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Meet 20th October 2022 Meet ask Ragini about Barfi and Neelu. Ragini says they must be here. Raj ask Isha did Barfi tell you anything. Isha says I have no idea. Meet says to Isha I have something for you and give her brochure of Morden walk fashion school. Ragini says this was your dream right. Isha thanks them says you think about me a lot. Meet says this is a small gift from our end so that you can make your own future.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet remembers there discussion about Isha making her independent. Meet says we have to bosst her confidence and this will happen only when she will make her career.
Isha says to them this is possible only when Barfi let me go Newyork.

Doctor ask Neelu to lie down. Neelu says I don’t want abortion and ask Barfi to go home. Doctor says I cannot do this abortion until your daughter is ready. Barfi says abortion is necessary don’t worry I’ll talk to her, you do the prepration. Barfi says to Neelu this is your last chance what you want this baby or your relation with Meet Ahlawat,

this is a curse which will ruin your relation and afterwards you will be having only regret. Neelu beg her say’s this is my baby and I don’t want to kill. Barfi says everyone will curse you, don’t act stupid. Barfi ask Doctor to do her job, I’ll pay you double. Doctor ask nurse you put on curtains.

Meet walks in her room sit infront of her dressing table. Meet Ahlawat help her to remove her necklace. They spend good time together, he lie down in her lap. Meet kiss him on his forehead.

Neelu push the curtains, Doctor and Nurse. Barfi thinks Laila is back and remember what Doctor said to her about her split personality. Laila says I’ll kill you uf you try to touch Neelu’s baby, she is weak but not me. Laila choking Doctor. Barfi ask Laila to leave them, she hold her from behind says if you don’t do this then you will ruin your life. Laila push her away and stab a scissor in Barfi.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat shift or else someone will see us. Meet Ahlawat says let them see and know how much I love you, I have decided to tell everything to Mom and Dad, I’ll tell them about every situation and how much I love you, Dad will shout but Mom will talk to him afterwards I’ll talk to Neelam and Barfi. He get close to Meet and says then nobody will be able to seprate us.

Raj, Babita, Ragini and Isha in hall. Two man playing Dhol walks in with Neelu and Barfi. Barfi walks to them. Masum shouts and ask them to stop. Masum says to Barfi we were worried about you and you are coming inside with Dhol what is new now. Barfi says we tell good news with Dhol, I want to give this bog news to Raj and Babita, I believe your pilgrimage was great, I want to tell Neelu is going to be mother of Meet Ahlawats baby. Everyone is shock. Barfi give sweets to them but nobody accept it because of Shock.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in room. Meet ask what is your plan. Meet Ahlawat says I have a thought and show her mangalsutra. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll make you mine by making you wear this then everything will be normal, this will connect our heart then nobody will be able to make us apart. Meet get’s emotional.

Barfi says to Babita I thought after hearing news you will hug me in happiness and give blessings to Neelu but you are in shock, Barfi says you will be having a new member but you all don’t look happy not even Raj. Babita says this is a big news so it take time to accept the happiness, Raj is also happy. Babita walks to Raj says I think we should forget the past and make new relation.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat when did you learn about the relation. Meet Ahlawat says when someone you love goes away then you realise the value of relation and Mrs. Meet Ahlawat I love you and you can’t seprate me from you. Meet hugs him. Meet Ahlawat says now let’s go to mom dad and tell them how much I love you.

Babita ask Raj to accept it, atleast think about the baby it’s not his fault and try convince him.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat walking in corridor. Meet Ahlawat happy says I’m ready for our new beginning and says I won’t hurt you ever, I want to spend my life with you, they walk downstair.

Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I want to talk to you. Raj says I want to say something first, he calls Neelu says she is pregnant with your baby.

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