Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 7th October 2021 Esha drops her plate, and says I am sorry, Pallavi says it’s okay just be careful, and sees Raghav and says your guests are here and says to Esha sorry your name, Raghav says Pallavi I will manage go, Pallavi says okay and leaves. Dasri says good this deal, Raghav says what this girl doing with you,

Dasri aays she is the vastu consultant, Raghav says deal cancel I don’t want to work with your employee, Dasri says what nonsense is this, Raghav says my showroom my wish, Esha says sir please let’s just go, Dasri and Esha leave.

Farhad asks Raghav what is this and we needed that money for pink diamonds or you will be jailed for not returning contract money, Raghav says we will make new deal but no deal with them.

Dasri angry with Raghav’s behaviour and says this man doesn’t deserve business, I will give him punishment for his behaviour will ruin his reputation in market.
Pallavi asks Farhad where is everyone and did your deal close. Farhad says Raghav cancelled it last moment, when he saw Dasri’s consultant Esha, he lost it and said he doesn’t want business with them and this weird decision will ruin his reputation and may be jailed too for not returning contract money but he doesn’t listen to me.

Raghav in his room, thinking about his time spent with Esha and how she cheated him. Pallavi walks to Raghav and asks os he fine and why is he so worried, Raghav says I ak fine, Pallavi says look at me and say that, Raghav upset, Pallavi says Farhad told me what happened, what is wrong just for consultant you cancelled the meeting,

Raghav says I don’t need to give any explanation, Pallavi says no one is asking you, and that girl came to my shop today to buy saree, she was excited for the deal, Raghav says you don’t know that girl, she is not trustworthy, Pallavi says how do you know it, Raghav says yes and I am not doing anything illegal so let me take these decisions on my own.

Vijay reading novel, Milind gets him milk, Vijay says you remembered, Milind says why won’t I, and Vahini will scold me if I didn’t, now good night, Vijay says stay for sometime if you aren’t sleepy, Milind says sure. Vijay says we judge people so wrong at times. Milind asks what do you mean. Vijay says tell me I take you wrong too, Milind says you do, Vijay says why didn’t you tell me, Milind says your stubbornness but anyways why are you talking all this, Vijay says because of Raghav,

today I saw his accounts and found he does so many charities and helps people a lot and he is not that bad, Milind says me and Vahini are trying to tell you about this a lot, Vijay says but whenever I try to think good about Raghav I remember Mandar, Milind says I can tell you one thing that is now you know two sides and more you spend time with him your issues will be resolved just don’t be the rude brother. Vijay laughs.

Esha remembers Raghav’s reaction and is restless and says you are still short tempered nothing has changed yet, you didn’t think once how this deal will affect you, just cancelled it, I don’t know what to do but I can’t just sit idle and I won’t let your business ruin you because of me, I can’t see you destroy yourself again, Esha calls Arvind bhaiya from Mysore and says your father in law is crown committee head right, I need to talk about it.

Pallavi asleep, wakes up and sees Raghav hasnt slept yet, she puts on the light and asks him is he fine, Raghav says yes, Pallavi says you can’t lie, I see worry on your face, still thinking about the deal, Raghav says not the deal but people included are worrying me, Pallavi says relax I will be back. Raghav steps out in his sit out, he thinks about Esha’s words when she married, he opens his eyes and sees Pallavi hand him whiskey, Pallavi says I know you won’t sleep, have one peg,

today you need it, Raghav says it already has made so much problem, Pallavi says enough you don’t have any problem I lied to you, so that you stop drinking and your report’s are normal too and I am very sorry and holds her eat, Raghav pours all whiskey, Pallavi says it was limition edition, Raghav says you are limited edition for me and promise me you will always love me, Pallavi says this is my life what will I do if not loving you, Raghav says I love you a picture lot, Pallavi hugs him.

Pallavi gets Keerti breakfast and says here is your breakfast and its all for pregnancy nutrition, Keerti says you didn’t have to do all this, Pallavi says its my responsibility to take care of you, till Amma is here and have it, also do you know any Esha. Keerti thinks is Pallavi asking about same Esha. Rajan walks to Pallavi and tells her Raghav is very angry at the guests. Raghav asks crown committee why did they give him extension when clause clearly says they can’t, Committee says they received orders from seniors, Raghav says I know who and leaves angry with papers, Pallavi tries to stop byt he leaves.

Esha hears door bell and sees Raghav at her door, Raghav throws contract papers on her face and says who did you call this time your Sunil bhaiya or Arvind Bhaiya, Esha picks papers and reads them, Esha says what are you saying I don’t know all this, Raghav says keep your favours with you and I don’t want any, I know what a cheater you are and now these things won’t work, because I am not the lld ordinary Raghav, Esha says I don’t know what you are saying, Raghav holds her neck and says stop drama or else I will kill you, Pallavi walks in and pushes Raghav away says what are you doing.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi asks Raghav, why is Esha bothering him so much.Raghav yells at Pallavi says when you don’t know her don’t defend her Esha says to Pallavi, I agree he is hurt but we aren’t the only couples right who dated in college and broke up later.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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