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Meet 20th August 2022 Meet Ahlawat gives Meet divorce papers and ask to sign them. Everyone in shock. Meet Ahlawat says to Babita don’t worry Mom, I will tell Dad truth when he recovers and since I don’t like hiding things I will do everything in front of everyone and this is so that my wife gets the love and respect she deserves from the family.

Meet says to him, you are giving these papers to prove I have done wrong, but you are wrong here by marrying again and Meet tears divorce papers and throws them. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat, till you divorce me, your this marriage is illegal and walks away.

Barfi thinks I will have to make Nilu meet Raj, so that my daughter gets the right she deserves.
Nilu sits in corner and starts crying. Meet and Meet Ahlawat disturbed and upset.

Meet visits Anubha in the hospital and says I have waited whole year to see you, to talk to you, to tell you that I am fine but now when I have chance, I can’t talk to you, and now I need you, I am tired I can’t handle things anymore, I am so lonely I want to talk to you and I swear I didn’t do anything wrong but everyone os blaming me for hiding truth,

but I had to because of Masum and Manushi, I died everytime I saw Meet Ahlawat in pain but I had to hide truth for my baby, I wanted to go back with my baby and tell everyone the truth but I guess that will never happen and now Meet Ahlawat got married.

Meet Ahlawat and Nilu in hospital to meet Raj, Barfi asks Nilu to take Raj’s blessings when she meets him and introduce herself. They leave. Meet sees them walk in Raj’s room.
Nilu about to take Raj’s blessings,

Meet stops them and says to Meet Ahlawat, have you lost it, didn’t you think of Papaji once. Barfi says Raj should know the truth who is his new daughter in law. Meet says look at Papaji, I beg you don’t do something that will ruin his health, I won’t let anyone play with his life,

doctor said he needs 3 more days to recover, do it later. Meet Ahlawat says Meet is right, we will do this later. Barfi says okay, but after 3 days Meet has to leave Ahlawat house. Meet says I want to see who leaves after 3 days me or your daughter and you but for now leave, Papaji needs rest.

Isha says to Ragini, how will I face Deep and tell him Meet Ahlawat married his sister Nilam. Ragini says Isha. Barfi walks in with Meet Ahlawat and Nilam. Barfi remembers Isha had hit Deep. Isha takes Barfi’s blessings,

Barfi blesses her and says happiness, sorrow comes anytime because you don’t know when happiness will turn to sorrows, so don’t ask questions and welcome your new bhabhi and take her to your brothers room, its time they start new life.

Isha says sorry to interrupt but that room is Meet’s, I can’t do this. Barfi says don’t take stress, you will faint again, your brother will do it himself. Barfi asks Meet Ahlawat to take Nilam to his room. Meet Ahlawat asks Sunaina, she denies.

Meet Ahlawat calls their servant Shankar and asks him to show Nilam her room and says she will stay in my room from today onwards. Barfi says to Meet Ahlawat that I know you love your sister a lot and this sindoor she is wearing is because of you, and so I can expect you to take your wife to your room.

Meet Ahlawat walks to his room with Nilam.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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