walks to Vishal and says this is how Sai takes care of his devotee. Chandu tells Vishal they are all short of money and with Sai’s miracle we all have food. Sai tells Vishal this was also your running lesson and look your stamina has also increased. Vishal says I will distribute Khichdi daily.

Suraj with his men, they inform him money is about to finish and they don’t have much grains left too and they need to work on something to continue fighting. Suraj says Kulkarni and Balvant will look after us, we will attack on mill and steal and no one should know about this, also its time to change the location. Santa Banta keeping an eye on Suraj and his mates inform Kulkarni about it.

Vishal visits Sai with his mother, Vishal tells Sai, his mother is worried for Suraj and has eaten anything, so I got her here, is Dada in pain.

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Mere Sai 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni and Balvant are informed Suraj has attacked Vada. Police cross fire. Suram gets shot.Keshav goes inform Sai about it. Suraj’s mother in shock.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
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