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Mere Sai 28th January 2022 Vishwanath says I can understand your pain. Why don’t you tell Sumitra though? I am sure she would understand. Girija denies. She has smiled after ages. We cannot snatch this happiness from her.

He agrees. Something like this will happen every day. We must accept now that Gopal is their son and that he will fulfil Sumitra and Someshwar’s dreams. It is good that he will grow up in front of us only. Someshwar and Sumitra will take good care of him. Girija realizes that it is time to give milk to Gopal. Sumitra wouldn’t know. She comes to Sumitra’s room and notices her feeding Gopal. There are mixed emotions on her face.

Next morning, villagers have gathered at Sumitra’s place for the ceremony. Sumitra shares the name. Sumitra and Girija hugs.

Baizama says the family is so strongly connected. Girija’s sacrifice has changed everything. The sun is shining brightly here. Life has changed for them completely. Hope no evil eye falls on them. Please bless them. Sai looks at Girija.

Santa tells Sarka that everyone is celebrating at Vishwanath’s place. They were so happy. It feels as if their happiness will never end.

Sarkar insists that it would. I wanted to prove to everyone that I am the only Vaid in Shirdi but Fakir snatched that chance from me. now I will use that family as my pawn. I will ruin their dreams and will embarrass that Fakir. Their happiness will be short lived!

3 men reach Shirdi. One of them (Pundlik) is sad. Other 2 friends try to cheer him up. Drop that matter. It was a small thing. Pundlik says it was my Guru’s order for me. I have told you so many times but you don’t understand.

His friends rue that he is still stuck there. They give him a coconut. We are even now. Pundlik is hesitant but they tell him that no one will find out anything. They ask Vishwanath where they can meet Sai. Vishwanath asks them to come with him. I will take you there. They follow him. Pundlik looks at the coconut.

Kids are helping Sai for Ganeshutsav in Dwarkamai. Sai says Ganpati Bappa is Vighnaharta so we will pray that He will take away our problems too. Vishwanath greets Sai and introduces Him to the guests. Sai notices the bags in Vishwanath’s hands. Is there something special? Vishwanath nods.

There is a big festival in Neemgaon tomorrow. We go there every year. Sai asks him if he must go. Why don’t you celebrate Ganeshutsav with us in Shirdi? Vishwanath shares that it is like a family tradition for them. We want to thank Bappa for the happiness that we have received this year. Sai agrees. Be careful and make sure the rudraksh tied around kids’ neck is not removed anyhow. Vishwanath agrees and leaves.

Sai asks Pundlik how come he is here. Pundlik shares his Guru’s name. Sai recognizes him. He is like my Guru. Is everything fine? Pundlik nods. He has sent something for you. He gives a pouch and coconut to Sai. Sai becomes thoughtful and looks at Pundlik.

Sumitra tells Mukund about tomorrow. Shyam asks his mother if he will also wear new clothes tomorrow. Vishwanath nods. I brought new clothes for you. Shyam thanks him sweetly. Vishwanath asks Someshwar if the cart has been booked. Someshwar affirms. I got a gold chain for Bappa. I had vowed to offer it to Bappa once I become a father. Vishwanath seconds him but Sumitra tells him and Girija to do it.

You have brought this happiness in our life. We want this to come true through you two. Girija asks Sumitra if she has to say it every time. I did that willingly. Don’t think of it as a favour. Sumitra says you have a big heart. It is true that no one does what you have done for me. The one who has given me my ultimate happiness is my everything after all. You only should do this.

Sai asks Chetan to bring water in a bowl. He also asks Bela to give Him the sickle. Sai opens the holes in the coconut using sickle. He drops water from coconut in the bowl. He asks Pundlik if he is sure if it is the same coconut that his Guru had given to him. Pundlik fumbles. His friends lie that it is the same coconut. Coconuts are same. Don’t you trust us? Sai sprinkles the powder from the pouch in the bowl as well.

Pundlik’s Guru’s face gets etched with the powder. Sai pours few more drops of coconut water in the bowl and the face gets distorted. Pundilk cries. Please forgive me. you are right. This isn’t the same coconut that Guru ji had given to me. My friends ate it as they felt hungry. We bought this from Shirdi.

His friends admit that it was their mistake. Pundlik tried to stop us a lot. We dint know there would be some magical relevance to it. Sai says coconut is something that one must eat. There is no coconut that’s magical. It was the ash that could create that reflection. It becomes out duty when someone gives us something to give to someone. Not taking it seriously is disrespect to the sender and receiver.

It becomes our responsibility. You could have carried extra food with yourself or eaten on the way. You could have at least told me the truth after coming here. Lying hasn’t helped anyone. The virtue that we receive after fulfilling a promise is what takes us closer to God. They apologize to Sai saying that they have learnt their lesson. Sai blesses them.

Santa tells Sarkar that Vishwanath will leave for Neemgaon tomorrow. Sarkar smiles. Santa asks him what his plan is. Sarkar says they refused my proposal so they must bear punishment. Entire village will be under my control now. Vishwanath and his brother will learn their lesson soon. One must grow fruits in their garden if they want to eat them. People will also learn that Fakir is not always a savior. I will create a doubt in the minds of Baizama’s relatives now.


Mere Sai 29th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sumitra notices Girija asking Gopal to call her Aayi. Sumitra tells her that she is Mukund’s son. Girija tells her that she gave that chance to her but she does not deserve it. I am his Aayi. Sumitra argues that he is her son. They both hold onto Gopal.

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