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Mere Sai 10th November 2021 Prasad challenges Sai. I will see how you will defeat me! I will take revenge for my defeat right in front of you! He will die a painful death now! He hurts Martand. Everyone is in for a shock as Martand screams out of fear.

Sai stares at the fire. Martand opens his eyes in surprise as the fire is not able to harm him in any way. He looks at his arm. I cannot feel anything. How could this be? He looks at Sai and smiles. Sai nods at him reassuringly. Villagers look at Sai in shock and confusion. Prasad is equally shocked.

He starts walking backwards but then trips because of a stair. Martand manages to run away. The torch falls on Prasad’s hand. He screams in pain. Sarkar says you deserve this. Martand throws the torch away. Chetan, Nandu and Bala help Prasad by putting his hand in water. They fan him with a notebook. Prasad looks at them sadly. Latika tells Sai Prasad has been punished for his misdeeds. Help him now.

Sai says who am I to hurt someone. Ram ji ends up being strict sometimes when people don’t take the right path. Martand says we have no enmity with anyone. You have taught us to help those in need. It is our biggest dharma. Please help him. Sai smiles.

Sai walks up to Prasad. Hare Krishna Hare Ram plays. He takes out udi from His bag and looks up. He puts udi in the pot of water in which Prasad’s hand is dipped. Prasad looks at the pot in shock upon realizing something. Sarkar shakes his head angrily. Prasad takes out his hand. He murmurs that he is not in pain anymore.

Everyone smiles. Prasad tells Sai He soothed his pain. Kids gather around Prasad. Sai says I did not do anything. The innocence, simplicity and good nature has fixed you. They asked me to help you even after whatever happened. You were trying to kill their innocence. Look at them. The ones you were trying to hurt are helping you with your pain today. That’s how kids are. They don’t know how to hold grudges or think ill of someone.

Remember how badly you had behaved with them and how they are behaving with you. Prasad recalls how he had been mean and bossy to them in the past and how he ignored the pleas of their parents.

Sai says it is said that Gods reside in kids. You were trying to make those Gods your captive. Come on the right path now after seeing their kindness. Prasad agrees. Kids ignored my sins and helped me. I have committed a grave sin. I became so greedy and ended up torturing these innocent kids.

This mark will always remind me of what I did wrong. It is right. I have made many mistakes. I want to change for good now. Please accept me as your disciple. Maybe I will become a better human being who will be able to face God after death. Sai says there is only one rule for being a good person – think well of everyone. Sarkar shakes his head in disbelief. Prasad tells Sai he is their culprit. I will pay for their education. I will even spend my last penny to make it happen. He cries.

They only have to do one thing in return. Everyone gets tensed. Prasad says they must study diligently and play as much as they want to. Everyone smiles. Prasad apologizes to the kids with folded hands. Kids hug Prasad. Sai looks at Prasad’s hand. It turns normal again. Bala notices it when the kids step away. The mark is gone! Prasad is surprised to realize this. Om Sai plays.

Prasad looks at Sai gratefully. Sai says this is the strength of penitence. It clears all marks and fills all wounds. It cleanses the soul. Prasad folds his hands. Govindrao ji tells Prasad that everyone makes mistakes. Those who do penitence are human beings. I have witnessed it myself so I am forgiving you. I wont cancel your license. Prasad thanks Govindrao ji. I wont break your trust in me. sarkar tells Govindrao ji not to forgive him. He is not going to change. He will do this again. Govindrao ji tells him that those who come to Sai change for good. I can see that he has changed.

Sai says Prasad ji has changed but he wasn’t the only one who was at fault. You (villagers) were wrong too. How can you fall in someone’s words and give them your kids like that? He turns to kids. I agree that studying is not an easy task but ignoring it and hidind the truth from your parents is not right either. Even Ma Lakshmi wont accept that kids will work at such a young age. No God will ever accept it! Kids apologize to Sai with folded hands. We promise you that we wont ignore our studies ever again. Their parents apologize to Sai as well. Prasad says sorry as well. Sai blesses everyone with a smile on His face.

Sarkar says I came with you (Govindrao ji) as the Mukhiya. I will leave now as things are fine here. He leaves. Sai leaves as well. Kids hug their parents.

Outside, Sai stops Sarkar.


Mere Sai 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Sai says fire only knows how to burn when it is spread. I hope you understand my point. Sarkar tells Sai not to be too proud. I will break your pride soon!

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Telecast Date:10th November 2021
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