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Mere Sai 25th July 2022 Sharad sees Vishwas with money and scolds him and says to Vaishali he stole it before as well. Vishwas says because you didn’t give me money, I had to steal it. Sharad about to hit him, his father stops him and says Vishwas did a mistake but hitting is not the solution.

Sharad says I am working hard to earn money, so that I can send him Bombay. Vishwas says I know you are doing all this to get rid of me but I won’t go Bombay. Sharad’s father says to Sharad, your son can’t live without you why send him away. Sharad says I know what is rigjt, he says no you don’t, you are just behind money, you have no idea what your son is upto or look at your wife she is ao unwell and don’t forget it’s for us and not you alone and leaves.
Vaishali says to Sharad, come have some food. Sharad says I don’t feel like.

Next day Vishwas remembers Sharad keeping money in the drawer and goes steal and leaves. Vaishali walks out of the room, she feels acute pain in chest and collapses. Sharad rushes to help her.
Sai in Dwarka Mai, picks his jhola and about to leave, Baizmaa asks Sai where are you going. Sai says it’s urgent and leaves.

Sharad’s father asks him to take Vaishali to Sai, Sharad says she needs to go to doctor. A man walks to Sharad and says there is some problem in mill and you urgently have to go and if you don’t you may loose job. Sharad says I have to leave and Vaishali said she is feeling fine, tomorrow I will take her to doctor.

Sharad’s father scolds him for his behaviour and says your job is going to affect us a lot. Sharad says my hard earned money is the only thing that will save this house, anyways I will try and come early if Vaishali’s health ruins take her to Kulkarni’s house, Sai keeps roaming here and there for Bhiksha, there is money in drawer if needed and leaves.

Vaishali in pain, her mother in law says take money and lets go to Kulkarni’s house. Her father in law says there is no money, she asks did Vishwas steal again. Vaishali says my son is turning thief and husband doesn’t care. Her father in law says don’t worry we will go to Sai and take care of our daughter in law.

Vishwas near river with Madan and his friends, he gives them money and says come lets go teach Prahlad and his team a lesson. Madan says not today, we are waiting for someone strong in our team, wait for the right time and come let us teach you how to swim, go in we are here only. Vishwas takes off his shirt and gets in water. Madan makes him go deeper.

Vaishali in pain says I can’t walk anymore, her father in law says just a little more we are almost here. Baizmaa asks what happened and says Sai just left but he said he will be back soon, let Vaishali rest a little.

Sharad asks Supervisor whats wrong. Supervisor says nothing there was just a little in order issue and Keshav sorted it. Sharad yells at him, Supervisor says stay in your limit and nothing is important than work and your parents are home to take care of your wife and if I can come from Calcutta why can’t you, so you will have to come everytime I call and if you stay here you will earn 50₹ and if you leave you will loose everything,

it’s this months commission but if you go home now, workers will work less and you won’t get any commission, people work hard for this and you are getting it so early, Sharad picks money.

Vishwas starts drowning, he calls Madan for help. Madan says I can’t swim in deep water, they see Shirdi kids coming and run away. Ragini says Prahlad and Nandu you make sure Vishwas is fine we will go call everyone in Shridi.

Sai walks in with medicine, Sai asks Champa to give khalbatta and asks Baizmaa to get water, Sai makes medicine for Vaishali, Sai puts his hand and Vaishali’s forehead and she feels better. Vaishali tells Sai, she is feeling better..Chetan rushes in and says Vishwas is drowning. Vaishali rushes to river, Sai and others follow.

Supervisor praises Sharad for his dedication. Sharad goes inside and asms everyone to work hard. Ragini rushes in and says Vishwas is drowning, Sharad rushes with Ragini, Chandu and Bhiva go to help him. Supervisor stops them and says I will fire you, Bhiva says to hell with your job.

People looking for Vishwas in river. Sharad says Bhiva take all this money but save my son. Bhiva says you have changed Sharad but we haven’t, don’t insult us by giving money, henis like our son. Bhiva and Chandu jump in and start looking for Vishwas. Sai and Vaishali arrive at the location. Sharad sees Sai and rushes to him and says please save my son.

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Mere Sai 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says to supervisor, a parent can go to any extend to save their kid and like Vasudev and Devki gave their son to Yoshoda.

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Telecast Date:25th July 2022
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