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Mere Sai 11th August 2022 Kalavati massages Kamla’s hair and says I am so happy today because I have become fearless. Kalavati asks Kamla why is she not playing with friends and upset.

Kulkarni and his men start knocking the door and Kulkarni says open the door Kalavati, I am here to take you no one can save you from me, you will have to dance on my order, open the door or I will break it. Kulkarni asks Santa to break the door. Santa breaks door. Kulkarni asks Santa to dragg her out.

Kalavati and Kamla pray to Sai. Kulkarni says don’t call that beggar, he is not going to help.
Sai at Dwarka Mai, blows ash. At Kalavati’s house it gets stormy and Kulkarni and his men have to step back.

Kulkarni thinks this is done by Sai and I won’t spare her and asks his men to burn the house, Kulkarni’s men put Kalavati’s house on fire. Kalavati prays to Sai. Kulkarni and his men atart laughing at her.

Sai at Dwarka Mai pours water on his hand and it starts raining. Kalavati’s house is saved. Kulkarni and his men back off. Kulkarni says Kalavati I will win this game and not you and Sai and leaves.

Kamla asks Kalavati who are these men. Kalavati says my hurting past who doesn’t want to leave my back. Kamla says what if they come back again. Kalavati says don’t be scared I know what I have to do.
Sai at Dwarka Mai smile.

Kalavati tells Sai that she can’t stay here after what happened yesterday. Sai says I will talk to you later I have to go for something important, you wait here for me.
Prahlad and friends worried about Kamla. Manu rushes to them. Prahlad asks Manu where is Kamla, may be he wants to take us somewhere. Everyone follows Manu.

Sai goes meet Shama. Shama in tears walk to Sai, Bhama and Uddhav walk out too. Kalavati sees Uddhav. Shama asks Sai we didn’t raise Uddhav this way he has ruined our reputation. Sai asks why is this pot here.

Bhama says well has lot of muddy water so I kept here so that mud settles. Sai asks Bhama to get a cloth and empty pot. Sai filters water with help of cloth and says let me throw this water. Bhama says this water is good now, why throw. Sai says just like Uddhav, he has come back on right track, he has understood his mistake, forgive him now.

Uddhav hugs Bhama in tears. Shama says I have forgiven him Sai but reputation, but wedding what about that, how will he get married now. Kalavati understands what has happened and says Uddhav will get married. Sai smiles at Kalavati.

Manu brings Prahlad and his friends to Kamla’s house. They see her paint Sai with kids. Everyone smiles and praise Kamla. Prahlad asks Kamla why didn’t she meet them. Kamla says I thought you all don’t want to see me after knowing the truth. Ragini hugs Kamla and says you are our friend.

Prahlad says and as in this picture we all always will be friends. Kamla says but we are leaving today and so I made this painting so that you all always remember me. Prahlad says you won’t go anywhere, Sai says you belong here now. Kamla says because Aai thinks we will have lot of problems and also many will have problems because of us. Prahlad says we will pray to Sai for you.

Kalavati walks to Sai and says I understood Sai why I should stay here, because without intentions but I am reason behind this marriage breaking and Uddhav did it for me and now I will fix this, and Sai’s devottee Kalavati promises that. Sai looks at Bhama and nods. Shama and Bhama agree with Kalavati.

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Mere Sai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamla makes announcement that come watch my mother’s show free today.

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Telecast Date:11th August 2022
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