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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 6th October 2021 Raghav and Farhad waiting for meeting, Farhad says they will need some time to come. Raghav gets call from ACP Lakshmi, Raghav asks why did you call, Lakshmi saya you transferred me and you think I will be quiet, Raghav says I don’t have time for this, Lakshmi says did Dasri arrive,

Raghav says how do you know, Lakshmi says I am police officer I know everything and he is very superstitious person, he won’t deal with you after knowing about your illegal stuff, so I have a proposal for you come meet me. Raghav says I am busy tell me on call, Lakshmi says so that you can record call, come soon sending address or forget this proposal.
Raghav asks Farhad to handle Dasri, he will be back quickly.

Isha thinking about how will she face Raghav. They reach R mansion. Isha sees Raghav’s house and remember Raghav saying he will have best house in Hyderabad, with. abog chandelier, Isha sees Raghav’s photo, Farhad greets and welcomes Isha and Dasri.
Isha remembers Raghav saying he wipp have a big photo of his in the house, Isha says God bless you, but remember keep your photo frame in brown and east side, Raghav says as you say after all you will design whole interior as per vastu, Isha saya first be that man then I will.

Isha checks and finds that Raghav’s photo is in east as she had asked and says you remembered. Dasri calle Isha and introduce to Farhad, Farhad says Raghav had to go for urgent work, he will be here soon, take a seat.

Keerti sees Sunny making space in cupboard, Keerti asks what are you doing, Sunny says making space for my son, Keerti says how do you know its a boy, Sunmy says 6 sense, Keerti says I just want our baby to grow in our house, Sunny says this is our house too, Keerti says no Sunny this isn’t not even Appa’s house and I don’t want my child to grow in charity, Sunny says forget all this, Keerti says look I am keeping this child because you said, so now be a good dad and focus on your career. Sunny says all this will happen. Keerti says this should happen in coming 2-3 month’s or else and leaves. Sunny says God she doesn’t let me live in peace.

Farhad sees Isha starring at Raghav’s photo and in tears and asks is she fine, Isha says yes I am good. Farhad hands them documents and says I will make food arrangements. Pallavi gets call from Farhad, Pallavi says what Raghav set a meeting home and left, don’t worry I am coming.

Raghav meets Lakshmi and says these papers are nonsense, and you are someone who just knows to shoot without thinking, Lakshmi says I know what are consequences and if you don’t stop my transfery career will be ruined and just stop my transfer, Raghav says what were you saying, Lakshmi says none of your business, stop my transfer and I will keep away from you, just don’t start your illegal buisness again, Raghav says I will think and let you know, and keep your warnings with you, because you are reason behind your transfer not me and leaves. Lakshmi says I need my post or else will fail in my daughter’s eye.

Sulochana reading horoscope sees Mansi leaving and asks where are you going, Mansi saya going to meet my friend, Sulochana says wait let me read your horoscope and says oh God it says you may be hurt don’t go ask your friend to cancel, Mansi says I don’t believe all this I am going, Sulochana says this is real, remember once we went shopping and I fell,it was predicted in this. Amruta says oh it was horoscope and not your chapals, Sulochana says yes and reads Amruta’s horoscope and says your married life will be in danger, Amruta says but I am not married. Sulochana says wait you and Pallavi have same horoscope, so call her and inform about this. Sulochana forces Amruta to call Pallavi, Amruta calls Pallavi and tells about it, Pallavi says okay thank Kaku for me.

Isha says to Farhad we can cloae this deal, just little adjustment in shop, Dasri calls Raghav and infroms about closing deal, Raghav says good your Vastu consultant has agreed, Dasri says here talk to her, Raghav says sure. Dasri hands Isha phone and says tell him you are satisfied, Isha says hello. Raghav finds the voice known and asks have we met before, Isha disconnect the call, Dasri asks all good, Isha says yes shall we leave now, Farhad says wait Raghav will be here soon. Raghav thinking the voice is of Isha, he sees a heart balloon in traffic and remembers Isha saying Raghu this is heart sign of our love, Raghav says this balloon, Isha says you want something else, Raghav says but you can’t do it, Isha says you want kiss right, Raghav says what will someone sees us, Isha says we are girlfriend boyfriend who cares and kisses him.

Door bell rings, Isha thinks it’s Raghav. Dasri asks Isha is she alright, Isha says I have another meeting and I will be late there, Dasri says then we should leave, Pallavi walks in and says not until you have these samosas, Pallavi sees Isha and says hi how are you here, Isha says yes my meeting was here. Farhad says you know her, Pallavi says she bought saree from my shop and give this samosas to Naidu he will serve, Farhad says okay. Isha asks Pallavi how come you here, Pallavi says I am Mrs. Pallavi Raghav Rao, you are here to meet my husband.

Isha looks at Raghav’s photo and remember Raghav asking her to marry him, Isha says I can’t my father wants me to marry a settled man, Raghav says give me 5 years and will you marry someone else if your father asks too, Isha says I didn’t mean that, Raghav says I won’t marry anyone but you. Isha thinks yoy married Raghav, you are someone’s now. Raghav walks in, he sees Isha and gets angry, Isha sees him and gets scared drops her plate.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2021
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