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Mere Sai 28th October 2021 Champa’s husband returns home. I got late tonight as I went to temple to offer Prasad. He calls out for Ragini but Champa shares that she is sleeping right now. He says I brought her favourite sweets. Wake her up. Champa denies. She was very tired. I gave her dinner and she fell asleep immediately. He caresses Ragini’s head lovingly and kisses her on her forehead. She is in deep sleep.

Give this to her before she goes to school tomorrow. Champa says Ragini was so tired today. Is she working too hard as per her age? He denies. We saw that the sweets only need to be wrapped. It isn’t a hard work. Ragini is not used to the new schedule yet. It will take time. It used to be with me too. Ragini will also get used to it in some time. Champa does not look fully convinced but does not say anything.

Sai is collecting herbs.

Ragini’s father prays to God to continue to bless them.

Sai has collected a good amount of herbs.

Bela’s father asks his wife to give him dinner. I have to teach Bela afterwards. Durpada says I don’t think Bela will study tonight. He asks her why. Bela says I am not feeling like it. I am also tired after working like you. He reasons that it is important but Durpada tells him to give her some time. She will get used to this new schedule soon. He complies.

Udhav comes to Dwarkamai. Sai is grinding herbs. Baizama brings dinner for Sai. She tells Sai to eat first. You can work later. Sai says it is important. I will eat after making kadha. Baizama says I know it wont change so I can only wait for you to finish. I am eager to know the reason too but you will say that I will find out at the right time so I will not say anything. She keeps it inside and tells Sai to eat for sure. She heads home.

Om Sai plays. Udhav washes the ingredients for Sai. They continue working together. Udhav says everything has been cleaned. Please eat before I leave. Sai nods. Sai touches the plate and thanks God. He tells Udhav His hunger has been satiated. Give this to the person sitting near Bheeva’s house. Come early tomorrow. Udhav nods and leaves. Sai sits down to make kadha. He packs them in small pots.

Next morning, Udhav enters just when Sai was leaving with the kadha. Udhav notices kadha in Sai’s hands. You were leaving without waiting for me. Who would need this? Sai says lot many innocent kids who will need them soon. I wont be able to change what they are about to go through but I want them to atleast have the strength to bear it. Come with me. Udhav asks Sai who He was referring to. What’s the problem that they are going to encounter? Why are you giving this kadha instead of solving their problems?

Prasad tells his men that they only have to work here for 7 more days. You can then handle the factory in Bombay. He dismisses them. Sarkar enters just the. Would this be enough? Prasad nods. Kids will learn a lot by then. I can take these workers anywhere but I will still have to pay them as per Bombay’s standards. This is why we brought them here. Why should I pay them such hefty amount?

Sarkar tells him to think again. Will the villagers not doubt you if we start making the kids do heavy work? Prasad is positive that money can silence everyone and everything. Kids are getting to eat a lot of chocolates here. They are blinded by money and sweets. They will do as I say. I have the magical word that helps solve every problem. It is collective payment! I am going to use it very soon. So far we have been paying the kids on a daily basis but now they will be given a monthly wage. Kids never had money but now they will have a lot of money. No one will question me in future. Sarkar is in thoughts.

Sai and Udhav give kadha to Bheeva to give to his son. It will give strength to him to work hard.

Sarkar is amazed by Prasad’s idea and tells him. I am yearning to see the kids and their families helpless. They wont be able to do anything!

Sai and Udhav continue to deliver kadha at every kid’s house. Chetan’s mother tells Sai that kids left early for school today. There might be an exam. Sai nods. There is an exam but will the kids be ready for it?

Kids give sweets to Prahalad and Baji. Prahalad and Baji enjoy eating it. Baji asks the kids why they are gathered here. Why are you not going to school? Bela says I haven’t completed my homework. Ragini says even I couldn’t learn the table yesterday. 2 boys are also tempted to skip school now that they are earning. Bala says I am on the same page but my parents say that I wont be able to get a job after growing up. We can still find a similar job without studying. I see no need to study. Everyone agrees.

They ask Prahalad and Baji to come with them. Prahalad says my Aayi wont say yes. They tell him not to tell his mother then. Baji says no one has said anything to me. I can come. Kids leave for factory. Prahalad tells Baji they are the only ones who have to go to school now. Baji says it is just for today. We will also go to the factory tomorrow.


Mere Sai 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kids are reluctant to drink kadha as it is bitter as compared to the sweets they have been eating. Latika even throws it out of the window when no one is looking. Sai prays for their well being.

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