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Mere Sai 14th January 2022 Santa says we could have looked for him if he had come to Shirdi. How to look for someone who cannot be found? I was a fool to tell Sarkar about Das Ganu.

Flashback shows Santa and Banta informing Sarkar that their men saw Das Ganu coming towards Shirdi. Sarkar says he must have come to meet Fakir. Banta points out that he dint enter Shirdi actually. How can he leave without meeting Fakir?

Sarkar says it means I was right that Fakir is hiding nearby and Das Ganu knows where He is. Find Das Ganu to find Fakir. We will find Gayatri then. No one will be able to stop me from sending Fakir to jail then. Flashback ends.

Santa rues that he has no option but to find Das Ganu. He wont let me enter in his house without Das Ganu. I have become too weak while looking for him. He notices Das Ganu coming towards him just then and becomes alert. It means he is headed to Dwarkamai. Does that mean that Fakir is back too? I should follow him to find that Fakir.

Das Ganu is in Dwarkamai. Sai called me here but he isn’t here? What could it mean? Baizama says there might be a reason. He might want you to find that out Himself. You know how He works in different styles. Das Ganu nods. I will stay here till the time I figure it out. She tells him to freshen up and goes to arrange food for him.

Santa and his men overhear it too. Santa wonders what could be the reason of Fakir calling him here and disappearing Himself. Should I inform Sarkar? How will I be able to find Fakir when His devotees cannot? I should continue spying. I am sure Fakir will make a move soon.

Das Ganu sings a bhajan. Baizama and Srikanth ji listen to him mesmerised and smile. Baizama praises him. Is this your creation? Das Ganu denies. It is by a girl I met outside Shirdi. She is very talented. I thanked Sai many times so that I could meet her because Sai called me here. Baizama says there is one such girl in Shirdi as well. She is equally talented but she had to leave her house due to some compulsions.

Did you meet the same girl? He denies. She was in a house with her elder brother. They serve food to him. Das Ganu looks at the pot of water. Shree Ram is written on it. He holds it closely. He thinks of Madhusudhan giving him water earlier. He asks Baizama about Gayatri. How does she look? Baizama tells him. She is very dear to Sai as well. He never leaves His devotees alone. I am sure He wont leave her alone either.

People may say anything but I know that Sai will never tell her to leave her house. He will still be with her even if Gayatri has taken such a big step under pressure. Madhusudhan’s words echo in Das Ganu’s ears. I was a fool to not understand your hint but now I have understood why you have called me here, Sai. I accept your order wholeheartedly. He tells Baizama he must leave. She tells him to eat something before going. It will be dark soon. Das Ganu nods.

Santa looks on. Seems like Das Ganu has found out where Fakir is hiding. He will go to meet Fakir and I will get a prize after telling Sarkar.

Gayatri tells Sai she can make roti. Ajji has told me that it is a girl’s job. She has taught me after pushing me a lot. Sai says it is good that your Ajji hasn’t met mine or I would have died of hunger. She smiles. You have helped me so I can do this much for you. He reasons that one should help the other without any reason or without expecting anything in return. I will do it.

Das Ganu is headed to Madhusudhan / Sai’s hut but he feels as if he is being followed. Santa and his men hide the moment Das Ganu turns to check.

Gayatri points out that the roti is burning. Sai tells her to let it be. We will offer it to Agni Dev. He will help us. Om Sai plays.

Santa and his men are unable to see anything ahead due to the sudden fog.

Sai keeps the burnt roti aside.

Santa loses Das Ganu by the time the fog clears.

Sai says it isn’t time for you to reach here. Ram ji will bring you here at the right time. Gayatri asks Him how He is alive till now. I will cook. You burn the roti and then you talk to yourself. I am surprised to think how you have survived till now. He offers to do it but she insists. Sai moves aside. Gayatri misses her mother as she starts kneading the dough. I am cooking here. I am not sure if someone would have cooked anything as home or not. They must be worried about me.

Supaan comes home looking dejected. Uma asks him if he found out anything. Supaan shares that Sarkar has checked in the neighbouring villages but she hasn’t been found. Why are you cooking? Will we be able to eat? His mother reasons that the guests would need it even if they wont. Supaan asks Uma if Gayatri wont be missing them. She is your favourite after all.

Sai asks Gayatri what happened. Gayatri says I left the house for a good reason yet I miss my family a lot. They must be so worried right now. I have hurt them. How would they be managing without me? Sai advises her to leave everything on God. He worries for everyone. Gayatri looks at Sai’s sketch. You are like God to me. I may or may not be with them but you should be with them forever. Please take care of them.

Uma says our daughter is not bad. She loves us just as much as we love her. Supaan asks her why she left them then. Uma says she had different goals, aspirations which we couldn’t understand. He insists that they must think about society.

A guest asks for food. Uma asks her husband which society he is referring to. We cannot eat. Even our little sons slept without eating and you are worried about the society who has been asking for food since evening. You valued this society over your daughter’s aspiration which is why she ran away.

Gayatri says I ran away but I don’t know what I should do. Time is passing. The reason why I left house! Sai completes her sentence. It will surely happen. Your saviour is here. Das Ganu enters. He is about to address Sai by His name but Sai shakes His head. Gayatri is surprised to see him. Das Ganu tells Gayatri that he has understood that Sai called him here to be your Guru. I accept it. She touches his feet. Cow moos. She goes to feed the cow.

Das Ganu touches Sai’s feet. Sai says you have come here as Guru. It does not suit a Guru to touch anyone’s feet. Das Ganu says Guru can grow up but he will always be a disciple for his Guru. I don’t know why you took this avatar but I recognized you. It is enought for me that you are with me and you chose me to help that girl. We will help her reach her destination now. Sai says Allah Maalik.


Mere Sai 15th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Supaan does last rites of Gayatri. Sai consoles Gayatri. Gayatri says I thought to make everyone proud after getting educated but everyone is getting insulted because of me. Sai advises her that one should be strong when the dreams are difficult.

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