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Mere Sai 26th October 2021 Sarkar says who will be blamed when the parents will realize that they wont be able to get out of this trap? They will begin to question the Fakir as to why He dint alert anyone or why He isn’t helping anyone. He will be exposed finally and people will stop loving Him. Their unity will break! No one will worship or even look at Him anymore. He will lose his value and power. That’s when I will throw Him out of Shirdi! No one will stop me then. Hari Om! Prasad smirks.

Next morning, Sakku’s husband (Shripati) and MIL reach Shirdi. Sakku’s MIL asks Shripati to get down. She notices him dropping stuff and thinks of how the same thing had happened with Sakku. Were we really unjust with her? Is this our punishment? She extends her hand to help her son. He imagines it to be Sakku. She asks him to come with her. I wont leave you now. He runs away. His mother chases him while trying to stop her but in vain. Sai looks on.

Sakku and her stepmother (Anusuya) are on their way. Her father asks them where they are off to. Sakku says we are going to market to buy groceries. He tells her to bring her husband and her MIL home. They are nearby. I will bring groceries. Sakku leaves. Hari Bhau tells Anusuya to go with Sakku too. He takes the bags from her and smiles as Anusuya leaves.

Shripati keeps changing his path as he finds Sakku in his way everywhere. He ends up tripping over logs. He is about to hurt his head on the axe lying on the ground but Sakku saves him just in time. Sakku’s MIL and Anusuya are shocked to witness it. Shripati panics. Let go of me. I wont go with you. Forgive me as you are no more with us. I wont go with you. She tells him not to say so.

I am alive and right in front of you. I am fine. He calms down. She asks him why he was running like this. What if you had gotten hurt? You don’t care about yourself. What have you done to yourself? He touches her and is overwhelmed. You are alive? She nods. He notices the villagers watching him and all the imaginary Sakku’s disappear in front of his eyes. It means you are fine. You dint harm yourself because of me? She shakes her head. Sakku’s MIL thanks her for saving her son. He is looking normal after a long time. He is conversing normally. It is all because of you.

Sai comes there with Hari Bhau. What happened to your son? How did he end up like this? He was fine when he came to drop Sakku to her home because she was being careless! He was pointing her flaws. He was very smart back then. How did he become so lost suddenly? Shripati shares that he could see Sakku everywhere since past few days.

She used to tell me that she killed herself because of me and wont spare me either. That fear had made me crazy. Sai asks him if he is saying that his own behaviour is responsible for his condition. Shripati nods. Sai says it means you do understand that situations turn worse when the behaviour isn’t right. Why dint you think of this when Sakku was like that?

Why dint you try to find out the reason as to why Sakku is so quiet and lost? Why dint you find that reason and tried fixing it? Why dint you accept her wholeheartedly? He tells Shripati’s mother that she dint tell her son either. You called Sakku dumb instead. You dint think even once that there could be a reason behind her mental condition. Shripati’s mother breaks down. You are right, Sai. We made a very big mistake. Sakku’s husband asks Sakku what was the reason behind her actions.

Sai looks at Sakku. Anusuya feels bad. Sai asks Sakku to tell them the truth. Sakku says it isn’t important to know the reason. It is important to know that I am fine now. Sai smiles and looks at Anusuya. Your daughter is amazing. She has nothing against anyone in her heart. You should be proud to be called her mother.

Anusuya says my Sakku wont say anything. It isn’t because of fear but love. I will tell the truth now. The first step of penitence is to accept your crime. I was responsible for Sakku’s condition. I never accepted her as I dint give birth to her. she is a shadow of her mother in every way. That’s why my husband never accepted it that her first wife is no more. I never got the place or love that I deserved. I kept blaming Sakku for that so I kept torturing her.

A Flashback is shown where Anusuya had planted a snake in a trunk. Sakku runs away in fear screaming about the snake. Anusuya replaces it with a rope when Sakku is inside. Later, she blames Sakku for lying. At another time, Sakku cook’s her Baba’s favourite food but Anusuya mixes red chilli in it when Sakku goes to call Hari Bhau. He coughs the moment he takes the first bite. What kind of food is this? Flashback ends.

Anusuya says I broke her confidence by scaring her. She might forgive me but I wont be able to forgive myself ever. Sai says Sakku went to her home with the thoughts. She sometimes used to see her stepmother in MIL and at other times, she used to imagine the ropes as snake.

That’s her story! Anusuya folds her hands and apologizes to Sakku. Sakku says you were, are and will be my Aayi in every way. Don’t make me a sinner by apologizing to me. You can get angry with me. It is your right. You were angry with me as you could see my Aayi in me. I see my Aayi in you so I can never be upset with you. If you still blame yourself and want to do penitence then address me your daughter once. I have been yearning to hear you call me that since years. Anusuya calls her daughter and hugs her.

Everyone smiles. Sakku’s MIL and Shripati apologize to Sakku as well. Sakku nods. Anusuya tells her husband he did the right thing by sending her here. I wouldn’t have been able to apologize otherwise. Hari Bhau is confused. When did I send you? She reminds him that he is the one who had asked them to come here. Sai smiles. Sakku insists that he only sent them here. Who was it if not you? Hari Bhau turns to Sai. It was your doing, right? Sai smiles.

Mere Sai 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sarkar tells Tejasvini that they will stop going to school too. This village was fine till the time the villagers were illiterate. Sai shows toys to kids. I have made them for you. Ragini says they are beautiful. We will play with them once we tell Prahalad about our work. Sai gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2021
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