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Mere Sai 15th July 2022 Balvant gives Henry special Kabul cashews. Supervisor gives him tea from Darjaleeling and starts asking Henry about how he can get fish here. Henry says I don’t care but I was impressed on mill visit, everything was in place and mill was operational even on a holiday but accountant was missing.

Balvant looks at Kulkarni. Supervisor explains he was not available because he went to see his Guru on Guru Purnima. Henry says but my inspection couldn’t be complete because of his absence and so I will mark this inspection incomplete and fail.

Balvant says our accounts are on point and will send papers tomorrow personally to you and see I got you this swiss watch made if gold. Henry says it looks expensive and I am happy with the gift but I am waiting for gift promised.

Balvant asks what do you mean. Henry says Kulkarni promised me a Tiger cub today. Kulkarni says its my pleasure. Balvant thinks this is Kulkarni’s new plan to put me down.
Manohar walks in Kulkarni asks him where is the cub.

Everyone cheer in name of Sai. Sai lets them welcome him. Tatya says Sai come sit here on my bed. Sai asks yours or mine. Tatya says I meant yours. Sai sits on it and says very nice Tatya. Sharad’s father says Sharad couldn’t come but he sent this umbrella for you. Ali gives blanket and says I specifically made it for you, this will help you in winters and is cosy unlike the other one.

Tatya feels bad. Gangaram gifts silver flute, Kashmiri apple and sweets. Chandu gifts silk cover and one by one each villager gifts something to Sai. Kids feel bad as they just got flowers for Sai. Sai asks Keshav, he heard him saying his gift is best and asks what it is.

Keshav sags I was waiting for it Sai and shows a palkhi and says you walk everywhere and so I got this for you. Sai says thank you for thinking about me Keshav. Sai says everyones gifts are nice and I am thankful but this year people are less. Bhiva tells Sai that people are at mill working for money. Sai says that is important too.

Kulkarni asks Manohar why hasn’t he got the cub, do you want more money. Manohar says I don’t want any money, I was wrong to steal the cub but Sai showed me the right path and I gave the cub back to his mother. Kulkarni asks Sai how.

Santa Banta get scared. Manohar says yes he came to my village and made me realise my mistake and also asked me to come here to apologise to you. Henry gets angry scolds Kulkarni and Balvant, and says I fear Mills future with people like this and leaves.

Balvant scolds Kulkarni why do you always ruin things and leaves. Kulkarni walks to Santa Banta and says you told me Sai is dead and gave proofs too. Santa Banta tell him greedy for money they gave fake proofs.

Sai asks kids did they get him anything. Charuhas says we got flowers for you. Sai looks at it and says very pretty. Kids wish him Happy Guru Purnima. Sai says I got you kids something come with me. Sai puts two bowl forward one with coins and one with laddus. Kids pick laddu, Sai asks Martand to have as many as he want. Martand says my friends wouldn’t get then, Sai says don’t worry there is enough for everyone. Everyone shocked to see the bowl keeps refilling.

Kulkarni hits Santa Banta hard. Kulkarni gets angry on Sai for insulting him in front of Britishers and swears on not sparing him.

Sai says to everyone kids teach us so much, like you all got carried away because of money, you measured your love with money, everyday I share my teachings but you all forgot that when money came in, also forgot what I believe in, Tatya tell me do I need this bed and Ali your blanket,

Abduls chair and Keshav what will I do of Palkhi,and Sharad didn’t come and sent this expensive umbrella, only kids understood me and got me flowers with so much love and all I want is love. Chandu says Sai we did this to make you happy. Sai says may be something else makes me happy. Chandulkarji walks in.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
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