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Mere Sai 24th October 2022 Ramba tells Abdul, Jhipri is also going to cook modak. Abdul asks Jhipri not to make modak because he has nothing else to give and he already has asked Bhima to tell cook to make it and has paid him too and I really wanted to. Jhipri says don’t worry I will give ve something else but now you rest.

Everyone working on Diwali arrangements in Dwarka Mai. Everyone shares what tasks they will be doing. Keshav tells Malchapati he is going to market to get more stuff. Few villagers tell Malchapati they can’t donate anything but will help in cleaning.

Malchapati says to them, there is nothing to be sorry about every task matters we are happy to have you all.
Santa Banta find out about the arrangements in Dwarka Mai.
Sai sees two girls whispering and ask them what is it, they tell Sai they want to play Laxmiji’s role in Laxmi Leela. Sai says I understand your excitement but the role is already assigned and you will know who it is soon.

Santa Banta inform Kulkarni about Sarvajanik Diwali. Kulkarni is informed how Keshav is spending lot of money in donation. Kulkarni gets angry and slaps Santa. Kulkarni says I am the head here, I will show Sai who I am, I am King of this place and this Sarvajanik Diwali will cost Sai a lot.

Sai tells girls, this Diwali will be the most memorable one.

Baizmaa worried, Malchapati asks why is she so worried and where is Patil. Baizmaa says all workers went Nagar so that theu can earn more and so Patil is looking for workers to setup tent. Sai walks to them and says God always finds way, Sai looks at mill workers. They greet Sai, Sai asks them why are they upset. They tell Sai they are upset because they aren’t able to help financially in Sarvajanik Diwali.

Sai says come inside.
Malchapati to sit on a broken chair, Tatya stops him and fixes the chair so that Malchapati can sit properly. Sai asks Tatya why didn’t you get new chair. Malchapati says Sai, Tatya saved me from falling, why are you upset. Sai says exactly, Tatya wanted to help, he did and without spending a money and similarly everyone can help without spending money and so Baizmaa workers will help in setting up the tent.

Jhipri sees Abdul asking Savkar for more money, Savkar denies and says even he is facing financial money, I can just give you more time to pay back past loan but can’t give anything more and leaves. Jhipri walks to Abdul and ask him why does he want more money. Abdul tells Jhipri he helps an Ashram near by and kids there have no money for Diwali and since he is orphan too, he doesn’t want them to feel similarly.

Jhipri says I wish I could help you, we are not able to financially help in Sarvajanik Diwali. Abdul says Jhipri don’t be sad. Jhipri says you asked me for something first time and I couldn’t help. Abdul says relax and I am going Nashik will see you on Diwali, don’t worry about money, I know you would help me now say bye with a smile and leaves. Jhipri thinks I wish I could help Abdul.

Sai tells everyone Goddess Laxmi stories that will be part of Laxmi Leela and says Tatya will play the main part. Tatya asks who is playing Maa Laxmi I will practice with her. Sai says for now practice your part. Kulkarni walks in, and says why are you falling for this Sai’s nonsense of Laxmi Leela,

Diwali means new clothes, pooja and all this wont help. Shama says you aren’t paying the workers and why are you here now. Kulkarni says I have new order and will pay everyone on Diwali and so I am inviting you to my house and will pay you there with sweets for Diwali.

Kulkarni says on Diwali my house is open for all villagers and are invited for Diwali Pooja to Kulkarni Vada. Workers discuss they had decided to celebrate in Dwarka Mai, but they need salary too and are confused what to do.

Srikant whispers to Malchapati that Kulkarni is doing this to ruin Sai’s plan of Sarvajanik Diwali. Few workers agree to go to Kulkarni Vada, Few understand Kulkarni’s plan and denies attending Kulkarni Pooja. Chandu says Kulkarni is doing this purposely. Kulkarni yells at Chandu and says after Diwali I have lot of work and will pay you when I get free time. Sai says you all have to go Kulkarni Vada he is here to invite you all.

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Mere Sai 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jhipri tells Sai about how she is upset about not able to help Abdul and orphanage kids. Sai saus Jhipri here is mashal can you please go to forest and get some wood. Jhipri says okay.Jhipri in forest sees a lion.Kulkarni decides to ruin Diwali for all Shirdi people.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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