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Meet 19th July 2022 Barfi Isha Ragini and Babita in hall. Barfi look at weighing machine says to Isha I asked to you have ladoo to increase your weight why didn’t you listen to me. Isha says I have your ladoo only one time because it’s already too heavy and after dinner I’m already fill that I didn’t have any place for ladoo.

Barfi says when you will eat heavy things only then you will get strong and says it’s not her fault it’s your fault too, Ragini I give you responsibility if you are unable to do then let me know. Ragini says don’t worry I’ll handle.

Barfi says your girl will come to my house but she won’t enter inside remember and she leaves with her weighing machine. Ragini ask Isha to go to her room.

Babita says to Ragini her behaviour is too odd I mean during wedding every girl want to look slim infact in-laws also want that but why do Barfi want her to increase her weight. Ragini remember what Barfi told her about dowry and says to Babita she loves our Isha a lot and doesn’t want her to diet.

Masum blowdrying her hairs. Her room light start to flicker and her room turn into total darkness, she hear footsteps and ask who is in here, she gets scared after hearing different sounds, Manjari scare her dressed as Meet.

Masum ask why are you scaring me Meet Bhabhi I know you are Manjari. Manjari says I’m Meet Ustaad from Shabaadh and says answer my questions. Masum scared ask what. Manjari ask her what you did wrong that you were scared after seeing her in morning. Masum ask what do you mean.

Manjari says you know me very well, if you tell me what’s wrong then it’s okay or I’ll try my way to find out the reality, if you tell me truth then it will be among us or if I do it then everyone will know about the truth.

Masum get’s scared says I did nothing Manushi did everything, she kidnapped your kid and I didn’t even know about you, next day she came and told me you died in a blast in a factory that’s why I was scared when you cane infront of me I swear I don’t know anything more and she faints.

Manjari show Popat video of Masum scared. Popat get’s happy, praises her and says send me video and I’ll show to Hoshiyar and take money. Manjari says we cannot show this video to anyone because this is more valuable then 20,000/- if you won’t show video then you will loose betbut if you show then someone can loose his life.

Manushi waiting for Manjari. Kunal come out of container says she didn’t come till now why don’t we leave come let’s go. Manushi says I want her confess about her reality so wait. They hear police siren. Kunal get’s scared says your sister is here with police come let’s go. Manjari walks with police says wait don’t run police have surrounded you so it’s good you should surrender.

Manushi waljs to her says Manjari what are you saying. Manjari wait and says cut and thanks police officer for helping her. Manushi in shock says you were acting. Manjari ask her about her acting and I asked junior artist too help and ask her for a small role. Manushi says I want to talk something important.

Manjari says I also want to talk and says I have a video of yours and show her Masums video of confession. Manushi thinks I know Masum will tell everything one day now Meet won’t leave me. Manushi says so you came here to blackmail me. Manjari says if I want to blackmail you then why would I have come here, I want you to delete this video.

Manushi confused. Manjari says yes so that nobody would know anything, don’t think much just delete it, I know you are a big star and a good person why would you do like this with your sister, she is jealous of you. Manushi delete the video with Manjaris help. Manushi thinks this mean she is not my sister she is Manjari because she could have used this video against me.

Manjari start walking away. Manushi stop her and ask where are you going. Manjari says I can smell you doubt me that’s why I’m leaving. Manushi says I don’t doubt you, I’m traumatized because of Masum, it’s hard to believe you are Manjari. Manjari says I’m from Vadodara. Manushi ask her why did you said to Meet Ahlawat that you are Meet. Manjari ask how do you know that,

Meet Ahlawat must have told you and tell her how he control her from doing things, I came here to help him but he is always after me so I told her in anger that I’m Meet. Manushi says that’s why you accepted you are Meet. She says yes it was my bad luck that I said yes to help him, I’m waiting so for this drama to end so that can back to my life and be a big heroine like you and she leaves. Manushi says she have confused me a lot I don’t know who she is.

Masum with Duggu at set thinks I have to tell Manushi what I have told Manjari. Masum ask Duggu to sit and wait for her. Duggu hear song he start walking towards it. A man walking during the shoot get shocked by a fan, he says switch off this fan reverse current is flowing. Other man says do not switch off it’s the last shot after that we can switch off and ask for rolling camera. Duggu walking barefoot towards the naked switch of same fan.

He stumble and fall on fan, Duggu shouting and tumbling. Masum shouts for Duggu’s help. A person in red dress cut the electricity from main board and save his life and it turns out to be Meet.


Meet 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet dancing in temple. Popat says to her why are you punishing yourself go and tell Meet Ahlawat that you are Meet Hooda.

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