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Meet 24th October 2022 Meet in corridor walking towards Barfi and Neelu. Laila gets angry. Barfi thinks I didn’t know Laila will become so dominating on Neelu this soon, I think Laila don’t like Meet with Meet Ahlawat. Laila says every guy in this city and mad on me but I’m mad for Meet Ahlawat and I’ll can do anything to get you.

Laila says to Barfi you have told Neelu how to be a hurdle in Meet’s way now I’ll show you how to remove her from the way. Meet walking towards room and call Neelu. Barfi close the door. Neelu pick bottle of alcohol and start drinking. Barfi get’s worried she ask her to leave bottle, Barfi struggling to take it from her.

Meet knocking on door. Laila open door. Barfi give her injection from behind. Laila drops the bottle and Barfi kick the bottle. Neelu faints. Meet ask what happen to her. Barfi says she is pregnant and keeping fast so much be feeling weak. They make her lie down on bed. Meet says room is smelling like alcohol.

Barfi says that smeel is of nail paint remover you can see broken broken glass and she start cleaning. Meet try to wake her up. Neelu ask for water. Meet says wait I’ll bring water for you and she leaves. Masum see her walking out says I think god also want me to teach Meet few lessons and stay calm.

Babita says to Ragini and Sunaina you can take nay jewellery set for you as gift. That set and bangle is specially for Neelu and rest all gifts are for her pregnency. Ragini ask what about Meet you forget her. Babita says they way her Dadi reacted to everyone I cannot forget her.

Masum walks to Babita and whisper something in her ears and sasy come with me. They both leave. Sunaina says Masum can never be good don’t what she said to mom and she left in anger. Ragini says the matter is she didn’t see any jewellery which she love the most what could be so important. Sunaina says let’s go and see.

Meet give water to Neelu but Babita stop her from giving water and start scolding him says what were you doing, I can’t think you can get this low, she kept fast but you were trying to break it. Meet says no she fainted and was asking for water. Barfi get’s tensed says they will see Laila if she wake up.

Ragini says to Barfi why Meet will do this. Babita says because now she is son’s wife and she is not happy, your Dadi disrespected me now should I call her and tell about manner, Babita ask Masum to give phone. Meet says do you think I can do this and will take this step, she was feeling dizzy so I made salt sugar water for her. Neelu get’s up and apologies to Babita says I asked Meet to give me water.

Barfi thinks thank god Laila is not dominating. Neelu drink water says I drank water so did I break my fast. Sunaina and Ragini laughing. Babita says no pregnant lady can have water and juice in Karwachauth fast and you can have water from my son after pooja. Babita says to them why are you laughing so much.

Ragini say’s nothing we were laughing because someone try to provoke but your Neelu didn’t let that plan be successful so we were laughing. Babita says everyone come down we need to start pooja and they leave. Meet says to Neelu you drank water so that you cannot sit in pooja. Neelu says Karwachauth is for real couple and that is you and Meet Ahlawat not me and him. Meet walks away.

Masum in her room says why Neelu is becoming Meet’s friend. Hoshiyar walks to her and mocks her. Masum says I’m upset and you are joking.

Everyone in hall doing arrengements for pooja. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and hug her from behind. He ask him where is your thali go and bring we will do the ritual. Meet says I think you lost your memory, you only told me to hide our relation from family for sometime and now you are asking for thali.

Babita, Ragini and Neelu doing pooja. Meet says to him you know when I see Neelu I feel bad, she is doing all the rituals but didn’t kept fast so that my fast be successful. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry we will punish the guy who did wrong to her. Meet says you know sometimes people keep quiet because near around people make them quiet who thinks keeping quiet can save the relation.

Hoshiyar and Ram suggest to play a game to keep everything occupied. Meet says that’s a great plan let’s play pillow game. Ram says okay and everyone start playing game.
Babita start dancing and everyone start enjoying. Raj and Babita dancing. Ram and Ragini dancing next. Next Hoshiyar dancing with Masum. Next turn is of Meet.

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