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Mere Sai 14th October 2022 Neera thanks Kartik for coming back. Neera says this will take lot of time to take him like this. Kartik sees a cart.

Chandulkar walks in Dwarka Mai, Sai walks outside Dwarka Mai. Kartik drags Bapu Saheb in cart to Dwarka Mai. Everyone opens eyes and sees Sai isn’t in front and standing behind.
Kulkarni sees Bapu Saheb being taken to Dwarka Mai.

Santa says looks like this time Sai’s black magic didn’t work. Kulkarni says looks like he wouldn’t make it till the morning.Kartik reaches Dwarka Mai with Bapu Saheb. Srikant, Tatya rush to them and get Bapu Saheb inside Dwarka Mai. Sai looks at Bapu Saheb. Chandulkar asks what happened.

Kulkarni walks in and says whatever happened is done by Sai, I had warned Bapu Saheb and Neera but they didn’t listen to me and agreed to give dry fruits because Sai asked too and look what has happened, this Sai is murderer, he killed a kind man.

Malchapati says we have full faith in Sai. Kulkarni says your faith won’t change things, law needs proof and I have those, when Bapu Saheb will die, I will go get police and show them how Sai killed Bapu Saheb and I can’t bare a kind man like Bapu Saheb is killed, this Sai will be sentenced to death.

Chandulkar says Bapu Saheb is fine, nothing will happen to him. Sai walks outside, Kulkarni says look he is running away. Sai picks a stone and walks to Bapu Saheb, he keeps his hand on his forehead, Bapu Saheb wakes up, Sai smiles. Sai says look what I got and asks can you see your mother in this.

Bapu Saheb says yes, Bapu Saheb hears his mother say I have my blessings with you, nothing will happen to you. Bapu Saheb pukes. Bapu Saheb says I feel much better, you saved me again. Kulkarni says how is this possible, he was so weak how did he get fine so quickly, this is impossible. Patil says its all Sai’s blessings you still haven’t learned this. Kulkarni says this is black magic and nothing is good in this, he keeps fooling you all with this tricks and leaves.

Neera walks to Sai, and tells how Bapu Saheb reacted to stone. Bapu Saheb says the stone had broken how did I see my mother in other stones too. Sai says Bapu Saheb keep your pain aside and remember the love and happiness your mother gave you and then you will understand everything.

Bapu Saheb thinks of his mother, he oepns his eyes and sees his mother everywhere. Sai says this is what I was trying to tell you, your mother is everywhere, she is in your heart this is unconditional love and your pain made you blind and so you couldn’t see her within you, I gave you dryfruits so that you can puke all the toxics out and the main reason behind bad health was that stone because you thought you lost your mother again and when you saw her back again you are back to normal,

God is in our goodness we are all his kids and we never find him inside us or others and when we do, we will understand how easy it is to meet God and just like God your mother is everywhere and in your goodness and of others. Bapu Saheb asks why didn’t you tell me this earlier, Sai says its always good to let the person find himself and then help him do that, like I gave Neera the other stone and I knew Neera will find it odd and tell you about it and the strength is within you and not that stone.

Neera says sorry Sai, I was scared. Sai says its natural. Bapu Saheb says why did it hurt me so much and I faced losses. Sai says loss is not related to any loss but when you believe in them then yourself,

you donated always but just think what is the difference. Bapu Saheb remembers how before he use to check everything before donating. Sai says you lost work because you didn’t take care of it properly when you lost Sai. Bapu Saheb says agreed but why when I met you what if I don’t have you around and face pain again and can’t face it.
Bapu Saheb hears his mother’s voice and sees her talking to him

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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