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Mere Sai 22nd July 2022 Bhiva says we just wanted this and we request you not to fire Sharad, Sharad was doing his job, so please don’t fire him. Balvant says okay and supervisor has always praised him and Sharad don’t cross your lines know your responsibility and everyone get back to work. Everyone says Sai Baba ki Jai. Kulkarni gets angry.

Workers say to Sharad you fired Bhiva but look he saved your job and leaves. Sai says to Sharad pride is wrong, accept your mistakes and move on. Sharad leaves.

Patil and Srikant reach kabbadi location and says to Prahlad and Vishwas we heard you are competating so all the best. Prahlad says Srikant sir will be our refre. Vishwas says okay.
Madan goes first and gane begins.

Slowly Prahlad:s team players get out. Vishwas goes next. Vishwas gets out. Vishwas goes to his team and says to Madan do anything but make sure you out Prahlad and his team, we have to win and teach Prahlad a lesson. Chetan goes next but gets out, Vishwas gets back in game.

Madan goes serve next and Prahlad alone to face him, Madan gets back and makes Prahlad play next. Vishwas starts provoking Prahlad. Prahlad thinks of Sai’s lesson on Hanumanji and how Hanumanji always fought back.

Prahlad goes next to play after praying to Sai, he tries hard and wins. Vishwas gets upset. Srikant announces Prahlads team winner. Everyone celebrates and congratulates them.

Sharad gets home, he sees Vaishali waking up, Sharad says why are you getting up rest, Vaishali says she couldn’t buy medicine but money got lost. Sharad scolds her. Vaishali says I don’t need medicine.

Sharad says you can’t take care of house, child or yourself, you are getting useless day by day. Sharad asks Vishwas does he know anything. Vishwas says you are doubting me, first you called Aai useless and now called me thief and leaves. Sharad’s father says this because you are not available, Vaishali poor thing is working alone. Sharad says I am busy and tired and leaves.

Vishwas sees a orange seller and calls him to help him wash his hands, meanwhile Madan steals oranges.
Vishwas and Madan meet for oranges. Vishwas says this is so much fun, unlike my old bore friends I am having so much fun with you, they eat oranges, Madan says its sour. Sai says because its not earned.

Sharad at mill foreseeing all the work. Sharad sees Bhiva smiling while working and enjoying his time at work. Supervisor walks to him and says don’t waste your time on these people, and focus on how we will finish our work without overtime and so make them work so much that we don’t need overtime. Sharad says you are right, Bhiva and others insulted me and as revenge I will make them work so much they will regret bot agreeing for overtime.

Sharad makes an announcement and says whoever is seen talking will have to face salary cut, I don’t want any time waste and lunch break will be only half n hour. Supervisor thinks I will make sure Sharad will make them work.

Madan says to Sai don’t give lectures, we are just having fun. Sai says your fun is trouble for someone else and remember this Vishwas and leaves. Madan thinks I hope Vishwas doesn’t change his decision and says Vishwas I am upset how Prahlad and his team tried insulting him again and that made him so angry.

Vishwas says you are a true friend and now by hook kr crook or by cheating I want to win and we will challenge them again. Madan says we will need more money for that, go manage some money. Vishwas says leave that to me you focus on winning.

Vishwas takes care of Vaishali. Vaishali gets emotional seeing that. Vaishali goes to sleep. Vishwas steals money again, Sharad sees him stealing and says Vishwas what is this. Vaishali wakes up.

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Mere Sai 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ragini rushes to Sharad and says Vishwas is drowning. Chestan informs Sai.Bhiva and others rush to help Sharad and Vishwas.

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Telecast Date:22nd July 2022
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