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Mere Sai 11th October 2022 Dhaniram asks Sai is caring about future wrong. Sai says to him come with me and asks why are these trees so green. Dhaniram says I give it water everyday. Sai says do a thing stop giving them water now because we have draught in summers,

so save that water. Dhaniram says its time for summer, this tree will dry out. Sai says when you understand this why not apply it in your life and if you keep unnecessarily saving money, you will spoil your present and your relation with your wife and son, be happy and forget the worries, you have good future,

Kartik will earn a lot and he will have a good family. Dhaniram says you are right but you keep saying times change and what if I spend money and then left with nothing, can you promise me that nothing bad will happen. Sai says the biggest truth is we get what we sow, if you are creating trouble you will get more trouble and sorrow, live happily with your family.
Dhaniram says Sai I am doing what is good for my family, Sai says looks like you have fallen to dip but don’t worry God teaches everyone and you will learn soon too. Dhaniram thinks Sai didn’t promise me and so what I am doing is right.

Everyone at Bhumi Pujan. Baizmaa aske Bapu Saheb why did he call everyone here. Bapu Saheb says let Sai come and then will tell everyone, Sai says I am here and walks in. Bapu Saheb tells Sai that he wants to build ashram in name of Aai to serve poor. Tatya says this is very nice. Bapu Saheb says and I want Sai to do Bhumi Pujan. Sai says but this will require lot of money, have you seen everything.

Bapu Saheb says yes I am doing it with my friend Kulkarni Sarkar, he will Join us soon and we will start Bhumi Pujan. Everyone finds it confusing. Patil asks when is Kulkarni coming. Bapu Saheb says he should be here soon and tells how he met Kulkarni in wada and how he believes in Sai too. Baizmaa says you are wrong, Kulkarni isn’t Sai devotee, he hates Sai.

Baizmaa tells Bapu Saheb, how Kulkarni tries to kick Sai out of Shirdi. Patil tells Bapu Saheb how Kulkarni troubles poor in village and asks did he give him any money. Bapu Saheb says yes 25000₹. Bapu Saheb says he can’t cheat me this way. Neera says Sai you told me to be alert but Kulkarni fooled us. Sai says to Bapu Saheb, think of it as opportunity to learn something important, mistakes make you wise. Bapu Saheb leaves in anger. Neera follows him.

Baizmaa asks Sai, he must know this would happen, why didn’t he stop Bapu Saheb. Sai says mistakes do happen and if I tell everything how will one earn. Bapu Saheb is also learning to live without his mother so he will face struggle. Patil says but his money. Sai says change happens and don’t worry Bapu Saheb has his mothers blessings and Bapu Saheb had got into habit of donating without checking so this was going to happen and once Bapu Saheb learns his lesson all will be fine.

Kulkarni tells Bapu Saheb that yesterday your money got stolen yesterday. Bapu Saheb says everyone told me you are such a cheater, you lied to me. Kulkarni shouts at Bapu Saheb and says don’t cross your limits I am head of this village dare you blame me, I hate Sai do whatever you can do, you have no proof against me. Bapu Saheb says this all won’t help you I will lodge a complaint against you.

Kulkarni starts laughing and says do you have any proofs and don’t forget I am head here and police do what I ask them too. Neera says be scared of God. Kulkarni laughs at her and says go ask your Sai for your money, ask him why didn’t he stop you, he just knows black magic and that stone is also his black magic or else it would stop you from making this mistake. Neera thinks why did this happen, I thought Sai blessed us. Kulkarni says learn from this and stay away from people like Sai and leave Shirdi or else soon you will loose everything, leave or esle I will throw you out. Neera and Bapu Saheb leave.

Bapu Saheb picks the stone and starts crying and says why did this happen Aai, I used to understand a person characters just by looking at them but today people took advantage of me. Neera says Sai isn’t wrong, Bapu Saheb says I know but when I have Aai and Sai with me how could I make such big mistake,

I have to talk to Sai. Neera thinks is it because I lied about the stone. Bapu Saheb health gets bad, Neera gets worried and sees Bapu Saheb has high fever, Neeta starts crying, she goes pick the stone gives it to Bapu Saheb and shouts for help. Patil, Srikant, Baizmaa passing by rush inside. They say he needs doctor, call Kulkarni. Neera says no, only Sai can save me. Patil says I will go call Sai. Neera says you all stay with him, I will go call Sai and rushes to call Sai.

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Mere Sai 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhaniram throws Kartik and Savitri out of house.Neera crying says Sai do this later come with me Bapu Saheb isn’t doing well. Sai says this work is more important.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
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