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Meet 5th August 2022 Meet Ahlawat says to Ram and Ragini you are taking your decision in emotions, we will send our daughter with dowry to her in law’s house, this is wrong. Ragini shouts it’s wrong and today you are taking decision on what is right not on emotions because she is not your real sister,

Masum did lot of blunders but everyone ignored that but today nobody is seeing my daughter’s happiness. Babita shouts at Ragini she walks to her says what are you saying, Meet Ahlawat never discriminated between Isha and Ragini we all are one family.

Ragini says uf we are one family then why don’t we became one and says yes for my daughter’s marriage, let this marriage happen or else forget forever that we are one family. Barfi thinks I feel to tap my back, now I can see there true colours, they put my son in jail so I’ll definitely take revenge but need to throw out Manjari from here.

Barfi walks to Deep says go to your Isha, I have seen that you love her a lot and respect your mother too, go. Deep get’s happy, he rush to Isha grab her hand and kiss on it. Isha and Deep in tears. Barfi says I know I’m bitter in nature but not bad from my heart,

family looks good when they are together but I’m sad because everything happen just because of an outsider, I only heard that dancer ruin family but today I saw it too, she try to break there marriage.

Babita says to Barfi what are you talking her intentions were not wrong. Meet Ahlawat says she put this truth infront of everyone because of Isha’s happiness. Ram says to Meet Ahlawat her happiness is in marriage and these all things are gift from a father to his daughter and I gave them in happiness but you sre believing to an outsider,

if someone else would be disrespected in place of Barfi she would have left but she is still here, she can see how much they love but you can’t see how much they love. Meet Ahlawat says tgis is wrong. Masum walks to Meet Ahlawat says this time Isha’s happiness is important today when her happiness is standing why should we cover them, our efforts should be to unite Isha and Deep not seprate them.

Meet thinks no Meet Ahlawat she wants same don’t do this. Barfi says all’s well that ends well let’s get our kids married but I have a request, Manjari will not be here in marriage not like as guest I heard a lot for kids it’s the least you can do.

Ragini walks to Manjari hold her hand. Meet Ahlawat try to stop. Ram stop him says not today, I request you not today I ask you as father. Ragini taking her out. Babita says what are you doing are you mad.

Babita says yes I cannot see anything other then Isha, if you think Isha as your daughter then don’t stop me today, parents cannot see anything other then there child, nor an outsider I cannot see her because of my Isha. Ragini take her out of door says Barfi is bitter but she is right you are rented,

everyone loved you so much so you considered yourself as Meet, don’t come back and she push her and close door on her face. Popat save Meet from falling down and says you were trying to help them but they throw you out of this house.

Ram says to Barfi it’s done what you ask let’s start the Pehra. Barfi says no problem all the bad omen is out so let’s start the marriage.Popat ask Meet what did you get after this, only hatred. Manushi walks out and says right now sadly you won’t be getting anything you both wanted ,

she says to Manjari can’t you stop for 2 hours after Isha marriage you could be official daughter in law of this house because of Raj but today you are the enemy so now I cancel our deal because you won’t get married to Meet Ahlawat and Popat won’t be getting her child so get lost and she walk inside. Meet crying.

Barfi and everyone watching Isha and Deep. Pandit says take step for phera. Barfi ask Pandit wait. Ram ask now what happen. Barfi says I never thought this earlier your daughter have lived in a mansion since she was born and have servants around her but what I have a small house so how will I give her all the luxury,

that too at the time of her life when she is going to start new so I’m thinking why don’t you give me this mansion. Everyone in shock. Masum says to Hoshiyar is she mad or what she wants Ahlawat’s mansion,

I’m also not that demanding. Hoshiyar says she is greedy. Ram says what are you saying Barfi this is not our house it’s of my elder brother, if you want you can take whatever we have. Barfi says do you think I’m taking this mansion for myself, I’m asking for your daughter, I can be bitter but want to be a mother in law who could give her daughter everything that’s why it’s decided marriage will be done but before that you have name this mansion to me.

Meet outside crying pray to god says justice should be served to me and Isha, I never thought about my child infront of Isha so please save her and this family from Barfi.


Meet 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Barfi take Deep and says now this marriage will begin only when you name this Mansion to me. Isha faints.Manjari walks in and stop them. She shouts on Deep says you use to talk about love and now you are hiding behind your mom and leaving. Barfi shouts at Manjari. Manjari shouts back at her.

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Telecast Date:5th August 2022
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