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Mere Sai 16th August 2022 Uddhav says to Kalavati, he doesn’t have anything to donate but I want to apologise for my behaviour. Shama apologies too. Kalavati walks to them and says I have no issues with you Uddhav and I didn’t want to tell infront of everyone,

this money is for you, return it to your father in law and use remaining for your future and I will pray that Vidya forgives you. Uddhav says I have no words to thankyou. Uddhav looks at Sai. Sai signs him to accept the money.

Kalavati says to Sai, I have decided to stay but how will I survive here. Sai says you have Gods blessings you will fins your way.
Kalavati begins dance classes in Shirdi for kids.

Sai addresses saying, you shouldn’t forget your aim and goals, you will face lot of hardships and whenever you see you are lying for something always ask yourself do you have control over these things and whenever you feel week, this weekness ruins you and someone takes advantage of it, focus on your responsibilities and everything will be fine.

Ragini with her mother shopping for vegetables, Sai sees her arguing with vendor over inflation. Sai takes a look at the market, he sees an upset toy seller, Nandu insists his Dad to get him toys, he says they don’t have money for it. Toy seller gets upset.

Supervisor visits Balvant and Kulkarni and tells them that Comissioner gave order to some Mumbai Mill. Balvant blames Kulkarni for loss. Kulkarni says why didn’t you do anything then, you hide behind me when the work is related to reputation. Balvant says mill is already in loss, Supervisor says mill ia working fine there is no loss.

Balvant says less profit is loss, Supervisor asks how will we increase profit. Balvant says reduce 25% workers and don’t give them salary and make remaining work double shifts. Supervisor says workers will rebel. Kulkarni says we will beat those who rebel. Balvant says every work is not done this way.

Sai walks to Bikaji(toy seller) and is he, he says very bad I have no money left, my family is going to die of starvation. Sai says kids need toys, Bikaji asks how will I manage, Sai says donate and earn blessings and blessings will help you, donate your toys and soon you will see benefits.

Bikaji starts donating toys and then says to Sai, what will I do now. Slowly people come to Bikaji and start giving him food, grains, milk etc for making their kids happy.

Bikaji thanks Sai for his suggestion. Sai says Bikaji hardship will keep coming and now go work on other toys, and God will help you.

Suraj dreams about his father being beaten. His brother says Dada enough now move on from this pain, its past and keeps his mother’s hand on Suraj’s head. Suraj calms down and looks at his mother and holds her hand.

Workers asks Supervisor what is wrong why is he so tensed. Supervisor says because your salary is reduced by 20%, workers says inflation has increased how will we survive and we won’t work then. Supervisor says I tried to convince but they said whoever doesn’t want to accept the less salary can leave, I will close their account. Workers ask Supervisor to give them some time to think.

Balvant walks to supervisor and asks what happened. Supervisor tells Balvant be reduced everyone’s salary by 20% and everyone has agreed. Balvant says now start to cut their money for every mistake and still there will be workers who are Sai devotees, let them go it will be good for us.

Suraj sees Santa Banta hitting an old man for money. Suraj gets angry and remember how his father was beaten, Suraj goes save the old man.

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Mere Sai 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai sees Suraj beat Santa Banta and says to Suraj, your motive is correct but the way is wrong and soon you will learn why and how.

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