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Mere Sai 19th October 2022 Sai asks Bapu Saheb to lend some money to Kartik and says he wants to start a new business. Bapu Saheb says this is great and I will be happy to help, here Kartik have all this money. Kartik says no I just want 2k and will return in 1 year. Bapu Saheb says I like your honesty and gives him money.

Kartik says I want to keep my shops name on your mothers name, I am thankful for a the love you gave, my father never gave me that love. Sai asks Savitri is she happy. Savitri says yes and says I hope Dhaniram learns his lesson too.

Dhaniram thinks about how he insulted Kartik and Sai’s advice. Chandu congratulates Dhaniram and says Kartik has opened new shop, be happy but why do you look so stressed. Dhaniram says I am good and thinks Kartik has stolen my necklace to setup shop and didn’t even invite me.

Chandu tells a man that Kartik is helped by Bapu Saheb for shop and so he is naming the shop Asha. Dhaniram gets angry and throws table and chair and shouts this is all Kartik’s trick, he is insulting me by naming the shop on someone else, even if he begs now I won’t go. Kartik listens all this and feels bad.

Bapu Saheb sees shop name and in tears. Neera asks why are you upset. Bapu Saheb says these are tears of joy. Bapu Saheb sees Kartik is upset and asks Savitri whats the issue. Savitri tells him, Kartik’s father isn’t here so he is upset. Kartik remembers how Dhaniram still accuses him and says Aai,

I don’t think Baba will come because he thinks if I go in loss people will ask him for money. Savitri says he is blinded by his worries, but Sai said Dhaniram will definitely come but even I believe he won’t. Malchapati says if Sai has said, Dhaniram will definitely come.

Bapu Saheb meets Sai, Sai says good you came here I wanted to thank you for Kartik, also I want you to gift something for Neera, see thats Dhaniram’s house, Kartiks fatger buy jewellery from him and also buy kurta Kartik gave him and don’t waste time go quickly, you have to attend inauguration too.

Bapu Saheb visits Dhaniram, and says he wants to buy earings. Dhaniram asks who are you. Bapu Sahev introduces himself. Dhaniram remembers Bapu Saheb has lended money to Kartik and says so you lent money to Kartik, good you came here let me clear you I .not repaying any money if he is in loss, I am not responsible for all this and also won’t give these earings for free.

Bapu Saheb says I am here to buy them and also I have gifted him that money and if in case he is in loss I will help a kind boy like him, I have learnt my lesson in time and so take it as advice do come for inauguration or else you will regret all your life. Dhaniram says if he needs me he should have come, I am not coming. Bapu Saheb says okay give me earings and the Kurta he gave you. Dhaniram says get lost I am not giving you anything. Bapu Saheb says okay and says you will surely regret this and leaves.

Dhaniram gets angry and says first he steals money, buys me Kurta and then asks it back,I will throw this kurta away and throws it outside, he finds a note in the box which reads – Baba Sai has advised not to worry you so I won’t trouble you asking for money and I am teaching kids in village and earned some money and here is Kurta for you, with love Kartik.

Sai walks to Dhaniram and says you found the truth right and picks the kurta.

Kartik asks Bapu Saheb where was he, Bapu Saheb says I tried getting your father but I am sorry. Patil asks where is Sai.

Dhaniram says I am his father and he didn’t invite me. Sai says he cane yesterday but you were blaming him and throwing things. Dhaniram takes Kurta from Sai and says I will go for the inauguration Sai. Munik walks to Dhaniram and asks for necklace. Dhaniram says it will take 2 days more and I will deliver myself.

Dhaniram says Sai I got emotional for a moment and forgot about the necklace and I can’t forgive them for stealing. Sai asks Dhaniram what proofs he has that his family has stolen it. Dhaniram says why would someone steal just ine necklace so it’s definitely them and instead of teaching them lesson you are behind me and I know the truth so I won’t support them.

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Mere Sai 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik says to Sai I thought you will bring Baba. Sai says Dhaniram isn’t a kid.Chandu says Sai said he will get Dhaniram, did Sai fail.Kartik about to inaugurate the shop.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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