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Mere Sai 17th August 2022 Suraj asks Santa why are you hitting him. Santa Banta says he made mistake by asking us for money. Old man says they take free fruits from me and scare me but I need money to survive and I denied to give them fruits so they started hitting me, Suraj asks how much money.

Old man says 2₹. Santa says to Suraj, dare you stare at us, and mock him saying what will you do take money from us. Suraj says to them, no I won’t because you two look very poor, here take 2₹ and apologies to him.

Santa Banta say how dare you talk to us like this, we are Kulkarni’s men and he is head here and we snatch money and snatch money from Suraj and ask him to leave before they beat him. Suraj says I won’t and touches Santa and says I cant control myself when I see injustice.

Santa and Suraj get into fight Banta runs and hides seeing Santa get beaten. Banta begs Suraj to let Santa go, Suraj says if you want me to save his life apologies and give money. Banta gives money and apologies to Old man. Everyone happy to see how Suraj treated Santa and Banta.

Sai passing by sees Suraj choking Santa and with his magic removes Suraj’s hand of his neck. Suraj thinks what is happening to him. Banta asks Santa to run away before Suraj attacks again. Suraj sees Sai behind him, Sai says your motive is correct but the path is wrong and soon you will learn why and leaves.

Suraj in house, sees her brothers shoes and asks are you again practising to run. Vishal says no these are old shoes. Suraj says don’t be scared come have food.

At Dwarka Mai, Tatya and Baizmaa discuss Suraj’s incident. Tatya says Suraj was right. Patil says we can’t behave this way, then what is the difference.

Suraj feeds his mother and says I feel so good in Shirdi and in mill as well I am working well and will be paid well, please bless me.

Suraj sees pen in her hand and says say something Aai, we are dying to speak to you, hear your voice. Vishal says dada you are so emotional, Suraj says I can’t see her this way. Vishal says all will be good, and with God grace Aai will be fine too.

Sai brings a coconut and says Baizmaa some people are like this coconut, hard from outside but sweet inside and to see this sweetness we have to get through the hardness, Suraj is a god man, he helped a poor and if his anger is not channelized he may go the wrong path and ruin his life.

Suraj visits Supervisor, Supervisor scolds workers for cloth not dyed properly, worker says the quality is very good why is he making excuses and asks supervisor whats wrong he is scolding them from yesterday. Supervisor says I was giving you all chances now not anymore and now you will have to pay for every mistake and so 1₹ deducted from your salary.

Suraj says to workers don’t be upset, let him cut your salary I will pay from mine, you go work hard. Supervisor says who are you. Suraj says I am new assistant manager here, heres my letter. Supervisor says I sent you this letter but I am sorry no job is available now, because you received letter late and now there is no more vacancy go now.

Suraj gets angry, he sits on chair and writes on a paper, how much he has spent to come to Shirdi. Balvant standing outside sees everything. Supervisor says I am not doing any favour for you. Suraj says pay my money and 2 months salary as compensation, pay me and leave. Supervisor says there is no such rule.

Suraj says I have a problem, I don’t let injustice happen, I can’t bare that and can cross any lines. Supervisor says don’t cross your lines and tears the paper and asks.him to leave. Suraj attacks him and says you will have to pay because this is because of you. Balvant says leave him, I am owner here, you look like person I need, and asks Supervisor to give him job and asks Suraj to do what Balvant says. Suraj agrees and leaves.

Supervisor asks Balvant, why did he appoint Suraj. Balvant says learn to use people’s strength, you got scared right and now Suraj will work for us and people won’t rebel because they will be scared of him and soon we will fire him too.

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Mere Sai 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chandu tells Suraj that, Balvant and Supervisor appointed him to fire others.Sai quotes Suraj his father and asks him to not choose violence.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
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