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Mere Sai 28th October 2022 Keshav says to Sai, I qm accountant at mill and its my responsibility to pay workers and if I go against my father, I will be bad son. Sai says to him today Ramji came back to Ayodhya by and he will support you, stay with what is right and everything will be fine. Keshav says Sai I understood what I have to do and leaves.

Kulkarni leaving Dwarka Mai, Keshav stops him and says you promised workers salary and bonus for Diwali and I have got that with give it to them. Keshav shows Kulkarni bag full of money. Shinde says oh these are mill workers, good I came here for supervision weather all workers are paid on time and treated well. Chandu says let me tell you truth, he is very kind boss, all other workers agree with Chandu. ( Sai had adviced all mill workers to show kindness and forgive the bad).

Chandu tells Sai, look Kulkarni is giving us salary and bonus. Shinde says I am happy and I see he is spreading happiness. Kulkarni thinks whatever Sai.has taught his devotees is helping me let me enact a bit infront of Shinde and earn good points. Kulkarni says these workers are my support system, Keshav give them salary and bonus, Keshav gives him bag, Kulkarni distributes salary and bonus. Kulkarni wishes everyone Happy Diwali and leaves.

Shinde says to Sai, I am happy to meet you and soon will come to meet you with my family, I will take your leave. Sai blesses him.Keshav takes Sai’s blessings and hugs him. Keshav says Sai, you were right, I choose to support what is right and it helped workers and my father. Sai says I am happy everyone forgive Kulkarni and if you had complaint to Shinde, he could shut mill and your jobs would be in difficulty. Shama says now we understood whom you meant by special person. Sai says he was special but I was not talking about him but now lets start Laxmi Leela.

Laxmi Leela begins, Srikant does naration and Tatya plays a rich man. Tatya says what should I ask from Maa Laxmi and says I have 4 daughter in laws and they are my Laxmi and they will ask their wishes to Maa Laxmi.

Tatya asks his daughter in laws their wishes, one asks for gold, one asks for palace and one asks for lot of money but one asks for something different. Everyone discusses who must be Laxmi Maa. A lady walks in dressed as Laxmi Maa and comes from a ray of light, Chandu says wow flower showers. Shama says someone must be on the tree. Everyone mesmerized seeing the woman and says her presence is so divine like Laxmi Maa herself is here and say she doesn’t look from our Shirdi.

Laxmi Maa says what is your wish. Tatya asks his fourth daughter in law to ask her wish. She says Laxmi Maa always give us love and happiness and we live happy together and we have enough to help others. Laxmi Maa impressed says you made me stay here because these wishes are of Narayan and where there is Narayan I stay and says Shirdi has kind people and I bless everyone here and leaves. Everyone in shock to see Maa Laxmi to turn into an idol.

Sai walks on stage pics the idol. Tatya says Sai it was your magic right. Sai says I just prayed for this and she blessed us.

Jhipri on her way to Abduls house and tells Rambha about it and also that she didn’t get chance to tell him about donation.Jhipri visits Abdul, Abdul says I am busy I have to leave. Jhipri says its Bhai Dooj, let me do tilak. Abdul says its important I have to leave. Jhipri says what is more important than this Bhai Dooj, Abdul says I am late. Jhipri says stop, I have noticed you are avoiding me. Abdul says I am poor and have lot to do like helping others. Jhipri asks what is wrong with you did I do anything wrong. Abdul says you lied, I saw you giving kids money. Jhipri in tears.

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Mere Sai 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tatya in Dwarka Mai with Sai, he sees Jhipri in tears and upset and asks what is wrong. Jhipri seats in front of Sai and starts crying. Sai asks Tatya to do him a favour.A woman prays to Sai for her husband.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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