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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 13th September 2021 Jaya asks Panditji to start pooja whole family is here, Keerti walks in with Sunny and says now family is complete. Panditji asks Jaya to tie Kalava in everyone hand. Raghav looks in anger at Keerti, Sunny steps to tie Kalava, Raghav says family only, Pallavi says Panditji all family members are done give it will keep the Kalava. Sunny feels bad. Keerti says Sunny ignore them.

Jaya begins aarti, Raghav Pallavi, Sulochana Milind perform Aarti, Pallavi asks Keerti to do aarti, Keerti says not without Sunny, Pallavi says okay as you wish, and says Panditji you continue. Sunny very angry. Pallavi looks at Raghav. Panditji asks Pallavi to distribute prasad. Pallavi gives everyone but skips Sunny, and goes to kitchen. Sunny follow her in anger. Sunny says to Pallavi stop this drama, I can see everything, Pallavi says I thought you are blind, Sunny says I can see you can’t digest I am here, so stop spoiling the aura, Pallavi says you are a fool, I stopped you from Pooja because evil like you don’t deserve to do Bappa pooja.

Sunny says Pallavi bhabhi, this value principles nonsense first give it to your husband, Pallavi says don’t drag Raghav, Sunny says I will, in front of what he does I am very good but I should say he should get oscar for his acting but truth is he is no where near honesty, Pallavi says enough Sunny, not a word against Raghav, Sunny says I will and no one can stop me, because I accept truth and speak too, and go ask your husband why didn’t he file FIR for necklace and why was his guy was arrested, Pallavi says you are busy trying to picture everyone wrong to prove yourself right, and I don’t need Raghav’s honesty from you, Sunny says Raghav doesn’t pay customs on diamonds in short he is diamond smuggler.

Pallavi says Sunny another word and I won’t spare you, Sunny says what if I prove it, Pallavi says I don’t trust you come what abd we are Raghvi, trust has different definition for us, Sunny says I will love it when I will shatter your trust, Pallavi says you are just like dog tails, go get proofs and will do whatever you say, Sunny says remember the slap you gave me and if I win, you will slap Raghav infront of everyone.

Pallavi says what of you loose I will blackened your face and drag you hitting with broom from house till shop, Sunny says deal. Pallavi says oh my broom must be bored she will be entertained too, Mansi walks in asking for prasad, Pallavi says on table you go ahead, Mansi leaves. Pallavi says I shall leave I have work unlike you who stays at wife’s house after marriage, and have free food. Pallavi leaves, Sunny says I will turn their love story to hate story.

Sulochana says Jaya your house is so big, Jaya looks at Sharda, Sulochana says you must have so many staff and their salaries and your expenses, Sharda says when they need accountant next time they will call you. Farhad walks to Amruta and says can I get that Mithai please, Amruta says its prasad here, take it from your right hand and holds his hand and keeps prasad on it, Farhad has a bite, Amruta says you don’t eat this way, open your mouth and Amruta puts whole modak in his mouth,and wipes with her dupatta. Nikhil sees them and looks at Amruta, Farhad leaves. Nikhil says done, lets go.

Pallavi and Mansi get Bhog plate, Sulochana thinks wow in Silver plates. Pallavi says Amma will perform Bhog ritual, Jaya walks to Panditji, and performs ritual, Keerti whispers to Sunny this we should be doing this, we are newly married couple, Sunny says don’t worry and thinks once I have proofs then we will talk.

Panditji says to Jaya call your kids so that they can take blessings and give eachother parasd, Keerti Sunny walk ahead, Jaya gives a bite to Keerti and eats herself but doesn’t give to Sunny and says Panditji only deserving people should get prasad my daughter had a bite and this is not for outsiders and remaining things Raghav and Pallavi will eat, they should always be happy. Keerti leaves with Sunny.

Panditji call Raghav and Pallavi, Raghav says we will do this later, Panditji says no come now, Sharda says Raghav go its Prasad, you should not say no to it, Raghav and Pallavi walk to Panditji and take seat, Pallavi looks at Raghav, Raghav feeds her prasad, Pallavi gives him, Raghav doesn’t allow her to feed him and gives hand forward, Sulochana likes that, Pallavi keeps Parasd in Raghav’s hand. Raghav takes blessings and leaves.

Keerti says sorry to Sunny, Sunny says forget it all this doesn’t matter, Keerti says so sweet of you, I am going to get water do you want anything, Sunny says get me modak, Keerti says okay and leaves. Farhad passes by Sunny talking of phone says how can this happen, consignment was delivered on 3rd, Sunny follow him, Farhad says I have all account details, I have transferred you money, how much we saved and commission given and a details are confidential and all is in a register, I will check and let you know.
Sunny says I have to get this register.

Sulochana steals showpiece from Pallavi’s house, Mansi says are you mad, Farhad goes to Raghav’s study, he sees Sunny following him and says what are you doing here go in hall Pooja is here, Sunny says I am looking for Keerti, Farhad says she is not here and closes door. Sunny says I have to get register by tonight.

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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Pallavi applying ointment on Raghav.Sunny in Raghav’s study, Raghav sees door open and walks in.Inspector walk in Rao Mansion, she says I am recently transferred, so thought I should see you, Raghav says I don’t meet anyone without appointment, she says the topic is important

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Telecast Date:13th September 2021
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