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Mere Sai 19th November 2021 Salim freshens up. Sai calls out for alms. Salim tells Ali to go out. Rihana asks him if he wont come to meet Sai. Salim says I am busy. She asks him if he is worried as Sai does not praise his gramophone like others. You have time to accept the invites but you don’t have time to meet a person like Sai. She goes outside. Salim thinks that they wont understand. I must clean the gramophone properly today as this gramophone and I will be in focus there tomorrow.

Ali asks Sai why He has come to collect alms at this hour. Sai asks for jaggery and chana. Ali goes to bring it. Rihana asks Him why He has asked for this specifically. Ali gives it to Sai. Sai asks them to come with Him and see the reason why He is here. Ali wonders where Sai is taking them. The weather is changing. I feel so cold already. Rihana tells Sai that gramophone has cast some spell on Salim. He does not follow his routine and wont do anything. I don’t know what I should do.

They see an old man shivering because of the cold. Sai is pained to see him thus. He holds the hands of the old man and the warmth gets transferred to him. He stops shivering or feeling cold. He thanks Sai with folded hands. Ali and Rihana are moved to witness it. Sai gives jiggery and chana to him. Rihana asks him why he is sitting here in this condition. He shares that he utilizes his earning in buying food for himself and his wife. How can I buy warm clothes then? I must go now as my wife must be waiting at home. He leaves.

Rihana asks Sai if they cannot help him in some way. This makes us emotional. Sai replies that she can surely help him. You can help many more people like him too. Such needy people are in Shirdi too. It isn’t possible to extend a helping hand to everyone but you also have that chance. She asks him how. He speaks of Kakasaheb’s order. Please push him to work on his order. It is going to turn cold.

Rihana says I have the entire burden now so it is taking time. Ali adds that he has to work in fields too so Ammi has to do everything on her own. Rihana says I think it will finish soon now as Salim said that he is going to hire some people on his way back from Sakori. I don’t know when his obsession will end though. Sai explains the relation of husband and wife. They are tied in one bond after marriage. They become one that way. If one strays from the path then the other person can bring them on the right path. Only you can bring him on the right path. You just have to find the right path. She agrees to do her best and to be strict as well if needed. Will it work out? Sai says Allah Maalik.

Next morning, Salim tells Rihana that he is leaving for Sakori. She reminds him of Kakasaheb’s order. Hire some men on your way back. The sooner the blankets reach people the better. He assures her that he wont forget it and leaves.

Kakasaheb asks the delivery person if he has brought all the pots. The person nods. Sai greets him. Are you buying them for the guesthouse? Kakasaheb denies. These are for the tribal families living nearby. Sai tells Kakasaheb to check them properly as he is going to donate them. Don’t buy anything without checking it. Kakasaheb nods. The person assures Kakasaheb that he has checked them himself but Kakasaheb says I will check as Sai has asked me to. He finds many faulty pieces in the lot. Sai looks on.

Salim reaches Ramdas ji’s place. Ramdas ji welcomes him and introduces him to his guests. Salim is pleased to be a part of such a gathering. I had never thought that I will sit amongst such people. This feels like some dream. He plays the gramophone. Sarkar reaches there as well. Ramdas ji asks him to have a seat. Sarkar notices Salim there and is shocked.

Kakasaheb reprimands the seller. So many are faulty. He apologizes to Kakasaheb. I made them in a rush. I had no intention to cheat. Sai says you should do your work with full dedication. Cheating someone intentionally or unintentionally is not right while completing the work. Kaka knew how to check it but you could have sold them off if someone had no idea how to check them. He apologizes to them and agrees to bring correct pots by morning. Kakasaheb thanks Sai for guiding him. Sai tells him his work isn’t complete. Tell Salim to also complete the order on time. What’s the point of doing it if needy don’t get blankets on time? You also know the reason why I am insisting on this.

Salim stands up but Ramdas ji asks him to sit down. Sarkar begins to walk away. Ramdas ji asks him what happened. Sarkar says you said valued people were invited here. Why is this blanket seller here then? Ramdas ji shares that everyone was speaking well of him in Shirdi. His gramophone is what brought this event to life. Sarkar speaks badly about Salim. He is a poor guy who survives by selling blankets.

You wouldn’t have invited him here if you had seen his house. Ramdas ji says his house could be big or small but he is my guest right now. He is welcomed here open heartedly just as you are. Another guest seconds Ramdas ji. Have a seat. Sarkar refuses to sit next to Salim. You all have lost your mind because of this gramophone. I know status. There is no one in Shirdi who can match my status! Ramdas ji points out that everyone in Shirdi and in neighbouring villages talk about Salim and his gramophone. A guest agrees. I was going for some work when I found out that Salim was coming here with his gramophone so I came over. Sarkar refuses to be a part of the gathering if Salim would be here. Ramdas ji says it is your wish. Salim wont leave though. Sarkar leaves.

Ramdas ji apologizes to Salim for Sarkar’s behaviour. Salim tells him not to apologize. I will remember the respect that all of you have given me today. Ramdas ji asks him to have a seat. Salim hopes Rihana and Ali could have witnessed it too. This gramophone is taking me to places. I cannot wait to be home and share this incident.

Sai says Salim is distracted. You must push him. Kakasaheb nods. This was different but Salim Bhai is our own. It wont feel good to push him. Sai reminds him how he is strict when it comes to work. It has helped people and being strict here will help the needy as well. Forget about the dilemma and prioritize your work. I will come with you if you are uncomfortable.


Mere Sai 20th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai and Kakasaheb are at Salim’s place. Salim shares that only 50 blankets are ready as of now. Kaksaheb asks Salim to deliver blankets to him asap. I cannot wait for a week now. Salim decides to return him the advance tomorrow. Kakasaheb asks Sai if He is asking him to take a legal action against Salim. Sai nods. He must realize his mistake.

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