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Mere Sai 21st July 2022 Sharad asks Vaishali is she fine, Vaishali says yes she is. Vishwas walks to Sharad and says lets go swimming. Sharad says I am busy, Vishwas says I want to go market with friends then. Sharad says okay how much money you want. Vaishali says what are you doing you are ruining him, he is getting spoilt.

Vishwas says to her, I am not asking you but my father, Sharad says don’t speak to your mother this way. Vishwas says she keeps nagging me all the time and you said its fine to lie a little, which means you lie too so whats wrong if I do, Sharad slaps him and says you get no money now first learn to behave and leaves.

Bhiva with forced mill workers at Dwarka Mai, Chandu asks what should we do Sai. Sai tells them Shri Krishna and Sudama’s story and the teaching behind it that, you have to have faith in God he will take care of you, everyone says how but we are busy a day in mill when will we pray.

Sai says you can pray to God anytime, let’s pray now. Bhiva says if they don’t go in time they will be fired. Mill siren makes first announcement.

Supervisor tells Sharad in mill there is some issue no one is here yet. Sharad says they won’t quit, they have no option but work. One worker walks in and tells Sharad that they are with Sai and planning not to come.

Supervisor says Kulkarni will get angry if he finds that and he hates Sai. Kulkarni walks in and scolds Supervisor and Sharad. Sharad blames Bhiva and says he must be doing this for revenge as I fired him. Kulkarni says come with me. Sharad thinks why is Sai doing this.

Chandu says to Sai we will be fired Sai what will we do, Keshav walks in and greets Sai and says to everyone to prove that I have full faith in Sai, I won’t go mill. Chandu says you won’t get fired but we will. Sai says do you all think you have done right by taking a stand and trust me. Everyone says yes we do. Sai says then be here with me and God will fix everything.

Vishwas thinking about how Sharad slapped him and then he needs money to become captain, he sees Vaishali keep money and steals it.

Kulkarni with his men, supervisor and Sharad reach Dwarka Mai and sees everyone praying and says to Sai why are you doing this and you fools I am paying you so whats the issue. Sai says they are working too but you are forcing them to work.

Kulkarni says I am not talking to you but my mills workers and says to them if you don’t go back to mill now it will be bad. Sai says to them it’s time to choose truth or fear and in such cases always choose truth and share your problems with your boss.

Bhiva says to Kulkarni we want to work in mill but this forceful overtime won’t work, Kulkarni says how dare you speak to me this way don’t you remember you were my slave. Bhiva says I remember and I had promised myself I won’t be a slave again. Everyone joins Bhiva and says we won’t work overtime.

Sharad shouts at them and says have you lost it, you all have to do overtime. Bhiva says you don’t tell us what to do Sharad, for some money you have forgotten all your etiquettes. Sharad says I am asking for the last time or you coming or should I fire you all.

Madan walks with Vishwas to his friends. His friends purposely praise Vishwas so that they can get more money from Vishwas and asks Vishwas to pay 10₹ if he wants to be head its rule. Madan says Vishwas’s father is foreman. Vishwas says I just want my revenge from Shirdi kids do that. Madan says don’t worry your problem is ours now.

Kulkarni asks are you all coming to mill, Chandu says accept our terms we will come back. Kulkarni says fire them all and don’t give their money. Keshav says this is wrong they deserve their money. Kulkarni says take your money from this Sai. Bhiva says Sai please help. Sai says mills owner will take decision now. Kulkarni says you finally accepted your defeat Sai because owner of mill… Balvant walks in and says I am owner of the mill.

Vishwas with Madan and his friends go to Shirdi kids and says this is my team, now Prahlad are you scared. Prahlad says how does it matter to us, we are here to practice. Vishwas we don’t need any practice and we are here to challenge you because you ill treated me yesterday so defeat us or else apologies to me.

Prahlad says we have nothing to do with you. Vishwas says he is such a coward. Madan and his friends provoke Prahlad abd friends. Ragini says we have to teach them lesson. Chetan says they are so big but what should we do. Prahlad says Sai has taught us not to be scared and its not about our personal fights but they are blaming our village so we accept this challenge.

Bhiva tells Balvant that they want to work but this forceful working in fear of losing job is not what we want. Balvant asks who made this rule. Chandu says foreman. Balvant scolds Sharad and says who gave you this right to fire them and so I fire you now. Balvant asks supervisor to fire Sharad and asks others to come back to work and there won’t be any forcing. Kulkarni says what are you doing.

Balvant takes Kulkarni aside and says if they won’t get back to work, our order won’t be complete and you and your foreman are fool. Kulkarni gets angry but agrees.
Kulkarni says I request everyone to do overtime till order is completed and now its upto you. Bhiva says we just wanted this and we request you not to fire Sharad, Sharad was doing his job, so please don’t fire him.

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Mere Sai 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Madan misbehaves with Sai. Sai says pranks doesn’t mean to hurt someone and Vishwas keep this in mind.

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