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Meet 2nd September 2021 Meet fighting with goons says we will fix a day and then deal with this revenge thing, let me save your number too. They don’t let Meet go, Meet thinks she can’t have any mess today I have to go home, her friends sign her they can throw dirty water on her, Meet distract them, let ger friends throw water on them and then throws pile of cotton on them but still on of them hits her, Meet with her friends manage to fight them, all applaud for Meet.

Anubha with help of repair man fixes the fridge, Amma says I know you are b*t*hing about me, say a little louder. Anubha says you have cotton balls in your ears take them off and you can hear everything. Meet walks in with her friends, Anubha sees she is injured and asks what’s wrong, Meet says I fell down, anyways tell me what work is pending, door bell rings, Anubha thinks its Ahlawat’s, She opens door and sees Shakuntala, she asks Anubha for salt. Shakuntala asks how did you learn Kunfu Karate and tells Anubha about fight Meet had in market. Shakuntala picks salt and leaves.

Amma walks to Meet and says firstly you dress like man and now this, how much will you give us trouble, Anubha says there must be strong reason, she doesn’t do anything on purpose. Amma says tell me what happened. Meet thinks I can’t tell them they had troubled Manu, Anubha says tell me truth Meet, Amma says must be her old friends and on argument she must have started fighting and which girl behaves like her, enough of this, she will spoil Manu and her proposal too, Amma picks broom first hits her friends and ask them to leave and then pushes Meet out, Meet says why can’t I stay, I have to see the guy too, Amma says because of you, we already were gonna loose this proposal so get out, Anubha says she is Manu’s sister don’t do this, she has right to stay here too, Amma says you are a bad vibe, nothing good can happen in your presence get out and closes the door.

Meet says Dadi don’t do this, please let me in, I have right to meet the boys family, I won’t say a word let me in, Anubha says this is not done and opens door, Amma says listen to me, we should keep things that spoil peace, and I am head here, and till evening I am throwing you out of this house, Anubha says let her stay she will help me too, Amma says all will br managed, Meet leave, Meet doesn’t leave, Amma pulls her in and says I will leave then, Meet says stay Dadi I will leave, and Mummy call me if you need me. Meet in tears leave the house.

Meet Ahlawat’s family ready to leave, Isha says stop blushing Meet, Raj says there is business issue and so me and Ram have to leave, Babita says no one os goiy, postpone all this, we are going together, is work important or this day, Meet says Mom understand, I will go factory and manage, Masum says there is no problem everyday, I mean you guys mansge business and we will go handle the meeting, Mom dont worry I will be with you, Babita says okay go Meet come back on time, unlike your father who was late in his own marriage. Meet says don’t worry Mom I will be back on time, Ahlawat ladies leave for Manu’s house. Masum thinks this is easy for me now.

Meet doing social service work, her friends say what are you doing, Meet says may be my good work help Manu didi and I am close to house, so may be I get a chance to meet the boys family, Anubha throws a paper at Meet and says I need sweets from shop, Meet says mummy is trying to bring sweetness in this proposal with help of me and leaves.

Meet Ahlawat family reach Manu’s house. Masum taunts there is no space here, Amma thinks Masum’s husband is the boy and asks where is your father, he says he died long back, Amma in shock and says he came yesterday, Babita says he is our son in law, Amma laughs and says I thought something else, Isha says now I get it, theu thought Hoshiyar Jiju is the guy, Amma asks where is he then, Babita says important factory work so he had to leave, Anubha says Raj and his younger brother, Masum says already we are uncomfortable, and more people means no space and comfort, but your house is small, Anubha says our heart is big and won’t miss anything. Masum says anyways where is Manushi and we are here for past 10 min, please get us water, only mineral water, Amma says I will go check on Manu and leaves, Anubha goes to get water.

Babita says its so hot here, Masum says we will have high profile guests and these people will be the hot topic of your every kitty Party if you say yes.
Babita gets call from Raj and she shares that these people are poor, Raj says we have money, we just want a daughter in law, and we want someone who is cultured, after so long Meet said yes to a girl, don’t make a issue, Babita says but we have a class, and some standard, and if there will be any issues in wedding, Raj says okay you have your checks and so you handle it on your own because I have some more work. Masum says Mom we also have to see if they are gold diggers and also check if they match our social status, so think twice.

Meet and friends on their way home with sweets and walking, woried about wheather they will make it in time. Meet Ahlawat in his car makes Isha call says I will be there in 15. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat’s car and says this guy has made me late many times, now he will save me.
Meet’s friends and the vegetable vendor create a fake distraction trying to argue, Meet Ahlawat recognises Meet’s friends gets down and checks his car tyres first, and thinks tyres are intact then why this drama, mean time her friends leave, Meet Ahlawat gets in his car and he smells sweets in his car but ignores, Meet hiding in his car.

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Meet 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Babita tells Manushi Meet Ahlawat will be here anytime.Amma thinks it’s Meet her granddaughter behind door and asks to leave.Meet calls Anubha in kitchen, Anubha says of you are here who is at the door

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