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Mere Sai 18th October 2022 Dhaniram in search of water but everything he touches turns gold, and says only Sai can help me and rushes(only Dhaniram can see things gold).

Kulkarni says to Chandulkar, I will file a case for harrasment and go tell Sai he lost. Sai walks to rgem playing flute and rats following them. Kulkarni shocked to see that. Rats get inside Kulkarni Vada. Kulkarni gets angry, rats going near rotten grains, Kulkarni stops them and says don’t go there.

Sai says I am leaving them outside, give them some grains they are hungry so they will eat and go. Kulkarni says I have nothing for you go. Chandulkar says grains are rotten let them eat. Kulkarni says just get lost, I know you brought them here with you black magic take them away or else I will kill them. Sai says they are animals they will reach grains come what may. Kulkarni says I won’t allow. Rats starts approaching grains, Kulkarni gets scared and jumps away.

Rats start eating grain. Kulkarni tries to stop them. Slowly money comes out. Chandulkar and lawyer see that. Rats go back to Sai. Chandulkar thanks Sai. Sai leaves playing flute and rats follow him. Chandulkar says you are in great difficulty now Kulkarni, you now will be arrested. Kulkarni says its Sai’s black magic.

Lawyer says we have seen what happened and so its you behind all this lets go to police station. Kulkarni says to Chandulkar, you did this because Sai said. Chandulkar says I did it for my friend and just because Sai says we should give one chance, I am giving you one and you know what to do.

Sai takes rats to forest and says here you will have ample food and villagers will face no loss go in forest. Dhaniram rushes to Sai and says I was looking for you everywhere please help me. Sai says you should be happy youf prayers are heard you have ample gold. Dhaniram says I am thirsty and everything is turning to gold how will I survive.

Sai says we tried telling you that but you never understood and no worries Kartik and Savitri will feed you, you wanted gold and you have it but you have lost your family.
Sai leaves, Dhaniram tries to stop him but Sai leaves.Dhaniram sees water and food infront of him, he getz happy and has it happily.

Bapu Saheb says to Neera I don’t need this stone anymore, let me keep it outside. Kartik walks in with Savitri and says Aai made food have it. Bapu Saheb says Kartik you are so nice. Kulkarni walks in, Bapu Saheb asks why are you here.

Kulkarni says I found money, thief had hidden it in garbage and so I said to Chandulkar Saheb I should return them. Chandulkar says to Bapu Saheb, you can file a case against him, if you want. Bapu Saheb sees Sai. Sai walks in. Sai says to Bapu Saheb you have your money back, and do you think that sending Kulkarni to prison will make you more happy.

Bapu Saheb says you are right but I have heard about Keshav a lot and he is a good man and so is Prahlad and this is also a lesson for me to not donate blindly, he is free. Chandulkar says to Kulkarni, the Sai you hate saved you. Lawyer says we have confestigated your money, you have to provide accounts or else we will take away everything.

Kulkarni says to Sai, I know you did this to insult me and I know no one can even touch me, you are crossing all your limits and one chance and I will finish you and show your devotees your true face and no one will save you then. Sai smiles.

Bapu Saheb thanks Sai for guiding him and says he is very happy and wants to use this money, Shirdi had given me lot of love and I want to do something for them. Sai says help doesn’t need to be money always, you can advice people share your experience. Bapu Saheb says I understand your point and I also want to use this money for people and their benefit. Sai says you can give some money as loan to Kartik that will make me happy.

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Mere Sai 19th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bapu Saheb asks Savitri why is Kartik upset, his shop is opening today. Savitri says he misses his father.Sai shows Bapu Saheb, Dhaniram’s house and says Kartik bought Dhaniram a kurta but he did not accept it, so you go buy it from him.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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