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Meet 7th October 2022 Meet remembers Meet Ahlawat asking her not to tell Raj anything. Meet says I’m stuck in a situation, I want Meet Ahlawat and Raj to be together but his words have tied me up cant say anything what should I do god,

she looks at baby says you must be angry on me, I’m unable to find your parents let’s go to police station and ask them. Baby drops his toy. Meet bend down to pick up and see blood on floor says is this same thief’s blood. Meet follow blood trail. Kamal sitting on street in pain.

Isha brings food for Neelu. Neelu says I won’t eat until Mom forgive me. Isha thinks so don’t eat I came here to know what is the tension between you. Isha says to Barfi ask her to have food she didn’t had anything since morning, she is just crying. Barfi trying to figure out what happen to Neelu.

Isha ask why are you angry on her. Barfi says keep food and do your other work. Isha leave. Barfi try to feed her food. Neelu says first tell me you are not angry on me only then I’ll eat. Barfi says tonight I’ll come with to jagrata at Gupta’s house and after knowing truth from Mrs. Gupta only then I’ll tell I’m angry on you or not. Neelu says please I also want you to come. Barfi get’s confused on her answer.

Kamal cover his wound and walk away. Meet approach towards him, she says how did he run away so quick, he is smart need to be careful.Meet following blood trail trying to find the culprit, she walks to pooja and looking for him. Kamal cover himself in quilt try to sit near aman but he push him.

Meet see him on floor, she help him to get up. She keep the baby on stool and help him to get up. Baby start crying. Meet try to calm down baby but Kamal push her and run away with baby. Meet chase him and come in hin path. Meet see Kamal and remembers everything how they were trying to help her.

Meet Ahlawat in room says thankgod pooja was done before Meet would have known about Deep but now I have to leave before she get to know anything. Babita walks in room.

Meet hit him on his leg and take baby from him says tell me the reason why you brought baby. Kamal says I have three daughters but I need a boy in my family and that could be done but help of this baby. Meet says how can you think god will give you a baby boy after sacrificing one, you have to pay for what you did.

Babita walks in says what are you doing stop packing your bag. He says I have some important work I have to leave. Raj see them arguing. Babita says you can leave after tonight’s pooja. Babita ask Raj to stop him. Raj says I’m heart patient and I don’t want to fight again and again, if someone wants to leave can leave now.

Meet choking him and says I’ll tell everyone about you and try to call police but remember Meet Ahlawat took her phone. She push him towards wall and try to call from PCO.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat you can leave after pooja. Meet Ahlawat walks out with his luggage.

Pooja knocks out Meet from behind with drugs. Kamal take baby from her.

Babita begs infront of Meet Ahlawat to stop him and says you had fight with Meet I’ll talk to her regarding the situation. Meet Ahlawat says she will do what she wants but in life some wrong decision teach you how to live life, comeing here with her was my wrong decision. Babita stop him says what about baby, you both took his responsibility. Meet says she can handle everything, she went to police station, I’ll pray for baby that he gets his parents soon and he leave.

Kamal and Pooja with Baby and Meet in a room. Kamal take painkillers. Pooja says we have baby now let’s give it to god and leave before someone finds us. Kamal says she saw my face, she will tell everyone and police will be looking for us, Dharamshala has our address. Pooja ask now what we have to do.

Kamal suggest to kill her, he ask het to look after them, I’ll go and grab a sack to carry Meet. Kamal walk out. Meet gains consciousness and thinks I have to tell Meet Ahlawat about baby. Kamal bring basket and sack for baby and Meet. He drugs the baby and try to put Meet in sack.

Meet Ahlawat walks to cab. He open door sit inside and try to close it. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot close this door. Driver close the door says it was stuck because of rain. Driver strat the car and they leave. Meet Ahlawat thinks I’m feeling very weird as if I forgot something behind.

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