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Mere Sai 20th October 2022 Dhaniram denies to go for inauguration. Sai says move away there is snake behind the door. Dhaniram gets scared and asks Sai for help. Sai walks in and says I can’t see snake. Dhaniram says look there. Sai says where,

Dhaniram shows its near the cupboard. Sai says to snake, leave he won’t harm you. Snake leaves. Dhaniram finds necklace behind the cupboard, he shows it to Sai. Sai says yes you had kept it above the cupboard and it fell down and you didn’t even think once or looked for it before blaming your family and leaves.

Sai walks to inauguration, Savitri asks Sai where is Dhaniram, Sai says Kartik lets begin inauguration. Kartik says I thought you will bring Baba. Sai says Dhaniram is not a kid, he will take his own decisions.

Dhaniram feels bad about his behaviour, Sai gives Kartik coconut and says begin the inauguration process and I know you want your parents to step in first and inaugurate but time waits for no one so go ahead. Chandu says Sai said Dhaniram will come then how did this not happen. Kartik about to break coconut…

Dhaniram calls him and walks in wearing kurta he gifted. Dhaniram hugs Kartik and starts crying. Dhaniram apologies to Kartik and says you gave up your dream for me and I misbehaved with you and your mother.

Dhaniram apologies to Savitri for blaming her and misbehaving with her. Savitri asks what happened that you changed drastically. Dhaniram says its all Sai’s blessings, Sai made me realise my family is my future and I was stupid to not understand this, I have learned my lesson and will never repeat this behaviour.

Dhaniram says to Sai, he wants to do something that will give his mind some peace and walks to Bapu Saheb and gives money to him and says I want to help my son. Bapu Saheb says I had helped Kartik willingly and I understand your emotions and so I won’t stop you and takes money. Sai asks Dhaniram to inaugurate the shop and bless Kartik.

Dhaniram and Savitri inaugurate the shop, Dhaniram happy to see Kartiks hardwork and wishes him luck and says don’t worry about money, my money is yours. Kartik takes his parents blessings.

Bapu Saheb says Sai, Chandulkar is right, Shirdi is divine and me and Neera want to settle here and want to build a house and live with you. Sai says sure Bapu Saheb, you will build same house like in Nashik and whole world will remember you and this wada for ages. Everyone happy.

Sai says you don’t have to give me everything, you have lot of people associated with you, and so you focus on work and I will tell you when to build the house. Bapu Saheb says as you say and I want you to live with me in that house. Sai says I will, I promise and will always stay there, and that house will be mine and will meet everyone there.

Kulkarni denies to pay mill workers, stating there is loss. Keshav says you are lying there is no loss.

Moham carrying garbage decides to throw it on the path itself, he tries but garbage gets back in his bucket. Sai walks to him, Mohan tells him he was tired and so was throwing here garbage, Sai says God will come to your house using this path and see this garbage she will return back and so where will you throw it that God cannot see.

Mohan confused. Sai says change your thinking, we clean house not for God but to keep dirt away and stay healthy and so garbage is dumped outside the town. Mohan thinks why should he care about others, let me say yes now and throw it later.

Keshav says to Kulkarni, we have money to give salary, Kulkarni says you are accountant and not boss, we need that money for material, bribes etc and so its final I don’t have money but I will give you double salary next month. Keshav says how will they run their house without money. Kulkarni says my decision is final. Workers decide to stay until they are payed. Kulkarni asks his men to throw hot water on them so that they leave.

Santa Banta get hot water, Keshav goes and stand in front of workers.

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Mere Sai 21st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai says to ladies lets celebrate Diwali together and spread happiness.Kulkarni says to Sai let me see how you celebrate this Diwali with everyone, there will be no money with others and my house will shine.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
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