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Meet 18th July 2022 Meet Ahlawat in room drinking and thinking about Manjari, he gets drunk. Manjari open door and says soory to come in because Dad send me here, I’ll go when he will walk away. Manushi and Kunal watching Manjari from spy camera.

Kunal says she behave just like stranger, if she is Meet Hooda then she must have made a move. Manushi says wait have patience. Meet Ahlawat get grab his cream feom dressing table. Manjari looking at him.

He drop his lotion bottle Manjari step on bottle and spill it out. Meet Ahlawat slips because of lotion but he get save himself because of Manjari. Both them standing close to eachother. Manjari says leave me.

He says your eyes, your smell your touch everything says that you are same then why are you playing with my emotions, why don’t you say one time you are same. Manjari remembers Babita ask her to feel his pain and says yes I’m Meet. Manushi and Kunal in shock after hearing this.

Manushi says I knew it. The spy camera fall and Meet Ahlawat breaks it after stepping on it. Kunal says to her there is problem with camera. Manushi says no worries camera did his job and now we know she is Meet Hooda.

Manjari says to Meet Ahlawat what happen you heard what you want to know, you must be proud of yourself that you I’m what you think and if you become normal after I accept then it’s done I’m same girl and you will become same who use to respect his mother, support women so from now on I’m ready to call Meet, you just throw out your anger.

Meet Ahlawat in shock and drunk says I know you are same and lie down, he hold her hand and says where are you going and I hate you, he break his bangel and hurt himself.

Kunal says to Manushi are you sure you ordered this pastry to celebrate about the information. Manushi says ofcourse because I got my sister after so many years. Kunal says did you forget what your sister can do. Manushi says don’t worry I have something very close to her, she cannot do anything.

Kunal says I’ll call Masum and tell. Manushi says no she is weak player, if we tell her she may ruin our game I don’t want to take any risk. Kunal says so we will wait for her so that she can break my other eye, you are smart tell me what should I do if she is here. Manushi says don’t worry I have planned everything already.

Masum in hall walking, she see Hoshiyar and get’s scared. Hoshiyar says I have brought something special for you from my first salary. Popat walks in says I bet this gift have saree or something related to clothes. Hoshiyar ask Masum to open gift fast before she ruin everything. Masum open gift and see saree.

Popat says to Masum I told you. Masum says yo Hoshiyar I have never seen such a horrible thing in life did you forget I’m daughter of Ahlawat’s I don’t even see such cheap clothes. Hoshiyar says I don’t have knowledge about clothes, I’ll bring something good next time. Masum says I have money you don’t need to waste your and leave.

Popat says to Hoshiyar if you would have controlled her from starting then she would have not treated you same way like she did know. Hoshiyar laugh says she is different from other girls she is not scared of anything. Popat says let’s bet I’ll scare her. Hoshiyar says it’s a bet, reward is 10,000/- if you win I’ll give double. Popat says challenge accepted.

Babita and Ragini making list of guests. Manjari bring dryfruit from them and ask Ragini did you remove your gold bangles, they use to look beautiful. Babita ask where are your favourite bangles I remember you told when Raj gifted you that you won’t remove it ever then where are those now.

Ragini says it was breaking so I gave it to repair it. Babita says you never told me about this. Manjari walks away. Barfi walks to them. Babita and Ragini greet her and iffer her dry fruits. Barfi says you have it and says I came here to ask did you started the preparation of marriage. Babita says we were making guest list and even booked the best resort of Chandigarh. Barfi ask why 5 star hotel are locked.

Ragini says that resort is 5 star. Barfi says okay. Isha walks to Barfi and touch her feet to get blessings. Barfi teach her how to greet elder and give her blessings. Barfi take out weighing machine. Babita ask her about machine. Barfi ask Isha to step on machine to check if she is eating ladoo or not. Ragini ask Isha to step on.

Popat counting coins. Manjari walks to her and ask what are you doing. Popat ask her to help her in something. Manjari says don’t worry ask what you want. Popat says I accepted Hoshiyar challenge of 10,000/- to scare Masum but I think I’ll loose and even I’ll loose my money. Manjari says don’t worry consider your work is done.

Manjari get’s call from Manushi, she pick her phone get’s excited and ask how did you call me. Manushi says well you won my heart so I want to meet my biggest fan and give her batch of biggest fan so do you want to meet me one more time and I can even cast you in my next video. Manushi start dancing says you just tell me where to come. Manushi says great I’ll text you address and disconnects phone. Manushi thinks I know it’s you Meet and bring your realty infront of everyone.


Meet 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Manjari dancing in temple. Popat says to Manjari how much more you will punish yourself go and tell Meet Ahlawat that you are only Meet.

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Telecast Date:18th July 2022
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