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Meet 21st October 2022 Raj says to Meet Ahlawat, before you say something, I have something to say and Raj calls Neelam. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat this girl is going to be mother of your child. Meet Ahlawat in shock and thinks I haven’t touched her yet please trust me Meet. Meet thinks I trust you more than myself.

Raj says to Neelam, I never accepted you because you ruined his life but if he has accepted you, I won’t stop you, so you are a member of this family now and wife to Meet Ahlawat. Barfi and Neelam very happy. Meet starts crying.

Meet thinks of Meet Ahlawat expressing his feelings.
Raj remembers asking Meet to marry Meet Ahlawat and thinks I am sorry.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat, I just hope you don’t ruin this relationship too and repeat what you did to my daughter Meet. Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet. Meet smiles.

Meet Ahlawat in room walks to Neelam and shouts whoes child is this, what nonsense is this, what new game is this. Neelam starts crying. Meet Ahlawat says tell me truth.

Barfi in her room crying in front of Meet, says I shiver in pain when I think of that day. Meet says to her, control your emotions tell me what is it.
Meet Ahlawat shouts at Neelam, says I don’t want one more forced relation stop lying tell me the truth. Neelam starts crying.

Meet Ahlawat calms himself and gives Neelam water and requests her to tell the truth. Meet walks in and says I will tell you the truth. Neelam rushes to Barfi and hugs her. Barfi tells Neelam that she told Meet the truth. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat, Neelam is deeply wounded,

she was harshly tortured, she was raped and the child is of rapist. Barfi says I have broken seeing what happened to Neelam, this society won’t let her live peacefully after knowing the truth and so I forced Meet Ahlawat to marry Neelam, please forgive me but save my daughter’s life, I beg you and Barfi falls in Meet Ahlawat’s feet and says save my daughter.
Meet Ahlawat leaves. Neelam says like a dirty cloth, Meet Ahlawat will throw me out of his life and starts crying. Meet says Neelam you have not done anything wrong, you are not alone, I will fight with you, Meet makes Neelam rest.

Barfi thinks of Neelams split personality and Barfi assuring all will be fine to Laila. Barfi thinks now Meet is trapped and now she will ruin her life to fix my daughter’s life.

Meet Ahlawat sitting alone thinking of Meet, Meet walks to him, Meet Ahlawat says why does life throws so many challenges at us.

Neelam wakes up as Laila and leaves. Barfi wakes up and sees God Neelam isn’t around where is she.
Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, I feel like holding your hand and going far away from society and responsibilities. Meet Ahlawat remembers his promise to Deep and says what will I do now. Meet says to him, any girl would break after facing rape, we have to assure Neelam she is safe and her culprit will be punished and hugs Meet Ahlawat. Laila walka from behind and gets angry seeing them together. Barfi walks and thinks God Laila is back again, if Meet and Meet Ahlawat see her all my drama will go in vein.

Laila walks to them, Neelam says only bad times show who your true close ones are, you two took stand for me and thank you is very small word and for first time I felt someone knows my feelings, you two areade for each other, and I don’t want to come in between such true love, I just want some time. Barfi confused. Neelam says once I have the baby I will leave. Neelam sees Meet’s mangalsutra in Meet Ahlawats hand qnd says you two should do Karvachauth pooja tomorrow and I don’t want to come in between and leaves.

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