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Mere Sai 10th October 2022 Neera cleaning the stone drops it and it breaks.
Bapu Saheb gives Kulkarni money for ashram. Kulkarni accepts it and thinks now it’s my money.Neera gets scared and says how did this happen. Kulkarni asks Bapu Saheb is she fine. Bapu Saheb says nothing I will meet you later, you start ashram work and leaves.

Kids playing in Dwarka Mai. Kartik sitting there and watching them. Sai walks in and asks Kartik is he worried about his future. Kartik says yes. Sai says go play with those kids, trust me. Kartik says okay and asks kids can he join them. They all let him play with them.
Sai sees Bapu Saheb and stops him. Sai asks him why does he look so worried, Bapu Saheb says I feel the stone is in danger.

Sai says nothing can ruin a relation between son and mother and then when it comes to Neera she is very supportive and after you lost your mother, you have stopped caring about her also forget her birthday today and you always got her, her favourite sweet. Bapu Saheb says sorry I missed it. Sai says here Nagpurs famous Malpoha which Neera likes a lot. Bapu Saheb thanks Sai, Sai says now try to move on and blesses Bapu Saheb.

Kartik has good time playing with kids, Sai calls him and says look you forgot your problems and so live in present and all will be fine, find happiness in little things go play. Kartik says yes Sai and leaves.

Bapu Saheb walks to Neera and says I got you your favourite Malpoha and sorry I forgot it, Sai gave this and he also made me realise you take care of me so much and took care of Aai too, and always gave Aai first sweets come lets go and sees stone is kept upside down and asks why is it kept like this. Neera says I was cleaning and you called so kept it this way. Bapu Saheb says it could fall and I am very emotional about it and so tell me if you need to clean it.

Bapu Saheb says to Neera look I even got saree for you, I couldn’t look after you and Kulkarni showed ashram design too and we will do bhumi pujan tomorrow and I am so happy invite everyone and its a because of this stone guven by Sai.

(Neera takes the stone to Sai because Bapu Saheb would be hurt if he finds it, Neera on her way sees another stone shining and goes picks it and sees it’s exactly same stone and decides to takes it to Sai thinking it will have same magic and hears Bapu Saheb is on his way to vada so without showing to Sai she take it to home directly.)

Dhaniram sees his locker is open and empty, he starts shouting and calls Kartik and Savitri. Savitri says I went out but you were home. Dhaniram says I went outside to bathe. Savitri says lets inform police. Dhaniram says Kartik isnt home and so definitely he has stolen money. Kartik walks in, Dhaniram attacks him calling thief. Kartik says I didn’t steal anything. Dhaniram wakes up and realises he was just dreaming and goes check his locker.

Bapu Saheb gets ready for bhumi pujan, Neera walks to him with glass of milk, Bapu Saheb says I feel like having dry fruits please get them. Neera says I will order, Bapu Saheb says lets wear pagdi, Neera thinks of stone doesn’t show magic he will understand its not the stone, Bapu Saheb goes ask stone, Aai which colour should I wear, stone shines red. Bapu Saheb gets excited, Neera in shock. Bapu Saheb says Neera quickly tie pagdi. Neera confused ties pagdi. Neera thinks I have to go meet Sai.

Sai meets Dhaniram and asks did he have nightmare again. Dhaniram says yes. Sai says its because you keep thinking of future and what you dream is your fear and not reality, fear is very weird it’s about things that have not happened which means its imagination and if you are imagining you should imagine good because then your heart will lead you to good things and if you don’t stop feeding your fear you will be in problem.

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Mere Sai 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kartik and Savitri leave Dhaniram because of his behaviour.Baizmaa and others tell Bapu Saheb that Kulkarni hates Sai, Patil asks did you give him money. Bapu Saheb says yes 25,000₹

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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