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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th September 2021 Jaya says to Sharda, we had Ganpati for first time and your presence made it much better, we decided to have for 5 days and so if I need anything I will call you, Sharda says you have Pallavi I dont think you will need that. Pallavi looks at Jaya. Raghav and Jaya leave. Pallavi asks Sharda take care of her, Sulochana says Pallavi we felt so good coming here take care bye, and pulls Milind. Mansi finds it weird. Pallavi hugs Sharda, Sharda says don’t worry you have Ganpati Bappa with you, he will di everything right.

Keerti asks Sunny why did you take so long to shower, Sunny says I was enjoying bath tub, Keerti says don’t get used too we are going our house too, Sunny asks meaning is this not our house, Keerti says no your house is mine and if this was my house my husband and me wouldn’t be insulted and this will be same everyday so we will shift in your flat. Sunny says I thought you will need to stay here to convince Amma so I gave flat to Rocky, Keerti asks why, Sunny says his parents would be here for 3-4 months, but I will ask him to leave. Keerti says lets rent a flat for few days, Sunny says where will we get, lets stay here for some time, Keerti says okay, lets sleep now. Sunny thinks how we will leave this house and also I want to see Pallavi slap Raghav, which I will do today.

Raghav asks Rajan where are bottles, he said Pallavi madam asked to remove, Raghav asks why, Pallavi says because we have Ganpati Bappa home so no alcohol and non veg, Raghav says Rajan call driver, Pallavi says rule is for members and not house, so follow them, go Rajan and Raghav how long will you be upset, I myself am so upset with you, I didn’t do it on purpose, Raghav says Keerti’s life is destroyed and taht useless Sunny is here, Pallavi says I know it was wrong and we have fought together always, we will deal with Sunny and save Keerti, Raghav says she doesn’t even know about Sunny and thinks we are evil how will we stoo Sunny, Pallavi says who will te her that if we keep fighting, lets finish our fight, we are perfect together and not alone, Raghav says you should have thought that before letting Keerti out and playing with her life and leaves. Pallavi says I will convince you, and prove that I wasn’t wrong, situation was.

Keerti and Sunny asleep, Sunny slowly wakes up and goes to Raghav’s study, he starts looking for register Farhad mentioned, he drops things, Raghav hears that and sees his Den open and says Farhad is home who is in there and walks in, he sees no one in, Sunny hiding behind Sofa, Raghav switches on lights, he sees globe on ground and picks it and says someone was here. Raghav switches of lights picks keys and locks the door from outside and leaves.

Sunny says thank god I am saved he didn’t see me, Sunny tries to open door and finds its locked, Sunny puts on lamp and says now I will peacefully find the register.
Pallavi next day on call thanks Amruta for sending her stuff required, Pallavi saya now let me see how long he stays angry.

Pallavi walks to Raghav and says Good Morning Sir, Raghav sees Pallavi wearing South Indian attire, and speaks in Telegu and says I have coffee for you, Raghav says what is this, Pallavi says you always try Maharashtrian outfit for me so I did this for you, how am I looking, Raghav picks his coffee, they hear Keerti’s voice that she is asking for Sunny, Raghav remember Keerti hugging Pallavi and thanking her, Raghav says Pallavi do anything but I can’t forget what has happened, and keeps back coffee. Keerti rushes in their room and asks for Sunny, Raghav says people like him have habbit of running away get used too. Raghav remember about locking Den and says I know where he is.

Raghav opens Den and starts looking everywhere, he sees Sunny and asks him what is he doing in his office, Sunny says relax, what is happening why am I here, Raghav says stop drama, Sunny says I don’t know why am I here, oh I sleep walk, ask Keerti. Keerti says no need to prove Sunny its their problem they don’t believe lets go. Raghav thinks he is lyung surely. Pallavi thinks what is Sunny doing here and what made Raghav so angry.
Sunny says to Keerti your brother is mad, Keerti says go freshen up relax, I will get you coffee. Keerti leaves, Sunny removes register and says Raghav get ready to be slapped by Pallavi.

Raghav working out, he sprains his muscle, Pallavi sees him in pain and rushes to him, Raghav says go call Rajan, I don’t want your help, Pallavi says I will help you, and starts looking for first aid, and says I am your wife and not Rajan, Raghav says why are you so stubborn call Rajan, Pallavi says you get rid of your stubbornness, Raghav says first aid is in that cabinet, Pallavi gets the box, Raghav picks the oinment and tries to apply on his own, Pallavi stands and sees him struggle, Raghav looks at her and hands her the tube, Pallavi applies him oinment, Raghav gets call from Farhad, Farhad tells him that lady is here. Raghav says I am coming and leaves. Pallavi says he is dragging this a lot and which lady came that Raghav is so worried.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Lady Inspector says once I find proofs, the Jeweller will have to pay all the missing custom duty with fine, which will be such huge amount that he can’t fulfill even after selling himself.Sunny hands register to Pallavi, Farhad says how did he have this.Sunny says per the bet slap Raghav.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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