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Mere Sai 22nd August 2022 Suraj is being hit in the jail, Suraj says evil never wins, he gets more beaten. Balvant and Kulkarni in police station too. Santa Banta discuss how Suraj didn’t ask to stop even once, he fainted still hasn’t uttered a word. Balvant says I know how to straighten someone.

Sai walks in with all Shirdi people and a bright light is seen. Balvant and Kulkarni’s eyes hurt. Sai looks at Suraj, and walks to him, he touches Suraj, Suraj falls on him. Kulkarni says don’t fool around with police, Sai says you are playing. Kulkarni says dare you touch or else this police officer won’t spare you,

Patil says before touching Sai you have to deal with all of us. Inspector says I can deal with 5 people easily, Baizmaa says just go out and see the number of devotees Sai have. Inspector shocked to know that whole village is outside. Kulkarni asks to throw everyone behind the bars. Inspector is informed many big authorities like Kaka Chandulkar, Albert sir etc are also Sai’a devotee.

Inspector says to Sai, he has caught Suraj red handed. Mill workers stand for Suraj and tell how Kulkarni and Balvant have tricked Suraj into this. Sai says to inspector I am taking Suraj with me, you can hit us or put us behind the bar if we are wrong and no one will become violent. Sai and Chandu help Suraj out of jail.

Sai and others in Dwarka Mai along with Suraj. Vishak walks in and in tears seeing Suraj unconscious. Vishal says to Sai, our neighbours told us Dada is injured, what happened to him, why is he not talking. Patil says don’t worry Sai will cure him. Vishal prays to Sai. Sai says to Vishal have faith in God and blowd ash on Suraj. Suraj wakes up.

Balvant asks Supervisor to make list of all those who supported Suraj and to fire them and if can’t he better resign.
Vishal happy to see Suraj wakeup and thanks Sai, says you saved my whole family today. Suraj wakes up and asks how I am here. Baizmaa says Sai got you here. Sai says Suraj whole village stood for you and this is power of non-violence.

Sai says but Suraj you have to quit violence, I can’t bless you until that, I know you have always faced injustice but look what nonviolence can do, just think about it. Suraj says Sai but I am fighting for my workers, you saved me I can give my life but I am not wrong,

I went to deal with nonviolence but they don’t understand that and so I have to deal with their way, or else look what happened to my father. Sai says Suraj I will bless you only when you understand what me and your father were trying to tell you. Suraj says this won’t happen.

In mill, Supervisor gathers all workers, Kulkarni walks in and tells everyone because of supporting Suraj, all are fired. A worker begs Kulkarni to spare them, Kulkarni kicks him and says you all think you will get pass this but never leave. Chandu says with Sai’s blessings we have survived and will survive further give our pending salaries.

Kulkarni says you get no money. Workers say we won’t leave without our money. Kulkarni says how dare you talk to me this way, leave or else I won’t spare you and call his men to drag everyone out. Workers rebel saying we had Sai and bow Suraj too, we won’t keep quiet. Kulkarni thinks this Suraj is new threat for him

Suraj in anger cutting wooden logs, thinking of how he was treated in jail. Vishal walks to him and says you go rest, I will cut this, go have food. Suraj scolds Vishal. Vishal sees his mother walk to Suraj with food and feed him a bite. Suraj in tears. Vishal tells him how Sai helped his mother. Suraj takes plate, his mother blesses him.

Workers visit Sai and tell about the incident. Chandu says we know we shouldn’t deal with violence but we are so angry feel like burning the mill. Sai hands Chandu a stick with fire and says go burn the mill if it gives you peace and cure your problem.

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Mere Sai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says by choosing voilence you will only increase the problem.Suraj visit Kulkarni wada and asks to take workers’back, Kulkarni gets angry and shoots Suraj

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Telecast Date:22nd August 2022
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