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Mere Sai 12th October 2022 Neera starts looking for Sai in tears, she finds him near Dwarka Mai. Neera says Sai its all my fault, I broke the stone and now my husband is unwell. Sai says Bapu Saheb believes in Krishna Bhagwan a lot right. Neera says yes. Sai says then don’t worry, God will take care of him, but first I have to finish this work.

Neera says you can pick stones later now lets go, he may die. Sai says these stones hurt people and if you will help me we can quickly finish this and arrange for medicine. Neera starts helping Sai pick stones. Sai packs stone in a small pot and ties it and says medicine is arranged lets go and don’t worry he will be fine.

Dhaniram sees an expensive necklace is missing, he gets tensed and asks Savitri where is that expensive necklace. Savitri says you don’t let me touch me anything it must be in the locker. Dhaniram says its not there. Savitri says I don’t know. Dhaniram says how come you are not tensed, did you take it. Savitri says have you lost your mind why will I do this. Dhaniram says for you son.

Baizmaa and others taking care of Bapu Saheb, Sai walks in and places his hand on Bapu Saheb’s forehead. Bapu Saheb opens his eyes. Sai says all will be fine. Srikant asks Sai why is he facing so many problems. Neera thinks of broken stone. Sai smiles and says Srikant these things keep happening in life you shouldn’t be disheartened, these things teach us value of health and happiness.

Bapu Saheb says Sai I had faith that all will be fine. Sai says I brought medicine for you. Neera says but Sai, this had stones in it. Sai opens the pot and everyone sees dey fruits in it. Sai says give him one dry fruit each daily, he will be fine.

Bapu Saheb says how will this help me. Neera says he already has fever and dry fruits will increase his heat. Sai says don’t think so much he likes dry fruits have it and remember your God, your mother and mine, we all have your back and have these from tonight. Sai asks everyone should he keep Bhajan in Dwarka Mai. Everyone happy and agree.

Dhaniram shouts at Savitri and says you stole the necklace for your son, you both want to ruin my future and says get my necklace or else this marriage is over. Savitri says how can you talk this way. Kartik walks in and says we don’t object you doesn’t mean you blame Aai. Dhaniram asks whats in your hand. Kartik says I got gifts for everyone because you never buy anything.

Dhaniram snatches boxes and checks it has expensive sarees and a necklace. Dhaniram asks where did you get these from. Kartik says these are not real, they are fake so that Aai can wear and that Kurta for you. Dhaniram asks where did you manage money from, I know you sold my expensive necklace.

Kartik gets angry and says you have crossed all your limits now and I don’t need to give you any explanation and don’t want to live here. Savitri sprains her leg and in pain. Savitri says I guess I need a doctor. Dhaniram says rest you don’t need one. Kartik says how can you do this to her. Dhaniram says then you take her to doctor and anyways you have stolen my necklace. Kartik says Aai we can’t stay here anymore,

Dhaniram says good that will save my money leave. Savitri says I will go with him too, you keep blaming me and Kartik and now I will support my son and not tolerate this behaviour. Dhaniram says good leave me, I will be happy to get rid of thieves. Kartik and Savitri leave.

Kulkarni is informed that how Sai helped Bapu Saheb and gave him dry fruits. Kulkarni starts laughing. Santa Banta asks what is so funny. Kulkarni says these dry fruits will kill Bapu Saheb as he has high fever and Sai will leave Shirdi. Santa Banta say but whenever you think like this Sai uses his black magic. Kulkarni says you are right but if Bapu Saheb lives, he will give all his money for Sai’s house but I won’t let that happen.

Sai at Dwarka Mai tells everyone Lord Krishna’s story and says one of lord Krishna’s devotee needs help. Patil says you meant Bapu Saheb right, you gave him dry fruits. Sai says and this pooja will give his mind some peace.
Savitri and Kartik reach Dwarka Mai. Savitri in pain. Sai pooks at her feet and sees its swollen. Savitri starys crying.

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Mere Sai 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kulkarni tells Neera that these dry fruits will be bad for Bapu Saheb. Bapu Saheb says I have full faith in Sai and eats dry fruits as Sai asked to.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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