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Meet 19th October 2022 Raj and Meet Ahlawat hug eachother. Babita aslo join them. Babita says we have one more good news and ask Raj to tell him. Raj brings Baby. Meet Ahlawat ask him about baby. Raj says police brought baby with them and says Kamal and Pooja killed there parents and they were taking him to orphanage.

Meet Ahlawat says let’s keep this baby with us, we will take care of him. Babita says Raj also said same, we got this baby on holy, baby is blessing from god and now he will be part of Ahlawats family. Meet Ahlawat get’s happy, he sit beside Meet and lie down.

Masum says what Meet is still unconscious. Sunaina says Babita told she is out of danger now. Barfi thinks Meet is the biggest hurdle in my life and after listening Baby’s news Meet Ahlawat will walk away from her life. Sunaina says Babita told they are coming tomorrow and bringing a special gift it’s good now we can do Karwachauth pooja together.

Neelu get’s anxious. Masum looks at her says Neelu this will be your first Karwachauth and brother is also coming back but you don’t look happy. Neelu remember she is pregnant. Barfi says how can she be happy, she is worried how your brother will act after seeing you here so pack your bag. Masum walks away. Sunaina and Isha also leave. Barfi says to Neelam don’t worry before Meet Ahlawat will come you won’t be pregnant anymore.

Meet open her eyes and see Meet Ahlawat holding baby in his hand. Meet says this means Raj was right his parents are not alive. He says this is true but how you know you were unconscious. Meet says yes but I was able to hear. Meet Ahlawat says then you also know that he is part of our family.

Meet says to him stay away from Baby or else he will become like you. Meet Ahlawat says someone is getting jealous. Meet says I don’t want to talk to you. Meet Ahlawat says I want to talk, keep the baby sit beside her says I want to tell you reason why I married to Neelu. Meet says whatever you did is for Isha so that you can hide truth that Deep is no more. Meet Ahlawat says you know already about this. Meet says when I was brought to hospital I saw a poster in corridor about Deep.

Meet says you have to tell Isha she deserve to know. Meet Ahlawat says how can I tell she get panick attack and she won’t be able to bear the pain of loosing Deep so I have to accept Barfi’s conditions, I know how I feel inside. Meet says you should have told Raj atleast he wouldn’t have scolded you. He says I cannot take risk and after being in this condition I get to know why you didn’t tell anyone about Baby and Manushi, he apologies to Meet and ask for forgiveness.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet crying. He says I love you a lot please don’t leave. Meet says I already forgive you when I get to know you did for Isha, I know how it feels when you loose someone from your family, I’ll pray to God every sister should get brother like you but how long can you hide this but when Isha will ask about Deep’s project what you will answer, we have to make Isha strong so that she can handle the truth.

Meet Ahlawat says now you are with me and we will do everything alright, we will tell Isha together, I’ll handle Barfi and Neelu too, I’ll go and talk to Dad about this. Meet says stop we can’t solve everything at once we have to do one by one and the priority is Isha. Meet Ahlawat says now nobody can come between us. Meet hugs him and both of them take a selfie.

Everyone in Ahlawat mansion. Ragini do pooja of Meet, Meet Ahlawat and Baby. Masum walks to Babita and try to take her blessings. Babita walks away. Meet Ahlawat says to Babita and Raj when a kid do some mistake it’s parents work to punish them so they realise about there mistakes but sometimes forgiving them is also good. Meet says to Babita yes Masum should get one more chance please forgive her.

Babita turn around says I’m forgiving you because they are requesting me and if you try to do something wrong again I won’t spare you. Raj says there is a limit for forgiving someone. Masum says yes Dad and she say sorry to everyone. Babita give her blessings. Meet ask where is Neelu and Barfi. Masum say’s I saw them going out few hours back, Barfi look tensed I asked her but she didn’t tell anything. Meet thinks what was so important that they had to go out when we were coming, where they could be.

Nurse says to Barfi and Neelu wait for sometime doctor will come and explain you process of abortion. Barfi and Neelu anxious. Barfi says I won’t let anyone come between you and Meet Ahlawat.


Meet 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Barfi in house happy throws money says Neelu is pregnant with Meet Ahlawats baby.Meet Ahlawat says to Raj I want to say something. Raj says wait let me say first he calls Neelum says she is going to be mother of your child

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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