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Meet 4th October 2022 Meet Ahlawat says if someone finds this news and tells Isha and everyone else it will be big problem. Panditji passing by d Meet Ahlawat disconnects the call. Meet says this is for sure now that the problem is connected to Isha. Meet Ahlawat gets call from Isha, he says I hope she hasn’t found the truth,

and receives the call. Barfi says you listen to me, Isha has received gift from Deep which has sindoor and a letter, who must have done this and knows the truth that Deep is no more. Meet Ahlawat says you don’t tell Neelam or anyone. Barfi says why will I. Meet Ahlawat says I just spoke to you.

Barfi says I have lost my phone. Meet Ahlawat says who messaged me using your phone and called me too. Barfi says thos meahs someone is behind us, we have to find the person before someone finds the truth. Barfi says find who has my phone and here I will find who sent this gift.

Meet thinks I have to recall every word Meet Ahlawat said and find some link. Meet says Meet Ahlawat married Neelam because he hated me and something else is there too which is connected to Isha, what thing these two are hiding.

Neelam lights a cigarette, and says poor Neelam she is just so useless, her husband doesn’t look at you, Meet Hooda your biggest enemy took your husband away, the family hates you and today Isha pushed you like a street dog and I hated that, I should teach her lesson my style and she will not even know that but Meet Ahlawat and Ammaji will find that, because you deserve happiness too.

Barfi thinking who must be the third person who knows the turth. Barfi calls Meet Ahlawat and asks could this third person be Meet Hood. Meet Ahlawat says that is impossible and if Meet even finds it she would never behave this way. Barfi says I will complaint in police. Meet Ahlawat says we can’t and the truth will be out that Deep is no more.

Meet bumps into Meet Ahlawat and phone falls down, Pooja passing by sees them and drops medicine. Meet picks her phone and asks is someone injured. Pooja says Kamal is injured, I will talk to you later, Meet says let me know if you need some help, right Meet Ahlawat lets go.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat walk in the room, Kamal says I injured my finger cutting apples and smiles. Meet says we are outside do call us if you need any help and leaves. Pooja quickly closes the door and cleans Kamal’s wounds. Kamal says I have to donate this child and I will have my son and bo one can stop me.

Meet Ahlawat playing with baby, Babita says Raj use to play same when you were a kid and look today Meet took your place, he can’t see anyone than her and he couldn’t live without seeing you. Meet says I miss him too and Meet deserves it too, because she has done everything I should have done.

Raj stops Meet from massaging legs, Meet says I am doing it for my satisfaction and will get lot of blessings. Raj says I can never win you in arguments.

Babita says you can do it too, I like Meet and respect her too but I am waiting for the day you and Raj will patch up. Meet Ahlawat hears some noise and asks what is it, Babita says Ravan Dahan preparations going on. Meet Ahlawat remembers listening to the same noise and thinks of Barfi’s words that it could be Meet and says I have to find who has that phone.

Everyone asleep, Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat, he looks at her. Meet thinks another day with Papaji not talking to Meet Ahlawat and I know Barfi’s phone will help me in this. Meet Ahlawat thinks I have to carefully tackle this situation. Meet Ahlawat covers his face in blanket and writes a message that I am sending a letter for Neelam which has truth, I will post it from here. Meet Ahlawat keeping an eye on Meet,

Baby starts crying, Meet trying to take milk bottle drops a water bowl and baby starts crying. Meet Ahlawat thinks why iseet not checking phone may be its not her, whoever it may be I will see that person tonight. Meet Ahlawat goes back to sleep. Meet checks phone and finds its dead.

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