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Mere Sai 21st October 2022 Sai stops Mohan and says by lying to me things won’t change, you can throw your garbage here, I was here to advice you and not stop you and festivals are a way to spread happiness and if you spread garbage negativity will be spread all over, during festivals clean your heart, your home and the society and when you will think for others they will think about you. Mohan apologies for his mistake.

Chattopadhyay seeing hot water runs aside but Keshav jumps infront of workers and says I won’t let this injustice happen, throw this water on me first. Kulkarni asks his men to take Keshav away, they pull Keshav away. Sai reaches the location. Kulkarni asks to throw water. Santa Banta throw water on workers but it stops in air. Everyone shocked. Water falls on ground. Workers confused. Kulkarni sees Sai and gets angry. Keshav very happy. Sai walks to workers.

Kulkarni tells Sai he won’t give workers salary and says do your black magic and give them their money. Sai says happiness is of hard earned money and not donated one. Kulkarni says your nonsense talks don’t affect me and this Diwali all your devotees will have no Diwali, only Kulkarni House will shine and then they will learn their lesson.

Sai walks with workers. Chandu asks Sai how will they celebrate Diwali and how will they convince kids. Sai says do you all believe there is no Diwali without money. Chandu says its a fact and why are we taking the long route. They see a man with cart and lot of goods stuck. Sai asks workers to go help him and come to Dwarka Mai. Chandu says okay and leaves with others.

The man tells Chandu that his cart wheel is damaged and he needs to take this goods to nagar. Workers discuss among themselves and decide to help the man. They together work, unload the goods fix the wheel and load goods again. The man thanks Chandu and others for helping him and gives money. Chandu says we just wanted to help you, its Sai’s teachings we don’t need money. The man says you guys reminded me of my father.

Sai in Dwarka Mai, Baizmaa asks Sai what to do for Diwali, Keshav told us Kulkarni is not paying salary and so we have to do something. Chandu walks in with others and thanks Baizmaa for thinking about them. Chandu tells Sai they helped that man. Sai asks how much did it cost. Chandu says nothing we just worked together.

Sai says now you know when we all are together and work together we can do anything. Chandu asks but how will we celebrate without money are families are waiting for Diwali. Sai asks what do you do in Diwali. Mohan says we celebrate together, perform Laxmi Maa pooja and spread happiness. Sai asks correct and what makes you happy. Chandu says spending time witb you and family.

Sai says then where is money needed here, lets spread happiness instead of sweets this time and work on ourselves, lets celebrate this Diwali publically. Few get Diya, few get oil qnd few get sweets and everyone contributes the way they want and spread happiness and here we will do pooja and celebrate Diwali and this will be Shirdi’s most memorable Diwali and like we do Ramleela every Dasshera we will do Laxmi Maa Leela, we will tell everyone why we perform Laxmi Maa Pooja when actually Ramji had returned Ayodhya and a special gift will be given by me to everyone. Everyone happy with Sai’s proposal.

Abdul has his leg injured, Jhipri rushes for his help and says you call me your sister and didn’t call me. Abdul says you are so busy in your marriage you didn’t visit me past 4 months. Jhipri says sorry and says look I got guava for yiu. Abdul very happy. Jhipri tells him about Diwali in Dwarka Mai. Abdul says Bhima told me and this time I will make 5 kg modak for everyone. Rambha says you two are just alike, even Jhipri was going to make modak. Abdul asks Jhipri to not make Modak.

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Mere Sai 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Two girls visit Sai excited and ask for Laxmi Maa’s role in Laxmi Leela. Sai says to them but I have already decided who will play thos role.Kulkarni decides to spoil Sai’s Diwali plan.

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Telecast Date:21st October 2022
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