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Meet 30th October 2022 Barfi scolds Laila say your actions are bringing Meet and Meet Ahlawat close to eachother, I would suggest you stop doing it and go away from Neelu’s life and let Neelu win Meet Ahlawat by love. Laila says you are right old women when anger fails you have to take support for love and I’m made to spread love,

Meet Ahlawat will fall in love with me and Meet celebrated Karwachauth with Meet Ahlawat buts it’s my challenge Laila will celebrate diwali with him. Barfi thinks Laila is getting crazy I’m scared for her actions I don’t want Neelu to pay for them.

Laila looking at Meet Ahlawat from outside room. Meet Ahlawat working, he gets up and looking at door. Meet Ahlawat thinks what is this smell, Meet I called you and my love brought you here, he walks toward window to check out. Electricity go, he says you playing game with me okay I’m closing my eyes come to me.

He see a night lamp on table. Laila looking at him from outside. He walks to table lamp. Laila walks to him and kiss on his cheeks. He looks in his room finds no one. Electricity come back, Meet Ahlawat confused he see lipstick mark on his cheek. Laila thinks give me chance, I’ll give you so much love and you will forget Meet.

Masum getting ready for name ceremony. Babita walks to her say you hair looks great. Masum says when a girls hairstyle looks good her confidence boost. Babita ask how are your hair so great. Masum tell her about Loreal shampoo.

Ragini on call with pandit and doing all the arrengements for ceremony. Raj says to Ragini atleast leave some work for others to do. Ragini says don’t worry I can handle. Babita says to her I know you are in shock after knowing what happen to Isha but will you able to handle everything alone.

Ragini says I have to handle not now but in future so not from today itself and when Isha will be back everything will be fine and that small baby already took Isha’s place.

Meet Ahlawat hugs Meet from behind ask is this last night lipstick. Meet says I was not wearing lipstick and this is lip balm now back off or someone will see. Meet Ahlawat get’s romantic with her and talking about last night.

Meet Ahlawat explain her. She says I didn’t came to your room and did nothing. Meet Ahlawat says I nees kiss for an kiss. Meet says I did nothing. Meet Ahlawat kiss her on her cheeks. Meet feeling and gets happy. Both of them having romantic time. Meet says I have to say something important, we can talk to Neelu today because I feel bad after seeing her she is suffering a lot. Meet Ahlawat says okay.

Ragini outside Ahlawats mansion doing arrengements for ceremony, she light a dia but it goes off, she gets worried and receive a call. Ragini in shock says what in police station I’ll be there please don’t call anyone and she run. Ram walks out calling her name says where did she go without telling.

Everyone in hall getting ready for pooja. Ram says don’t know suddenly where she went even not answering call. Babita says don’t worry we know how sensible she is don’t worry she will come back. Everyone happy and taking selfie with says to Meet Ahlawat we have find out who is hurting Neelu.

Raj says now sit-down and ask everyone to write the name on piece of paper then we will choose her name from chits. Everyone says yes and write there name. Raj says who’s name will be selected will get a big gift from me. Hoshiyar get’s excited, everyone put there chits in bowl. Raj says this ceremony will be done when Panditji will be here. Ram says only Ragini knows that and we don’t know where Ragini is. Raj says Panditji will come.

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