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Meet 9th November 2021 Meet Ahlawat says go do your work. Meet says here have it. Meet Ahlawat takes plate and thinks its right time to search something about Manushi.
Ram Lakhan calls Meet downstairs to see someone. Meet gets down and greet Madhav Kaka. Madha greets both of them. Meet ask how’s everything going on and how did you come. Lakhan says he came to pick your bag.

Ram says you will stay here full time and he will deliver in your absence. Lakhan says today is your ritual and ut won’t look good you go out so to return a favor he came to help you out. Madhav says you helped me a lot atleast I can do for you. Meet bring her bag. Meet Ahlawat thinks now how will I find about Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat cleaning himself. Anubha give Meet towel and says guve to son in law. Meet calls him by giraffe says mom give you towel if you need take it. Anubha scolds her says how are you talking to him he is your husband. Meet says look at his height it suits his personality and I respect him. Anubha says stop it talk to him with respect from now on and ask her to speak.

Meet says ‘ Suniye’. Anubha says word is right but way of speaking is wrong show some respect and speak with smile and ask her to go. Meet go and calls him with respect here please clean yourself. Meet Ahlawat thanks her with big smile. Meet Ahlawat says to Anubha you made her to show respect otherwise my mom try to, well forget it. Amma walks in and call Anubha says go cook something for Meet Ahlawat.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat let’s eat. Anubha calls Amma and says you have anger on Meet but you will not show that anger on Meet Ahlawat and don’t take name of Manushi. Amma says I’m talkative but not ediot that I’ll tell everything about our family and curse Meet,

now make two plates my Manushi must be hungry. Anubha says she is not in that pain as you think and don’t you remember how you locked Meet in store room before marriage, look how time changes now she is inside and Meet is out, there is saying everyone get what is written in there luck. Amma says now go and take care of them I’ll take food for Manushi.

Meet bring food for Meet Ahlawat and says I know you don’t like this should I order something for you. Meet Ahlawat says food id food and I love this, he burn his hand with steam. Meet, Anubha and Amma gets worried. Meet says wait I’ll bring ice for you and scolds him.

Manushi in store room looks at poori. Kunal eating food and says it’s so tasty I want to eat more. Manushi says then you only eat my poori. Kunal about to take poori but see cockroach and start shouting and says there is cockroach behind you. Manushi looks at cockroach and throw plate.

Everyone hear and Amma shouts in care ‘My Manushi’. Meet says Manu dede and try to go upstairs. Anubha stops Meet and says where are you going you were serving him. Meet says but dadi said. Anubha says there must be monkey forget Amma. Meet Ahlawat thinks why did she took her name. Anubha says to Meet whenever she hear a voice she thinks of Manu she is very disturbed since she left, come eat sit here I’ll serve you too.

Manushi and Kunal in store room trying to save them from cockroach. Kunal says ut went. Manushi start crying, hugs Kunal and says I’m done now I’ll not spoil my life any more ask your dad I’m coming and send a big car to pick us up. Kunal thinks how should I tell her that she have a home to return, she stuck me bad but no worries this time will also go and will make myself free from her and says today I understood you love is just showof, you only love my families money and luxury you don’t care about me at all.

Manushi says no hiw can you think like this if I didn’t love you do you think I’ll leave everything and come to you, afterall you are my hubby. Kunal says yes and Anubha open door and gets in. Anubha says in some time they both will sit for pooja at time Parth can go for Mumbai. Manushi says why he will go. Anubha says he did his job to leave here safely, his family must be waiting for him. Kunal says yes. Anubha says don’t worry I’ll handle everything for you to leave and ask Manushi to be silent. Kunal thinks what I’ll do about goons they are looking for me, I was hiding herr because of them, what should I do.

Meet Ahlawat thinking how to find out something about Manushi. Meet looks at him and ask Ram Lakhan to bring bat and trophy. They bring and ask what happen. Meet says something in there ears and says if Virat Kohli must have taken me in team then India would have won from New Zealand. Ram says but Ustaad you are Virat Kohli of Shabad. Meet Ahlawat says Virat Kohli of Shabad is Meet and you are giving credit to her, that match you won because of me and won because of me. Ram says but you were out early. Meet Ahlawat says I was injured and there is big difference between getting out and injured.

Meet says if we would have other player then you still we would have won, we took you to complete team. Meet Ahlawat says I can clean bold you in few balls I’m a good spinner. Meet says then lets have match to see. Meet Ahlawat says I spare you or else it will be disrespect for you infront of kids. Meet says now we will play and think of your respect because I’ll win. Lakhan says to Meet Ahlawat but how you will play your hand is injured. Meet Ahlawat I can play and win. Ram Lakhan says lets get ready for match. Someone says let’s start pooja of Satya Narayan.

Everyone sitting in pooja. Meet and Meet Ahlawat does the ritual. Meet pray to god for Meet Ahlawat says he is a good heart person that’s why he is still in pain because of Manushi, he doesn’t smile because of that trauma please help me god to find Manushi, for that I have to find Kunal. Pandit ask them to follow other rituals. Meet and Meet Ahlawat gets up and start taking round around fire. Anubha get’s up and go upstairs give saree to Kunal and ask him to wear. Manushi and Anubha help Kunal to wear saree and Anubha takes him downstairs. Lady come and says to Anubha during ritual what you were doing upstairs come guve blessings to them and make her sit. Kunal thinks oh god they both together. Meet and Meet Ahlawat doing pooja. Meet Ahlawat start coughing. Meet get’s up to bring water. Kunal hide under table and drops his phone. Kunal try to take it but Meet step on his hand. Meet about to look down


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Telecast Date:9th November 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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