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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 2nd September 2021 Mandar asks Pallavi to sign, Pallavi thinks of talking to Raghav but Mandar isnt leaving her. Pallavi says Mandar let’s keep these papers and ring in front of lord Krishna for blessing and then we will sign and exchange rings, Mandar says why is that needed lets do it right away, Pallavi says this is for my happiness and ro ensure that there is no wrong in this, please do it for me and Pallavi holds his hand, Mandar says okay anything for your happiness.

Vijay starts talking to Mandar, Raghav leaves, Pallavi follows him. Kirti says Sunny even we will celebrate festival like this with friends and family after our marriage, but only few people to avoid crowding, Sunny says you find that house small,its so big, Kirti says it is cute but not big, but I am okay with 2 bhk, Sunny asks what 2 bhk, Kirti says after marriage we will stay in your 2 bhk right, Sunny starts thinking, Kirti asks what house you were thinking, Sunny says I was thinking of buying new house, Kirti says not required. Sunny thinks foolish girl, anyways after marriage who is going to stop me.

Pallavi asks Raghav where is his lawyer, and why are you so tensed and why does Amma look so scared, what are you hiding, Raghav says no I am not, Pallavi says its very difficult, Raghav says trust me and relax I will do all good, and Amma is upset and she will settle soon, Pallavi hug him, Pallavi saya do everything back to normal, Pallavi feels his gun, Raghav says I should leave, and leaves. Pallavi figures out that Raghav has gun and gets worried.

Pallavi walks out, Mandar makes an announcement that just little time left for Krishna Janma and togetherness of Pallavi and Mandar and my friends Sunny and Kirti, who will soon be married too, will give us a rocking performance, Kirti looks at Jaya, Jaya looks in anger at her.
Kirti and Sunny perform. Pallavi asks Amruta to do something and she leaves.
Pallavi starts looking for Raghav, Sulochana imagine dancing with Swapnil. Mansi shooks her.

Amruta gets back and tells Pallavi something and both leave. Amruta meets Farhad, Pallavi says I called you Farhad, go in Amruta keep an eye on Mandar, Pallavi asks Farhat why is Raghav having a gun, Farhad says sorry I can’t tell you anything and leaves. Milind walks to Pallavi, Farhad leaves. Milind says its time for pooja come in, Pallavi says something big is going to happen.

Krishna Janma pooja celebration and pooja begins. Sharda pulls Pallavi, Sharda heard Raghav tell Amma about killing Mandar, and Sharda signs that to Pallavi. Pallavi figures out Raghav got gun to kill Mandar. Pallavi looks at Raghav, Raghav removes his gun, and aims at Mandar, Pallavi smartly movies in crowd and decides she wont let Raghav spoil his life for her and she won’t sign papers too and will burn her hand and Raghav about to shoot, Pallavi walks to diya to burn her hand, Sunny dashes Mandar and the divorce papers fall on diya and start burning, Pallavi happy, Raghav hides his gun, Jaya says I know lord Krishna will never let wrong happen and true love loose.

Mandar sees Sunny dancing with Kirti and goes slap him and pushes him away. Sunny slaps him back and both get in fight. Mandar hits Sunny a lot, Everyone pulls Mandar back, Kirti holds Sunny, Vijay asks what happened, Mandar says he burned divorce papers, Sunny says I was busy dancing, Sunny says enough of your nonsense if I open my mouth ot won’t be good, Vijay says why the hell you come to our house, everytime Rao family comes to my house there is some problem, they don’t deserve, Jayaji I beg you please take away your daughter and this man, Pallavi says Baba why blame Amma and Kirti, its about Sunny and Mandar, and they are here for pooja and you taught us not to disrespect elders, Pallavi walks to Jaya says whatever happened was not right, I don’t know why it happened, and I apologise from Mandar, Jaya says I can’t accept anything good from Sunny, Pallavi says no worries and says Mandar enough of this now lets finish pooja and we have to exchange rings too.
Mandar says how will we Pallavi, he burnt divorce papers, Pallavi says what is this Mandar, you burnt divorce papers, you can’t take care of few paper’s, what will you do with our relationship, I was so happy, you spoilt everything, I just asked for one thing, and Pallavi leaves.

Jaya says Kirti lets go, Kirti pulls Sunny with her out, Sulochana aags everybody calm down and rest.
Mandar very angry in his room, he looks at Pallavi’s photo and says enough of all this law, I promise in one week I will marry her, because she is mine.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sunny meets Raghav says he wants revenge against Mandar.Pallavi and Raghav together, Pallavi wearing black dress, Mandar knocks both hide.Pallavi says to Raghav this is Mandar’s chapters end

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
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